The stories that shaped the community in a year that will never be forgotten

By any measure, 2020 was a year that will live in infamy. The pandemic saw to it. But many other events shaped Apopka this year. Here are the biggest stories of 2020, published by The Apopka Voice in this most memorable of years:

COVID-19: It’s the story that shaped every other story in Apopka and around the world

Hope CommUnity Center and Chefs for America Orlando team up providing food to Apopka families

Two workers at an Apopka spice manufacturing facility die from COVID-19

Are face masks really where you want to stand your ground?

It’s COVID-19 vs. Us in a fight we can’t lose

The Farmworkers Association of Florida in Apopka, and Hope CommUnity Center hosted solidarity caravan for essential workers

Re-Opening Apopka: Restaurants taking different approaches to ‘Stage One’

While in Apopka, Governor announces more COVID-19 relief for property owners and renters

Politics – Two Apopka city commissioners are re-elected, one resigns, and a familar face returns to City Council

Could Val Demings be Biden’s VP nominee?

Bankson and Becker re-elected!

Bankson and Becker: Always a coin flip apart

Breaking News: Alice Nolan resigns from Apopka City Commission

BREAKING NEWS: Baron, Velazquez heading to runoff

BREAKING NEWS: Velazquez returning to City Commission; defeats Baron in Seat #2 runoff

In the news: City government may have been virtual, but it was still making an impact on the residents of Apopka

Apopka City Attorney Joseph Byrd resigns

Anonymous letter to City Council outlines alleged APD officers’ concerns over salary and merit pay

Anonymous no more: Apopka police officer makes case with Council, attorney puts brakes on negotiations

Was common ground found on Park Avenue?

The details are fluid, but the plan is clear: Today Apopka marches for justice

History: The Museum of the Apopkans names historians and board members, and an Apopka icon dies

Apopka Historical Society names new board

Apopka Historical Society making special presentation to City Council about local war heroes

Iconic Apopka Commissioner Billie Dean dies at 89

Superlatives: Despite COVID-19, local residents stood out, and the city itself also received accolades

Community Health Centers are ‘Best and Brightest’ for the second straight year

Byrd distinguishes herself among statewide school board members

17-year-old Apopka resident signs contract with Orlando City SC

Apopka makes top 50 in Florida as most budget-friendly for renters

Apopka-based insurance agent named among insurer’s Best in the Nation

Apopka ranked as a ‘fastest growing city that is still affordable for homebuyers’



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