Toll Brothers announces its newest community: The Oaks at Kelly Park

Toll Brothers, the nation’s leading builder of luxury homes, has announced plans to build The Oaks at Kelly Park, a new single-family home community in Apopka.

Scheduled to open for sale in early 2020, the community will include a selection of five all-new, one- and two-story home designs ranging from approximately 2,150 to 3,300 square feet. Set amidst a picturesque landscape of gentle hills and varied streetscapes, The Oaks at Kelly Park will include a total of 124 homes, along with a community pool and cabana, a tot lot, and two pedestrian parks.

Conveniently located just one mile east of State Road 429 off the West Kelly Park Road exit, the community is near Kelly Park, renowned for its free-flowing, natural Rock Springs Run that stays 68 degrees year-round and is popular with tubers and nature enthusiasts. It’s also close to an array of locally-owned shopping and dining options in downtown Apopka, as well as a new Publix Super Market, which is set to open a mile from the community. Apopka City Center, which will include restaurants, retail and office space, is currently under construction.

“The Oaks at Kelly Park will offer low-maintenance living and enable homeowners to explore the area’s beautiful lakes, springs, and natural resources, while also enjoying easy access to downtown Orlando via nearby highways,” said Brock Fanning Toll Brothers Central Florida Division President. “We look forward to welcoming home buyers to the community.”

Toll Brothers’ Central Florida communities also include Lakeshore, located in Winter Garden, Royal Cypress Preserve in Southwest Orlando, and Parkview Place in Sanford, which opened in April.

Toll Brothers, an award-winning FORTUNE 500 company founded in 1967, embraces an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. Toll Brothers is currently operating in 20 states nationwide and is a publicly owned company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


  1. With people complaining about everything coming in, to be built around in Apopka, and also Orange County, including even those who complain about a new Publix grocery store coming in, of all things to gripe about, the thing that makes me go hmmmm is…… How in the world did the Booby Trap building of yesteryear, ever get approved????… Oh, and the men’s strip club, there on 441 in Plymouth, where the girls sat on the bar stools outside the building waving to the cars passing in their tiny bikinis ???? LOL Not to mention the swingers club on Lake Apopka too…XXXXXX!

  2. My computer is driving me crazy. Two separate letters are not wanting to type, and I am pounding on them, and they are not wanting to type. OMG.

  3. I asked my husband if he had ever heard of the Toll Brothers, and he said,” yes, plenty of times,” but I told him, I had not heard of Toll Brothers, but now that I know of them, I too see their signs around, where they are building now.

  4. I had to beat it, beat it, beat it, I couldn’t even get my email address to post because of my two keys sticking. Dino laptop here, LOL It is doing it again…….

  5. Question: Why isn’t Apopka posting the names of the people who are on the various commissions and boards, not listed at the top of the agendas of the meetings, that they are a part of, like they used to be listed? They need to be!

  6. Anybody know why all the blue locate flags are down Martin Street? Is it for the traffic signal at Martin and Vick, or for something else?

  7. I see other locate flags also along Martin Street also, red, yellow, purple, and green, so I suppose they are locating all the utilities for some reason. I noticed that the Zellwood truck stop restaurant is closed, and it appears that a vehicle drove into the building, as plywood is boarded up, and cement blocks with cement on them are laying all around the ground. What happened? Are they going to re-open? Our area is going to hell. I just got back from a Chinese take-out that I normally go to, won’t say which one, but boy, was I disappointed with the food. I think they must have put a cup of sugar in mine, plus my fortune cookies got threw out the window when I tasted how stale and old those horrid things were. Needless to say, they aren’t getting my business anymore!

  8. My poor little Malti-poo, Prince Giorgio, got the scare of his life. We were in Lowes, and they have a big Halloween werewolf that moves and growls, and Giorgio was watching it intently from the shopping cart where he was sitting, and then the werewolf snapped its mouth together with those long fangs, and Giorgio jumped out of his skin, and almost out of the buggy, and was going to make a run for it to get away! I got him, and comforted him, and told him I wasn’t going to let the big bad wolf get him!


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