From the Apopka Police Department

Yesterday at 2:54 p.m., the Apopka Police Department responded to the area of Lancer Oak Drive for a disturbance. When units arrived, there was information that a firearm had been fired in the area during the disturbance. Detectives found shell casings in the area.

There were no injuries reported.

Out of caution, school staff at Apopka High School, which is located adjacent to the neighborhood, placed the school on lock-down.

This incident occurred approximately one hour after the closing bell of the school, but there were after-school activities and staff still located on campus.

Apopka detectives investigated the disturbance at Lancer Oak and Apopka Patrol and School Resource Officers searched the school to ensure there was no danger to the students or staff. Apopka Police personnel worked closely with school administration to clear the school.

At no time did school staff or Apopka police find any students or school personnel in danger. Apopka Police cleared the lock-down at approximately 4:45 p.m. after a thorough search of the campus.

Apopka detectives are continuing to search for the person who fired the weapon on Lancer Oak Drive and identify those involved.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact CrimeLine at 407-423-TIPS or the Apopka Police Department at


  1. How come the surrounding streets with residents where homes are, around the Apopka High were not informed of what was going on? We were at home, and didn’t have a clue a firearm was discharged in the nearby area, that caused the high school to be in lock-down. We would kind of like to know if someone is running around the streets where homes are, and firing off guns.

  2. The crime news on tv daily is sickening. The elderly lady who had her back broken by a scum bag, who threw her down on the concrete garage of her home, after pulling a gun on her, and the 3 year old child put in an oven, burned and otherwise abused also, OMG!!!….people who do horrid things like that to an elderly lady that age, and to a 3 year old are SCUM BAGS!!! The Volusia Sheriff calls ’em, like he sees ’em!!! I hope they both get what they deserve!!!


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