Feeding America Network to Coordinate Disaster Relief Plan

  Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida is accepting non-perishable food donations specifically for Texas flood relief efforts. As part of the Feeding America Network, Second Harvest and other food banks across the country stand ready to support the recovery phase of the flooding caused by the storm.

Through its major disaster relief plan, Feeding America will channel millions of meals into the affected areas as soon as the rescue phase has passed. Food banks such as Second Harvest will distribute collected donations through Feeding America and may be asked to send staff who are experienced in disaster relief.

“Our team is ready to send collected food to Texas while maintaining our own readiness in Central Florida during this hurricane season,” said Greg Higgerson, vice president of development for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

Although the needs of the victims are many, Second Harvest can accept only donations of non-perishable foods. Furniture, clothing and other household items cannot be donated through the food bank.

“The easiest and most effective way to give back to the victims remains a financial donation directly to the Houston Food Bank or Feeding Texas,” said Dave Krepcho, president and CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. “Sending any goods to the affected areas in an uncoordinated way is likely to contribute to the ‘disaster within a disaster’ that often results in these situations.”

Hurricane Harvey has dumped approximately 11 trillion gallons of water on Houston and the surrounding areas. As many as 30,000 people will be evacuated from their homes.

To donate to the Houston Food Bank, visit www.houstonfoodbank.org.

To donate to Feeding Texas, visit www.feedingtexas.org.

For more information on Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, visit www.FeedHopeNow.org.

Local non-perishable food donations for Texas flood relief may be dropped off at the following locations:

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida (main distribution center)

411 Mercy Drive

Orlando, Fla. 32805

Contact: Carlos Santamaria, director of operations

Phone: 407-295-1066

Email: info@feedhopenow.org

Accepting donations Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Volusia Branch
320 North St.

Daytona Beach, Fla. 32114
Contact: Robert Thomas, Volusia operations manager
Phone: 386-257-4499

Email: rthomas@feedhopenow.org

Accepting donations Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Brevard Branch
6928A Vickie Circle

West Melbourne, Fla. 32904
Contact: Greg Hansen, Brevard operations manager
Phone: 321-733-1600

Email: ghansen@feedhopenow.org

Accepting donations Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

About Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
SHFBCF is a member of Feeding America – the largest charitable domestic hunger-relief organization in the United States. SHFBCF secures and distributes food and grocery products to approximately 550 local nonprofit feeding programs throughout Central Florida. Last year, with the help of food and financial donors, volunteers and a caring, committed community, the food bank distributed 54 million meals to partner programs such as food pantries, soup kitchens, women’s shelters, senior centers, day care centers and Kids Cafes. In addition, Second Harvest’s 14-week culinary program teaches foodservice-based technical, life and employability skills to economically hard-pressed adults. Second Harvest is distributing enough food to feed 48,000 people a day. To learn more about SHFBCF, visit www.FeedHopeNow.org.



  1. It looks like a potential hurricane is headed our way. Irma. That’s the name. Looks like it is heading in from the east, and upward toward us, if it doesn’t change course. Possibly could be here 10 days away, and at this point, it is just an Atlantic tropical storm, but it could worsen and be a potential threat to us here in Central Florida.

  2. The people who are posting things about why Hurricane Harvey happened and tying it to God’s wrath and as a punishment of certain people, and to politics from both sides, is getting to be a ridiculous. I saw where a visiting professor got fired for his controversial posting from his leftist viewpoint about the hurricane, and I also read Ann Coulter’s rightwing viewpoint as to why she believed Hurricane Harvey happened, and really, both sides are ridiculous! Ann Coulter was slick about what she posted, as she stated she wasn’t saying what she said, but really was. You can look it up what she said. These political comments should stop, when referring to what caused the hurricane! Those hurricane victims have enough problems without that crud. I am learning of more and more of those who have died in the floodwaters. Whole families, little kids, elderly people, a policeman trying to get to work, and others,and it is heartbreaking. The political nonsense needs to stop, but probably won’t regarding the hurricane. Now the Congress members are fighting over Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Harvey about the respective federal hurricane relief funding. Imagine being a flood victim without shelter, belongings, food, a job, flood insurance, and possibly the loss of your vehicles, and to have children to provide for, and have to listen to that crud going on between the Congress members, while you wait it out hoping for help. So ridiculous.

  3. I wouldn’t want to be the President of the US. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t, no matter what a president does, he is under major scrutiny. What he wears, where he goes, when he goes, what he says, who he takes with him, and is criticized for what he says, and if he just sits there and says nothing, then he is criticized for not talking! Impossible to please everyone. Not that there are things he should be called on for, but just for going to Corpus Christie and viewing the hurricane damage, he got blasted for everything, you name it. I don’t feel sorry for him though….LOL

  4. I can’t imagine how it would be, to be in an area with flood water up to the level of where your roof starts on your home. I hope that never happens around here! Debary, Florida is a deceiving town. You drive through there and it looks high and dry, but oh when the rain of the hurricanes come, look out for the major flooding.

  5. FEMA is 25 million $$$$$ in debt, right now, and that is before Hurricane Harvey pay out. We don’t need the border wall built right now, my opinion.

  6. Surely President Trump wouldn’t cause a US government shutdown, if he doesn’t get approval for funding for his border wall, would he???????

  7. One of my all time favorite people, that I used to watch with great amusement, and liked her was the late great Anna Nicole Smith, born Vickie Lynn Hogan……she was born there in Houston, Texas in 1967. What a life she lived! Add her to the list of people I admired, along with Princess Diana. According to a commentary in the Orlando Sentinel, a day or so ago, oh, I must be a desperate person in need of applause, because I admired Princess Diana, like so many other millions of people, and the commentary claimed that Diana was desperate person and seeking applause, and that we Princess Diana admirers seek the same as her……..see, I told you all along, I could of been one of the Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane…..LOL

  8. My husband was sent with a city crew over to Belle Isle, Florida back in 2004. I believe that was the year. It was for one whole week, to help clear the streets over there in that city from the huge mess that was caused by the hurricane, or maybe it was hurricanes, as there were more than one of them during 2004. So many hurricanes, I get confused which ones, I sat through alone. The city crew took a whole bunch of chain saws and other equipment with them, and had to work non-stop cutting huge oak trees, and I mean massive oaks into pieces, and then used the front end loader, and pushed the tree debris off to the sides of the streets, just to clear the way, and left the rest for them to do. He said it was the biggest mess ever, and he carried on about the size of the giant oaks, and how big they were around, and how many chain saw blades they went through. Each member of the city crew got a nice plaque of appreciation presented to them, as well as got paid, and got their meals paid for also. My husband’s plaque is packed away somewhere here at our house. Cities should help out one another in disasters like hurricanes.

  9. My husband said most of the town of Belle Isle was still out of power, but there was one restaurant that was open, where they ate daily, and one gas station, and everything else was closed pretty much. They had already helped clean up around Apopka and got our city squared away here, before they were sent to Belle Isle.

  10. I heard something about Trump wants to reduce the tax rate on corporations from 35% down to 15%. How does he expect to build the border wall, re-build all the infrastructure that he has said he wants, pay for the massive hurricane relief, pay for the increased troops he is going to send to Afghanistan, and build up our military with new fighter jets, warships, arms, and nuclear arsenal that he wants, have funds for emergencies, funds for all the wars he wants, and funds for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and funds for the Veterans that he has promised, as well as so many other additional things that he wants like way more ICE agents, and Home Land Security equipment, people, and programs to fight terrorism. Does not make sense where he plans to get all the money needed. Maybe he is just looking out for his own corporations and their bottom line, and his own wallet, and not the people of this country….. I bet I know what will get the ax from the above list. So much for voting a business person in as president of the country.

  11. Best Buy in the Texas hurricane area had a sign advertising a 24 case of Dasani bottled drinking water for $ 42.96. It usually goes for around $ 5.00 at the grocery stores there, give or take a little. When customers said that is price gouging, Best Buy said it was an honest mistake, and that some store employees had taken the price for an single bottle of the water, and had multiplied it by 24 bottles, and that is how the high price occurred. Hmmm? One gas station was turned in to the state’s price gouging hot line, and was selling cases of bottled drinking water for $ 99.00. Ironic that the problem in that part of Texas is all the water everywhere, and yet the flood victims are getting the shaft when buying needed drinking water.

  12. Oh, the life…. to be a tall, thin super model with no foot problems, and to get to prance around with high priced reptile skin stiletto heels on in a federally declared flooded disaster area, and to get to fly in on Air Force One as the cameras flash….smile and say “cheese” or make the “pout”…. None of those ugly crocs, flip- flops, or rubber boots…..oh dear me…….livin’ da life……LOL

  13. If the gas prices continue to rise, you can be sure that prices will rise on most everything else. I have noticed many items are increasing already in price. Some items at the mini stores and some food items on the menu at the fast food restaurants.

  14. Apopka Critic, no offense, but get it right OK? You say Lamont Sanford is running for Orange Co. Mayor….OK, if you say so….whatever….I am not trying to be petty, but actually AC, Mrs. Demings is your US Representative, a member of Congress and not “just” your State Representative. I would not of pointed this out to you, but I’m certain Mrs. Demings’s husband, Mr. Sanford, would prefer you get all the facts correct….LOL I’m referring to your posting on your website.


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