All the clues are here:

  • Exterior Renderings and Elevations for a “Proposed New Location” were on the May 4, 2016, agenda for the Apopka Development Review Committee.
  • Apopka-based Hanlex Development shows a site plan on its website showing a Tractor Supply store to be located at 180 West 1st Street in Apopka.

Tractor Supply Company SiteThe Apopka Voice attempted to contact Jeremy Anderson, Vice President at Hanlex but he did not return our call.

When The Apopka Voice contacted Tennessee-based Tractor Supply Company yesterday we got this email response from company spokesman, Rob Hoskins:

“Our real estate department has informed me that there is no information to release about a potential new store location in Apopka (FL) at this time.”

Hoskins went on to say, “What we can say at this time is that, as a growth minded company, Tractor Supply Company (TSC) is always looking for potential new store locations that are a good fit as far as the target market is concerned.  Concerning a potential location in Apopka, this is especially true in that the area is attractive due to the part-time and hobby farmers, and horse owners in the area.”

The 3.24-acre parcel shown in the Hanlex map is still owned by Hart Nurseries, according to the Orange County Property Appraiser.



  1. It will be good to get a Tractor Supply. They have all kinds of things. I like Rural King, too. They have one of those in Leesburg, on 441. Don’t know of any others around. Grocery store coming in at 436 and Balmy Beach. I wonder which grocery? I still miss Food Lion when they closed. Only place that I knew that had the Bunker Hill Hot Dog Chili. I really really miss Goodings. They had the very best cakes around! Then they closed. If it is a health food store, or organic, then they won’t get much business from me! Love my junk food, and fast food too! YOLO!

  2. Unless the traffic patterns are adjusted in that area tractor supply will devalue the property values of all who are close to them… Traffic is not allowed to return southbound on 441 at that intersection so all of that traffic will be routed down second st to either central Ave or park Ave in order to acces 441 south…who comes up with all of these silly ideas??? I live in a historic district of Apopka and the city’s inability to handle traffic has become a joke…now all the traffic will be in front of my house… How about a red light at 2nd and 441 to allow all of us who are trapped in our own neighborhoods to go south on 441

  3. I’m very exited for this tractor supply to be opening up. It would be a very good opportunity for me to get a part time job at tractor supply. Also since I’m in FFA this tractor supply is ideal since we always need supply’s for projects and the animals.


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