1. Here is something to consider for the future….out in the west, the wildfires are totally out of control. They are burning up 1000 acres per hour! Many of the western state’s mayors have banned fireworks and firework shows due to the possibility of them causing fires, that could get out of control. There has been 869 fires due to fireworks alone, in the state of California, in just the last year! So in the city of Carefree, Arizona, the mayor of that city, has banned fireworks all together, but he was shown a video of a drone LED light show, and decided to give it a go, so the residents wouldn’t be disappointed, on the 4th of July. It is like a fireworks show, but without the fire, and is safe. The drones are bigger than a large round platter, like you would serve food off of, but are ultra-light, and made with a light black wire, and in the center is a white plastic compartment that holds the batteries for the LED lights. It is all controlled by computer programming, by a commercial company, and they can make the most complex designs, spirals, what looks just like regular fireworks designs, circles inside circles, slinky type designs, American flags, etc. on and on. And they use what looks like thousands of them! This was featured on the CBS Evening News, and the CBS Overnight News too. Check it out! I know in the past, some cities had switched to laser light shows, but this is even cooler. The city of Carefree, Arizona might post a video of tonight’s show, I don’t know. I wonder what the costs are for that kind of a nighttime LED drone show?

  2. I heard someone reporting the news on tv, say that the Lake Eola swans like the fireworks….really? Well then, they must be the ONLY birds on the planet that enjoy them, if that is the case! There are 3 different firework tents that have them for sale, heading west on 441, that I have counted, just in this area of town, and the sales tents are fairly close to each other. One next to the Family Dollar Store, one set up at the old Plymouth Woodshed restaurant that is for sale, and another just up the road heading toward Plymouth or Zellwood, not counting all the others around the rest of Apopka! They got permits to sale the fireworks, under the sale of sparklers….ha ha!


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