Decision Apopka 2018


By Reggie Connell/Managing Editor of The Apopka Voice

A record number of Apopka voters turned-out on Election Day and voted with certainty on who they wanted to lead them.

But what exactly were the voters telling their leaders?

In the course of eight years and four election cycles, Apopka voters have axed six straight incumbents running against a challenger. Apopka voters have destroyed a national trend of incumbents in municipal elections winning between 88% to 93% of the contests they compete in against challengers to their seat. Consequently, Apopka has unofficially gone from a City Council with the most experience in the state, to possibly the least.

So is Apopka simply voting incumbents out of office without other factors? Or are there issues that drove this election in a specific direction?

It could well be that there are core issues that persuaded voters to make another course correction in a post-Land Apopka and not simply a dislike for candidates they voted in favor of the previous term.

It’s a mystery that needs to be solved.

Today, The Apopka Voice will begin the search for answers and not theories on understanding the 2018 election. And what better way than to ask our readers to weigh-in? We’re calling it The Apopka Voice Exit Poll, and it will be an attempt to get to the bottom of what the Apopka voter was thinking when they cast their ballots.

To participate in the poll, simply answer the five questions below. Be sure to click the “vote” button after wach question, and thanks for taking the time to participate.


  1. The lack of movement with the new town center, and the location where they want to put it, is just horrible.

  2. And the red light cameras were a money grab, and twice I almost got hit in the rear a yellow light because the people behind me though I would go thru the light.


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