Need to plug into the local business community, promote your company and connect with new prospects? The Orlando Business Journal’s Smart Reader Seminar will show you in 60 minutes how to pinpoint qualified leads.

In less than an hour, you will learn:

  • Targeted reading techniques using OBJ
  • How to identify new prospects & top quality leads
  • Tips for more powerful networking
  • Business information to help you achieve your sales goals

    June 27th: Blocking & Tackling your way to increased sales.
  • How to recognize sales leads within stories & features
  • How each section of the paper can help you grow your

The Seminar is Wednesday, June 21st at the UCF Business Incubator in Apopka at 325 South McGee Avenue. It starts at 5 PM with an opportunity to network until 6 PM when the presentation begins and runs until 7:15 PM. Contact Leanne Fleischer at 407-814-1727 or for more details.

Two other events are scheduled for the UCF Business Incubator in Apopka in June and July: Blocking & Tackling your way to increased sales presented by Bill McNeil & Adam Pickett of Accelergy on June 27th from 3-4:30 PM, and How to generate free media exposure for your startup, presented by Alan Byrd of Alan Byrd and Associates on July 11th from 3-4:40 PM. For more details on either event, click on the title below:

July 11th: How to generate free media exposure for your startup.

About The UCF Business Incubator

The UCF Business Incubation Program is an economic development partnership designed to help create & sustain jobs in the community and spur economic growth throughout the region. This goal is accomplished by helping new and struggling early-stage businesses grow to the point where they need to hire employees in order to continue operating and growing. Since 1999, we have assisted more than 350 early-stage companies, who’ve sustained nearly 3,700 jobs throughout Central Florida. These companies have also had a total impact on regional economic output (GDP) in the amount of $2.48 billion.


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