City Council approves design 4-0

From the City of Apopka

The forecast for Apopka’s Kit Land Nelson Park calls for plenty of water showers and lots of fun for kids.

City Council members on Wednesday unanimously voted to proceed with construction of a new splash pad for children that could begin construction in as early as a month and reach completion three months afterward. The $543,493 splash pad design, which was selected among three options, is the largest layout with more than 4,800 square feet to accommodate up to 60 young people with a colorful base and up to 42 water-soaking spray jets and play features.

The project proposed by Freeport Fountains also will feature shade structures, seating, tables, trash bins and fencing. A large pump, piping and filtration systems will keep the water park flowing with up to 301 gallons per minute.

The play features include such fun names as the Mega Soaker – essentially a large bucket that drops 40 gallons of water at a time. A Sneaky Soaker has smaller splash buckets mounted on a tall pole with a water shower head. Splash Blasters are small water cannons, a Fun-Guy is a mushroom-shaped sprayer for toddlers, the Fun-Brella creates a curtain of water and a Spray Tunnel sprays water from a series of ground spouts.

The splash pad is designed with separate zones to entertain children of different ages. Parents can relax on benches surrounding the play area. The City of Apopka recently converted an adjacent indoor racquetball court into restrooms and change areas. The facility also will have a swim diaper vending machine to accommodate younger children.

The new splash pad will be constructed in the location of the park’s existing tennis courts, which will be demolished. City Council members agreed Wednesday that construction will not impact the upcoming Apopka Art and Foliage Festival.

Other, separate future improvements to Kit Land Nelson Park include 2,900 feet of concrete recreational trails and additional parking spots. The city received a $120,000 funding grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Apopka will match that with $80,000. A separate grant will allow the city to create a new playground for the park.


  1. How many people will have to be hired to man this park and where is the water going to come from, is it to be recycled or are we going to have to pay for it out of our pockets, in the loss of drinking water, how about insurance costs?

  2. I am already concerned about maintenance costs as I have seen in West Central Florida cities’ s splash pads.

  3. Here are my thoughts on the new splash pad…..Okay, first, I really do like the design of the splash pad, as it has a lot of features that apparently the kids said they wanted, and I myself, personally, really like the flower petal design, and the bright colors. Kids also usually are drawn to bright colors, and according to Commissioner Velazquez who talked with the children, they gravitated toward that design, option 3. To me, the others were rather bland. I always wanted to see some colors on the concrete in some kind of design…. now, that big egg shaped aqua colored “bucket” at the top, while very modern looking and cool, I just have to wonder if 40 gallons of water coming down all at once on top of the tiny tots could knock them over and hurt them????? I mean, I have 3 office water cooler jugs that I believe are 5 gallons according to my husband, and those are heavy as can be when I pick them up, so multiply that 5 gallons X 8 and that would be the equal of 40 gallons of water….OMG, I just can’t picture a fragile little delicate toddler getting dumped on with that amount of water, all at once????

  4. The splash pad is not going to be free to use. At the council meeting, the last one, they talked about an annual pass to use the splash pad. No, they did not say how much. The splash pad is going to cost $ 2,700 dollars for the upkeep per month weekly. I am assuming that means monthly. I don’t get why they added the word weekly behind the word monthly. This is if a private contractor does the upkeep. If the city does the upkeep, the price could be lower, but it is to TBD (to be determined) at a later time. This seems absurd to me, as I think the usage fees and upkeep should have already been worked out before it was presented to the city council to vote on…….you can heard this splash pad talk on the March 7, 2018 audio of the city council meeting under the business action item at, the city’s website……

  5. Sorry, I meant to type the word hear, not heard, and now my last thoughts about the splash pad. Last year the ladies of the Apopka Women’s Club came to the city council meeting and asked that the construction of the new splash pad be delayed until after their Apopka Art and Foliage Festival, that they put on annually, that has been around a long long time, and it is their biggest fundraiser of the year, to help the Apopka Community. They left unsatisfied then, and the pad wasn’t built because of delays of other sorts, and now this last council meeting, March 7th, they requested that the splash pad be delayed until after the festival at the end of April, and to me, IMO, the mayor didn’t seem very accommodating to them. It was said that if construction was delayed for the festival, construction would not start until May 1, and would take 120 days to complete the pad, and that would make it ready by Sept 1, and the mayor insisted that he wanted it open before school starts back. Okay, I am not sure when school starts back, but I do not think that was an unreasonable request by the Apopka Women’s Club, as they don’t want all the dust and debris of the construction during the festival to ruin things and appearances, and there are so many days after Sept 1, that are hot days the kids could still enjoy. This is Florida, not the frigid north! The mayor just passed the matter off onto some other people to get together to change festival protocol around, and still go forth with the construction, and oh yeah, the two big rig construction machines will have to be moved out of the park during the construction because of the festival, and that is going to cost $ 2,500 dollars per construction big rig to move out of the park and offsite, but hey, what the heck, IT IS ONLY MONEY!!!!!!! Gotta get that splash pad ready before school starts because the mayor wants it!!!!!


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