Decision Apopka 2018

Late surge surpasses 2014 mark

For most of the early voting/mail-in-ballot cycle, Apopka voters had lagged behind their performance in the 2014 election. But in the last week, a surge of votes received seems to suggest the 2018 election may have a larger turnout than its predecessor.

Going into Election Day, the Orange County Supervisor of Elections (OCSE) office has received 2,523 ballots for the Apopka Mayoral and City Commission (Seats #1 and #2) races.

Of the 2,523 votes either cast early or received by mail-in-ballots, 48.25% are Republican, 36.22% are Democrat, and 15.64% are non-party affiliation. 1,369 of the votes received were from Precinct 9104 (VFW/Apopka Community Center), which is 7.31% of its registered voters (18,732). 1,191 votes have been received from Precinct 9204 (Northwest Recreation Facility) which represents 9.51% of its registered voters (12,250). Overall, 8.07% of Apopka’s 31,252 voters have either mailed-in their ballots or voted early at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Orlando.

In the 2014 Apopka Mayoral general election, 47.8% (2,372) of the electorate voted by mail, while 52.2% (2,589) voted the day of the election, and Republicans outdistanced Democrats at the polls 49.64%-33.17%, with “other” and no affiliation making up 17.17% of the electorate.


  1. Seems to me that a higher percentage of voters use vote-by-mail with every election. I will be surprised if more than 2,000 people vote today. I predict a 55/45 split (Vote-by-Mail/Election Day).

    Of course the corruption revelations may motivate Nelson voters…


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