From Apopka Police Chief Michael McKinley

Recently, some city residents notified the Apopka Police Department in reference to persons walking from door-to-door and acting as city employees. On one occasion, the person knocking on the door said he was an employee with the “City’s Energy Utility Department”.

Apopka Police Chief Michael McKinley

The subject stated that the homeowner was in the “red-zone” for energy use and said that he needed to come into the home to check the homeowner’s a/c unit, water heater, and water meter. The homeowner, knowing this was a scam, said “NO” so the subject asked if they had received a letter in the mail in regards to the inspection. The homeowner said they had not received a letter and began to question the subject who then said that the City’s Energy Utility Company would resend another letter and he would return at a later date.

The subject then left the area on foot. No vehicle was visible nor did the subject have a city ID visible or clothing that identified him as a city employee. He was described as approximately 5’6” in height, medium build, approximately 165 pounds, Hispanic male, wearing pants and a pullover type shirts and carrying a clipboard.

The City of Apopka wants to make sure all residents are aware of this scam and that you should not allow anyone into your home that you do not know or have not invited. If you believe you have been a victim of a crime as a result of this type of scam or someone is on your property who you would like to verify their status, please contact the Apopka Police Department non-emergency number at 407-703-1757. If it is an emergency, please call 911.


  1. If I even spot anybody that fits this description, pretending to be a city utility worker, I will immediately call the non-emergency phone number to the police. I have called in the past for things, but didn’t know the non-emergency phone number, without taking a long time looking it up, so I did call 911 instead. I will post the number on my home phone, or cell phone, for sure now. I was leery awhile back about this one guy coming around our street wanting to replace windshields that supposedly were cracked. I really should have called then to the police, as I think he was a scammer also, but I didn’t. I have seen a guy walking around this neighborhood with a clipboard, and didn’t see his vehicle either, and he was on another street, other than ours, so now I wonder about him too. Bad people prowling around up to no good! Not to mention the high school skippers, who keep coming and going from the high school parking lot, and getting picked up by their friends in cars, and then coming back later, cutting through residents yards besides their homes, while they are at work, and going back on the high school parking grounds like they were in school the whole time. Or hanging out behind their homes waiting on their friends to arrive by car. I want to know just who in the heck is watching the Apopka High School parking lot on the east end? This really concerns me, not just for the skippers getting away with skipping, but if it is that easy coming and going for them over the school fence where it is down, with no one apparently watching, then how easy would it be for a school shooter to enter the AHS parking lot along there during school??? I would have already written the principal, but apparently has packing up, and left for greener pastures. Guess I will have to write the OC school board, as this is an on-going problem for the residents of our street.

  2. About these criminal scammers playing utility service workers…..unfortunately, it is easy to sometimes pick up used uniforms at thrift stores, or yard sales, of the different utility companies or uniformed men’s outfits, that can be used to trick homeowners……pest control uniforms, utilities, power companies, cable companies, all kinds of worker uniforms, that homeowners identify with, and then the homeowners aren’t as concerned as normally they would be, if they see them walking around their streets in uniforms. So if you have old uniforms in your family closet, to get rid of, don’t sale them, or even donate them to thrift stores, where they could end up getting bought by criminals to pose as workers.


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