Decision Apopka 2018

Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson, Apopka City Commissioner Seat #2 Diane Velazquez and Apopka City Commission Seat #1 candidate Suzanne Kidd won The Apopka Voice Reader’s Poll 2.0 conducted over the weekend. 1,200 readers participated in the poll, which began on Friday, and ended at noon today. It was the largest participation in a poll for City elections in the news site’s history.

Nelson defeated incumbent Mayor Joe Kilsheimer in the unscientific poll, claiming 668 votes (55.7%). Kilsheimer received 532 votes (44.3%).

The Apopka Voice Readers Poll 2.0 Results:

Mayor of Apopka:

Bryan Nelson  668 votes (55.7%)

Joe Kilsheimer  532 votes(44.3%)

Apopka City Commission Seat #1:

Suzanne Kidd 375 (38.7%)

Gene Knight 276 (28.5%)

Alexander Smith 186 (19.2%)

Theresa Mott 132 (13.6%)

Apopka City Commission Seat #2

Diane Velazquez  453 votes (41.3%)

Alice Nolan  450 votes (40.9%)

Leroy Bell 132 votes(12%)

Alicia Koutsoulieris 63 votes (5.7%)

In the Apopka City Commission Seat #1 poll, Kidd received 375 votes (38.7%), followed by Gene Knight with 276 (28.5%), Alexander Smith with 186 votes (19.2%), and Theresa Mott with 132 (13.6%).

In the Apopka City Commission Seat #2 race, Velazquez won a razor-thin victory over Alice Nolan, who was a last-minute entry into the race and a candidate for the Seat #3 City Commission in 2016. Velazquez received 453 votes (41.3%), to Nolan’s 450 (40.9%), followed by Leroy Bell, who received 132 votes (19.0%), followed by Alicia Koutsoulieris with 63 votes (5%).

The Apopka elections are Tuesday, March 13th.


  1. Okay, I am reading the anonymous letter that was typed up, and ultimately landed on, and was posted on Apopka Community Facts Uncensored website. It was stated that this anonymous letter was sent to only people in the RSR, who had a Bryan Nelson campaign sign in their yards. OK, who done it? Ya’ll know who done it! LOL Who wrote the letter and typed it up, and sent it to the RSR homeowners with Nelson signs in their yards? The website says it has misspellings, bad grammar, and bad punctuation. Okay, I have a problem with this letter now, because I have examined this letter thoroughly, and I do not see any misspellings, bad grammar, or bad punctuations…….ha ha ha ha….LOL

  2. I have been told that there may be a debate for the commissioner candidates, after all, so I hope that is true, and that one will be held, as it would be more of a fair process for both the voters, and the commissioner candidates, who have all qualified, and paid their fees.

  3. That house that burnt on Walker Road in Apopka along the shore of Lake Apopka sounds like arson to me. No power turned on in the house, and vacant. That was a nice home that burnt!

  4. Did you all see that picture of the golfers playing in Naples, Fla. at the Fiddler’s Creek Golf Club out on the greens, next to the water, with an alligator and a big python wrapped around the gator battling it out? The golfers carried on about it, but continued playing their golf game. I wish one of those golfers would have manned up, and pulled out a gun, and with a very careful aim, as to not hurt the gator, blasted that python to kingdom come! I am sick of seeing those giant snakes eating all the native animals alive!

  5. Yes, the letter does contain some “run-on” sentences and in several cases punctuation was left out. The content of the letter is the issue here anyway. The citing of the grammar issues was probably just to point out the level of intelligence of the writer to go along with the unsubstantiated claims and the fact that it was anonymous. Basically, just written by some gutless person!!

  6. So Trump’s physical exam by Dr. Ronnie Jackson has determined that the president is in “excellent health”. Well, that certainly is funny, because if Trump was a regular citizen, and not the president, his high total cholesterol level, that is above the recommend level, and the fact that he has been taking Crestor for the condition, would make him a candidate, on some insurance plans, as a person with a “pre-existing condition” like on Trump’s own Trumpcare plan, that Trump tried to get passed through Congress to replace Obamacare, in which he could have been rejected for insurance coverage based on his “pre-existing condidtion”….Ha!

  7. The man eats a typical meal at McDonalds of two Big Macs, two Filet of Fish Sandwiches, and a small chocolate milk shake. This is after eating two Egg Mac Muffins sandwiches for breakfast, when he does eat breakfast, because most of the time, he stays awake most of the night, firing off twitters insulting everybody, or bragging about himself, and he also claims he goes long periods of time, like 12 or 14 hours without eating, then apparently binge eats.

  8. Okay, this doctor, Dr. Ronnie Jackson, was the doctor to George W. Bush and to Barrack Obama. However, I read that this doctor told President Trump that if he had of had a better diet for the last 20 years, that maybe he (Trump) would live to be 200 years old, that he didn’t know? Oh please……he didn’t know? This sounds just like coddling the man to me. You know you have to coddle the man baby. LOL

  9. Isn’t it just wonderful that this president gets such a raving review, and a healthy bill of health, and such an extensive long physical exam including a cognitive exam, when the average American is lucky if their own doctor looks at their face a second glance, while they are in the doctor’s office a few minutes. I know most of the ones I have been to, seem more interested in looking at their computer screens. I spend most of the time in the waiting room waiting, waiting, waiting on them, then get shuffled to some closed off room with nothing but cancer magazines and men’s health magazines to read, and wait, wait, and wait, and then it is like the doctor is no sooner through the door, that they are through with me, and then I have to sit and wait, wait, wait, for the nurse to come in, to give me the paperwork to leave.

  10. And President Trump loves Kentucky Fried Chicken, too. I mean, I like Kentucky Fried Chicken occasionally, but not too often. I don’t know what it is, but a lot of older people, that are senior citizens of advanced age, seem to love that chicken. Some of my older relatives, and also some of my husband’s older relatives, and that is all that they want, all the time. My own grandma always wanted to go get KFC when she was living. It’s a mystery to me, the big draw to the chicken joint.

  11. I used to work at a fried chicken joint. Right up there on 441, on the west side of town. I think it is a Mexican taco place now, or at least the last time I noticed the building. I am trying to remember the name of the place, and it has been so long ago, I can’t remember, but I think it was the Chick N Treat, maybe that was it. They had the best fried chicken dinners anywhere! Honestly, it was delicious. Even after I quit working there, we would still go for chicken boxes to go, there all the time, and take with us, on the way to go fishing over at Marshall Lake, after my husband got off of work for the day. I hardly ever eat fried chicken now days.

  12. I used to fry chicken a lot at home for my husband, my mom, and myself for supper, when my husband would come in from work for the day. I always used Crisco shortening. I thought, at the time, that was the healthy thing to do, as far as cooking, because it was vegetable shortening and not animal based. Boy, was I wrong about that. It is trans fat. Didn’t know it at the time, though. Crisco shortening turns solid when the frying oil cools back down too. I just don’t eat much fried foods now, although I do eat some French fries.

  13. I was busy doing other things yesterday, but this morning I decided to go to the Chamber of Commerce, to see if I could get a ticket for my husband to go to the mayor’s debate. I had already tried the link to the chamber on the Apopka Voice, and reserved myself a ticket, but because I do not have Facebook, I couldn’t get my husband a ticket. The link site said Reggie had my ticket??? I went there to the chamber this morning, and the lady at the Chamber of Commerce said that she was sorry, but that all the tickets had sold out the first 3 days, but that it would be live streamed on the chamber’s Facebook, and on Channel 35’s. Great. How many tickets were available, 200, wasn’t it? Out of 50,000 residents? Lovely. Why didn’t the city have the mayor’s debate out at the NW complex amphitheater, and put the thing to use for something? Oh well, I will read about it in the Apopka Chief Newspaper. Let the mudslinging begin, as far as I am concerned, on both sides, since me and my hubby couldn’t score tickets…LOL No holds barred. Ha ha ha

  14. It was my understanding that the Highland Manor mayor’s debate event was free, but this was the exact wording that the chamber of commerce lady said, “that the tickets were all sold out in the first 3 days”….hmmm.

  15. Too bad political events are like they used to be. Nothing is like it used to be! Nothing, and I mean nothing! When I was a teenager, and could care less about politics, I used to go to some of the best political events with my mom and dad around this area, like over at the Ben White Raceway on Lee Road, to free bar-b-q’s and picnics to candidates running for whatever. I didn’t know who the heck they were, not sure my parents did either, but hey we got free bar-b-q and the works, by invitation….lol

  16. I am seeing campaign signs around town now. Alexander Bell, lol, I mean Alexander Smith’s, and Leroy Bell’s, Theresa Mott’s, Gene Knight’s, Commissioner Diane Velazquez’s, Mayor Kilsheimer’s, Bryan Nelson’s, and Alice Nolan’s signs. I have not seen any of Sue Kidd’s signs or Alicia K’s signs yet.

  17. I am going to have to call Duke Energy and report that all of our street lights are not working at night. I don’t know what is going on, as to why they are not working. After the hurricane, they came and restrung the wires, replaced bulbs, and checked everything, and they were working, but last night I noticed it was totally dark on this street.

  18. I am having a time getting my morning newspaper delivered regularly too. I doesn’t seem to help calling and reporting it, as they promised to bring the paper the next day then don’t.

  19. Ahhh ha ha ha…..this girl on tv on Let’s Make a Deal was telling the host, Wayne Brady, what she was studying in college, and she told him, she was studying political silence, but she meant to say political science. She would be sooooo loved at Apopka City Council Meetings…LOL

  20. I had to go to the Centra Care and get something for this virus I caught at the doctor’s waiting room when I went for a regular doctor’s checkup. I recently had a wisdom tooth pulled and the oral surgeon had me take 500mg of Amoxicillin, 4 times a day, a total of 28 pills, and he told me to finish them all, and that didn’t phase my flu like symptoms, so I knew I more than likely, had what is going around……..

  21. They diagnosed my respiratory symptoms as Influenza A. They prescribed Tamiflu, and Tessalon, plus a steroid, and I told them NO on the steroid, because I am not supposed to take steroids with insulin dependent diabetes because it drives up your sugar levels too much.

  22. I felt rotten, really bad. I had chills, a lot of thick drainage in my throat and nose, coughing, sneezing, and just run down, and wanted to just stay under the covers in the bed, and was not hungry, no appetite. I got the Tamiflu capsules that are grey and yellow in color, and you take 2 a day, a total of ten all together, and already I am feeling so much better and back to normal, except for the mucus drainage and slight cough still. The cough medicine, the tessalon, you take every 3 hours, as needed, and they prescribed 15 of the little gold gel like capsules that look like vitamin e capsules to me. This is the first time for me, that I have had both of these medicines. The Tamiflu seems to works great for me, the other the cough capsules just so so. I think the Mucinex works better actually for me. When I first got the prescription filled I thought they had gave me the wrong prescription as I was expecting a cough liquid instead, and strangely enough when the lady in front of me in line was getting her meds filled I listened when they asked her name, and her last name was the same as mine, and I just knew they must have gave me the wrong cough meds….lol I was wrong. I just had not ever taken anything other than a liquid, as a cough medicine.

  23. I am fearful my husband may come down sick now with this virus. I hope not, as he is stubborn when I try to get him to go to the doctor, if he gets sick. I have had the annual flu shots and the pneumonia vaccination and I still caught this, and it can really be dangerous, and if you get it, try to go to the doctor as soon as possible, because the earlier you can get in for treatment, the better off you will be. I probably should have got in a little sooner than I did. I just wasn’t sure I had it, and stalled around a few days thinking the Amoxicillin I was taking for my wisdom tooth removal would handle it, but it doesn’t work that way……

  24. Now I didn’t know what to expect when I took this Tamiflu medicine. I read about a child that was given the Tamiflu and that the child had hallucinations and had tried to jump from a second story window and harm their own self. This frightened me, and I told my husband to monitor my behavior, because, hey, I don’t know what some of these drugs are capable of, since I have never had some of them. It worked fine for me though, but children, I would be cautious, since I read about this one child that took it……as I just don’t know all about these drugs.

  25. There was a lady at the Centra Care when I was there, and an ambulance came with the lights on, they backed up to the door, and picked her up on a stretcher, put her in the ambulance with the lights still on, and took her away, but they didn’t head in the direction of the Altamonte Hospital, so I don’t know what was going on there. She had another person following the ambulance in a car behind them.

  26. They had a lot of people coughing and sick in there too, so it definitely must be true, about the flu outbreak going around everywhere.

  27. I got up this morning, went out and looked around at my ornamental plants in my yard, and they look ruined. What made it through the hurricane winds, has been finished off from the cold damage. My fishtail palm, my hibiscus bushes, my yellow alamanda scrubs, you name it, they look horrible. This is depressing, as I had my plants looking so pretty and healthy. Wouldn’t know it now…..I still had ice frozen solid in my bird baths until later this morning. It was 27 degrees, when I got up, and went outside this morning.

  28. Correction: It ruined my allamanda shrubs, not scrubs, lol……plus myn red powder puff bush, my red passion vines, my big rubber plant tree, my hummingbird bush, froze my gator succulents that were blooming with red bells on their tops, and my white orchid tree…. my yard looks so frozen and ruined.


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