Updating Breaking News from Friday: 

From the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

Updated at 11 PM Saturday:

Seminole County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Asgeirr Ulfr, 26, of, Apopka, for the murder of Christina Danielle Scarr, 20, of Apopka. 

On April 6th, Ulfr reported a home invader shot him in the foot and killed a female, later identified as Scarr, inside the unincorporated Apopka home. Upon thorough investigation, it was determined that Ulfr was responsible for the crime and a warrant was issued for his arrest. 

Asgeirr Ulfr

Later Saturday evening, investigators located Ulfr at a residence located on Player Circle in Orlando. He was taken into custody without incident and arrested on the charges of first degree premeditated murder. Ulfr was booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility (JEPCF) on a no bond status. He is scheduled to attend his first appearance tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the JEPCF. 

Investigators are working to determine the events leading up to the homicide. Scarr’s cause of death is pending the preliminary results of an autopsy examination. This investigation remains active and ongoing. 

From Friday:

SCSO investigating suspicious incident- 1 deceased, 1 wounded 

Seminole Co. (April 6, 2018) – Seminole County Sheriff’s investigators are at the scene of a suspicious incident with one wounded and one deceased in 1200 block of Gina Court in unincorporated Apopka. 

At 10:25 a.m., dispatch received a call from a male who reported he was shot in the foot by an alleged home invader and his female friend inside the home was unresponsive. The caller indicated one suspect; possibly a female fled from the home. 

Upon arrival, deputies immediately came in contact with the male victim and escorted him from the home. While searching the home, deputies discovered the unresponsive female. Seminole County Fire Rescue responded, determined she had no pulse or vital signs and pronounced her dead at the scene. Her cause of death could not be immediately determined. 

The male victim was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He was interviewed by investigators in an attempt to determine more information about the circumstances of this incident. Investigators are also currently interviewing neighbors and potential witnesses 


  1. # 1,he is not an Apopka man, he was a Seminole county resident , not Apopka just because the federal government gives him an Apopka zipcode. stop posting things that denigrate Apopka, it seems bad enough that all the other news, tries to tie all the bad news to Apopka, and then retracts it by saying orange county sheriff or sc sheriff, by that time the damage is done.

    • While I am sensitive to this issue, the arrest report states he is from Apopka. The SCSO news release calls him an Apopka man, and his address says Apopka. Inside the article, his residence is described as unincorporated Apopka… so that is the most accurate the report can be. Every arrest article that is written in The Apopka Voice gives the city where the suspect is from if it is available.


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