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Over 1,000 vote early in Apopka

After only four days of early voting, Orange County has already cast 12,479 early votes, which is more than double the rate in both 2014 and 2016. Combine that with 42,549 mail-in ballots received by the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office, and over 55,000 voters have already weighed-in for the August 28th Orange County primary to determine candidates for the November General Election.

In 2014, there were 5,346 voters after four days, and in 2016, there were exactly 6,000.

In Apopka, there have been 1,003 early votes cast at the Apopka Community Center/VFW located at 519 South Central Avenue in Apopka 32703. Of those ballots, 529 were registered as Democrats, 400 were Republicans, 70 were a non-party affiliation, and 4 were others.

Among the 12,479 early voters in Orange County, 7,180 were Democrats, 3,998 were Republicans, 1,193 were non-party affiliated, and 43 were others.

There are 775,404 registered voters in Orange County.

From the Orange County Supervisor of Elections website:

For a list of early voting locations please Click here.

Early Voting Center Locations
Click here to find information about upcoming elections.

Early Voting
As one of the convenient ways to vote, the Florida Legislature allows voters to cast a ballot prior to Election Day at any designated Early Voting Center. Unlike Election Day when a voter must vote in his or her designated polling place, a voter can vote at any Early Voting Center.

Early Voting Hours

Early Voting Locations will open from
Friday, August 17th, through Sunday, August 26th

All Early Voting Location Hours
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

State and Federal Elections:

At a minimum, early voting must begin on the 10th day before an election and end on the 3rd day before the election, and shall be provided for no less than eight hours and no more than 12 hours per day at each site during the applicable period.

Early voting may be offered at the discretion of the supervisor of elections on the 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, 11th, or 2nd day before an election for at least eight hours per day, but not more than 12 hours per day.

Other Elections:

The Supervisor of Elections may provide early voting for elections that are not held in conjunction with a state or federal election. The supervisor has the discretion to determine the days and hours of operation of early voting sites in these elections.

How to Vote Early
Voting at an early voting center is very much like voting at your precinct.  You must show acceptable Photo and Signature ID. If you are unable to provide photo and signature ID you will be issued a provisional ballot.

At early voting, you will receive the same type of ballot and you will use the same type of voting equipment that is used at the polls on Election Day. The votes are saved immediately but the results are not tabulated until election night.

If you have any further questions please call us at 407-836-2070.


  1. I was going to vote early, then our power went out, the first early voting day. Still have temporary power to our house, a portable transformer that Duke hooked up, but the Duke Energy crews have not been back to dig up our yard, and finish that part of the problem, electrician had to install expensive stuff that had gotten ruined or broken somehow….wasn’t counting on all that expense, as at first, the electrician said it was on Duke’s end. Surprise, surprise, surprise….$$$$$$ And if it isn’t one thing, it is another, since I injured my tendons in my foot. Late yesterday evening our truck died out, while my husband was driving it. Had to have it towed, and it sits at a shop, hoping to find the problem, as it would not crank back up. I was planning on going to vote today, but I guess, not now. Good thing I have a bicycle so my husband can run errands. Was planning on going to the grocery store too today, but I guess not, now we will have to eat peanut butter crackers and water. When it rains, it pours, so they say…….I don’t have a clue who to vote for on the ballot, except I do know for sure, I will vote for Teresa Jacobs for school chairman. The others, I am still up in the air over, as I have been getting too many negative fliers to read, and are seriously confused. I think I would have just as good of luck picking candidates to vote for, as putting on a blindfold and pinning the tail on a donkey game. Seriously. How do I know what they are going to do, once elected??? As opposed to what they claim they will do now during their campaigns??? Foot doctor tells me to put my ortho boot back on, and wear it for at least another week, to rest, don’t do anything strenuous, and I had another cortisone shot, and another ultrasound to look for swelling within, which still was swollen, but much better. I really am getting down from all these aggravating problems lately.


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