The Apopka Voice Reader Poll 2.0

Decision Apopka 2018

Happy New Year Apopka. Are you ready for the campaign season?

On Tuesday, March 13th Apopka will elect a mayor and two city commissioners. That’s approximately two months away which puts us in the home stretch.

The names Kilsheimer, Nelson, Velazquez, Bell, Koutsoulieris, Nolan, Kidd, Knight, Mott, and Smith will be abundantly more visible as the 10 candidates for Apopka Mayor, and City Commission Seats #1 and #2 begin to roll out their messages on how they would lead the community.

Very soon, you can expect to see online advertising, social media posts, display advertising, bumper stickers, yard signs, and knocks on their doors from these candidates hoping to occupy seats on the City Council.

 The Apopka Voice has promised to keep its readers, and the voters of Apopka informed on this historic election, and this is the next step.

Where do these races stand?

early voting registration

In this poll, we ask the simple question “If the elections were held today, who would you vote for?” You have until Monday, January 15th at noon to vote. This is the second time we have asked this question, so let’s call this The Apopka Reader’s Poll 2.0.

This is not a scientific poll. The margin of error is unknown, but it should reflect a snapshot of where our readers stand, with approximately two months to go before Election Day. So vote for the candidates you think will best lead Apopka into its promising future.

Editor’s Note: The polling system used by The Apopka Voice will accept only one vote per IP address.



  1. It is an injustice to both the voters of this city, and to the candidates running, that there is not going to be any debates scheduled for those who have qualified for commissioner seats. Why is this happening in this city? Silence is not golden. We the voters, need to hear what the candidates have to say, and what is important to them. They will be just as an important part of the Apopka City Council as the mayor’s position.

  2. They are trying to silence your day of basking in the sunshine, as candidates for the council. What will it be like, if you actually get elected? Silence your opinions, on the council too, as a council member?????

  3. Why bother Mama if past elections are any example only a few will even bother to vote, we have over 30,000 voter and we seldom get as many as 5, 000 who really care to even bother to vote, I have voted in every election in this city since 83, and now he had split us up as where to go to vote hoping people won’t bother to go to the New polling place.

  4. James 1958 Yes James, it is a shame more Apopka citizens who live here, don’t bother to go vote, not only in the municipal elections, but the county, state, and federal elections too. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink…lol But, for the voters who are interested, I still believe there should be a debate scheduled to hear the commissioner candidate’s viewpoints and hear them tell us, what is important to them, just like the mayor’s debate, that has been scheduled to be held.


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