From Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson

 For debris pick up, Orange County has initiated its three (3) debris removal and three (3) monitoring contracts.  Contract forces continue to ramp up to collect storm debris within unincorporated Orange County from public rights-of-way over the next several weeks. To help accommodate the process, residents should place storm debris along the County Public rights-of way for pick-up.  In addition, roadways, sidewalks, drains, fire hydrants and mailboxes must be kept clear of debris.

Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson

Residents are reminded that mixed debris cannot be accepted at vegetative debris sites. Additionally, regardless if they are having their debris picked up or dropping it off at one of the debris sites,  it is crucial that residents separate vegetative storm debris (tree limbs, branches and another organic debris) from storm-related construction debris (shingles, lumber, drywall, fences, etc.) and/or other household goods (appliances).  Debris other than vegetative will be collected separately; residents who fail to separate these types of debris may not have their debris picked up.  Furthermore, household garbage should never be mixed with storm debris.

A “first pass” of vegetative debris pick up began on Thursday, September 14, 2017.  Vegetative debris (shrubbery, logs, limbs and stumps) may be picked up before construction debris.  Once this “first pass” is completed, crews will return to neighborhoods to pick-up additional debris as residents continue their clean-up efforts. The County has a website updated weekly that shows where debris removal is occurring and can be reached by going to

Solid Waste is continuing with their regular bagged and bundled yard waste pick up.  Vegetative debris (tree limbs, shrubs etc.) bagged and/or bundled will be collected during normally scheduled yard waste collection days. Residents are asked to follow the specified collection guidelines: Limit yard waste to three cubic yards (about one small pickup truckload) per household per week; use your own garbage cans or plastic bags for collection; cans and bags must be 50 gallons or less and weigh less than 60 pounds each when full; cans must be waterproof with a tight-fitting lid and have handles on the sides; bundle limbs, palm fronds, and similar items with string; keep bundles three feet long or less; and limit weight of bundles to less than 60 pounds. Residents seeking more information may call 407-836-5515  or visit

Due to rules and regulations of FEMA, Orange County cannot remove debris from homes within a private or gated community. Residents should have a representative of the community, or the president of the association or the association’s management firm, contact the County by calling 311 to coordinate pick up for debris.

Orange County crews will not be picking up debris on municipal road rights-of-way.  Residents of cities and municipalities should contact their city or town hall for debris pick-up information.

If residents within a community do not own the property they live on, such as a trailer park, manufacture home community or condominium building, the community is not eligible to participate in this program. These communities are considered commercial and therefore not eligible for debris pick up support.

Residents also have the option of dropping off vegetative storm debris at one of the designated citizen sites from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily.  There is no charge to Orange County residents for the use of these sites (proof of residency will be required). The County will not allow debris disposal by commercial contractors or landscaping companies at these sites.  These sites may be busy, so residents are asked to be considerate of others when off-loading debris as well as following entry and exit signs posted at the sites.  In addition, bagged yard waste will not be accepted at the Citizen Drop off sites.

Citizen sites are located at: Fort Christmas Park -1300 Fort Christmas Rd.; Northwest Water Reclamation Facility – 701 W McCormick Rd.; and Zellwood Maintenance Unit – 3500 Golden Gem Rd. For more site locations, residents can visit

To date, 155,000 cubic yards of debris has been picked up between Orange County Public Works and debris removal contractors. At the federal government level, FEMA plans to reimburse Orange County up to 90% of the costs associated with its removal efforts.


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