Bill Sublette endorses District 7 incumbent

Christine Moore
Christine Moore

Christine Moore, the incumbent candidate for the District 7 seat of the Orange County School Board, announced the endorsement yesterday from the Orange County Public School Board Chairman Bill Sublette for her re-election bid. Moore is challenged by Isadora Dean, Matthew Fitzpatrick, and Laura Rounds. District 7 includes all of Apopka. Dean and Fitzpatrick are from Apopka. Rounds is from Winter Garden.

Sublette has served on the Board with Ms. Moore for six years.

“I appreciate Christine’s professionalism and positive, ‘can do’ attitude,” he said. “Because of her keen attention to constituent concerns, it is a rare occurrence for me to get involved in anything in Apopka, Ocoee or Winter Garden. I marvel at her dedication to research and present the history of new schools through drama, OCPS Race for District 7elementary history book and individual art displays and work to produce a large arts festival. District 7 voters should definitely vote to keep Christine Moore on the job for another four years.”

Additionally, all other non-opposed school board members: Joie Cadle, Daryl Flynn, Nancy Robbinson and Linda Kobert, have contributed to her 2016 re-election campaign.

“I’m honored to have the support of my peers on the Board. It takes four votes to make things happen for our children in Apopka.”

Moore is running for her third term. Election Day for the OCPS Board District 7 seat is August 30th. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, the top two candidates will runoff against each other on November 8th.




  1. There you go, I just love Bill Sublette’s own words, this part, “it is a rare occurrence for me to get involved in anything in Apopka, Ocoee, and Winter Garden.”………….this coming from the Orange County Public School Chairman! Maybe the voters from Apopka, Ocoee, and Winter Garden should remember his own words when HE is up for re-election.

  2. This part also, ………..the history of the new schools????? What history does the new schools have, that have just opened??????

    • Each rebuilt school has a deep history in Apopka and is part of what makes Apopka the great community it is. Christine Moore has taken time to research history surrounding each school and the areas their students come from. In doing this she has placed specific accurate historical information in the schools along with being in the process of reviving WONDERFUL programs that have left the schools like the Ukulele Band at Dream Lake Elementary School in Apopka. It is of great importance that the history of Apopka remains alive and a great place to revive and educate the history of Apopka is In the schools. With the growth of Apopka it is easy for what makes Apopka so desirable to get lost in the growth. Ms. Moore has written a beautiful, accurate history book about Apopka schools for our elementary school students. I am so impressed with the desire Ms Moore shows to learn about, understand and accurately share the history of Apopka in attempt to help Apopka not get lost in The growth.

  3. Work to present a large arts festival??? Where is this large arts festival going to be???? I would ask Christine, but I know she would not respond to me. Oh well, so much for the keen constituent concerns by Christine, that Bill Sublette bragged about…………..

    • Ms Moore started the Apopka Arts and Jazz Festival which showcases the young talented Artist’s and Musician’s that are in District 7. In the past it has been held at the Amphitheatre and surrounding sidewalk area but due to weather conditions this past year it was moved last minute to Apopka Middle School. I credit the organization, cooperation, communication of Ms Moore and Apopka Middle School along with all of the schools, students, music teachers,art teachers, parents and family that braved dodging lightening to enjoy the wonderful performances of the talented musicians and the amazing Art exhibits put together by the Art Teachers along with the many volunteers it takes to pull this event off which I know first hand was no easy task. Despite the wind, rain and awful lightening the event was pulled off successfully and as with each year I am so impressed with talent that comes out of Apopka and the community’s of OCPS District 7.

  4. I have spoken to Christine about the way the Apopka High School kids, while driving to Apopka High when backed up, the ones in the big four wheel drive trucks have took to the side on the shoulder of the road, and have pulled out and drove along the shoulder. I have explained how dangerous this is when the time changes and it is dark, and people are going to school, and that someone walking down on that side, by chance, could get plowed over! I haven’t seen anything done about the problem. I have said the kids are making Maine St. into a three lane when school starts……….I have told the mayor also. So what is going to get done about it???? I have told the mayor and Christine. Who else should I tell???

    • This is a problem that has been around for decades. Not an issue that had only begin under Ms. Moore and the current City of Apopka Mayor and administration. At what point do you hold the driver’s and their parents responsible for their behaviour? They have their drivers license, they know the rules and laws for driving, are aware of what the auto insurance required then to stay insured and are old enough to responsible for their actions. I believe our police cover the areas of most importance and that when they see people driving inappropriately that they hand out fair consequences. Break a rule or law suffer the consequences not pass it off to be a responsibility if another. There has to be accountability and pasing off this responsibility takes accountability away which creates disaster

  5. I have reported to both Christine and the mayor that there are no speed limit signs posted along the frontage of Apopka High School. This is one of the only schools I have seen that does not have speed limit signs in front of the school. Everywhere other schools have the speed limit signs posted. I will have to drive by there and look again, but when I complained before to both of them, about this, nothing was done! I will look again, and not assume, but I don’t think there have been any speed limit signs posted there as of yet. It is unbelievable to me that 22 new stop signs have been put up at the request of one resident living here in Apopka, but not even one or two speed limit signs that are needed, has not been posted in front of Apopka High School where teenaged kids are congregating and walking back and forth across the road, and staring at their cell phones while other drivers speed by. If you drive around Apopka and look at some of those stops signs that were placed in the most remote areas, where there is hardly any traffic like up there near Washington St, and the street that goes up by Dream Lake, whatever street that, maybe it is Myrtle St. anyway up past Carnation Street………yeah, a stop sign was really needed up there where Washington St. ends and Myrtle St. ends….ha ha.

    • I could be incorrect and haven’t taken time to fact check this recently but last time I checked i want to think that Florida DOT was responsible for speed limit signs and any directional type of signage..

  6. I have requested extra police patrol when Apopka High School is coming and going because of the crazy way some of them drive, and because of the chaos and backups, and danger, but I was told by the mayor himself, that the police have other priorities. I am telling the truth.

  7. I have reported the danger at Vick St. and Martin St. to kids walking to and from school. About how Vick Road has become a race track, and the heavy traffic. I have said a traffic light is really needed at the location. I was told that it would be looked into but a study would have to be done. The pastor from the church at that intersection there has also spoken about the dangers. So what is going on regarding the traffic light????

  8. No speed limits signs posted along the frontage of Apopka High School…..I drove by in both directions along Martin there. As you can see it is of no importance to our elected officials who have been told about it. There is a speed limit sign for the ninth grade center way east at Wells, but again, no speed limit signs along the frontage of Apopka High School! Christine are you listening? If someone gets a speeding ticket along there in the school zone, it is a huge ticket because of the school zone!!!

  9. Instead of Christine building her base of support with the families of the little kids with her jazz and art festivals, she should be looking at safety issues around the school zones of Orange County Schools. And if she wanted to do something to help the residents who live near the congested school areas, around Apopka High and the Ninth Grade Center, she would investigate a resolution to cut a back exit out the back of the Apopka High School and Ninth Grade Center, for the multitude of school buses that pour through the residential areas causing chaos to the people who live in the area.

  10. Or take the school buses through to the back of the Apopka High School and around and ninth grade center, and exit down there at the bottom of Martin near Vick though that already existing entrance and exits with gates at the school, instead of through the residential areas. At least some of the buses.

  11. Amen Mallory, and I won’t vote for any Orange County Public School Chairman, or Chairperson, who brags about the rarity of their involvement in this city and other local cities, under their jurisdiction, while they sit back and collect a fat paycheck from the us, the taxpayers, who pay the taxes in this city and this county.

  12. When I think about it, maybe I won’t get to vote against Bill Sublette, I don’t know how that goes, as far as his position on the OCPS board, and maybe I won’t have any say so in who is chairman of OCPS board in the future, and maybe the City of Apopka taxes don’t pay his paycheck, but we, the taxpayers here in this town, in Orange County, do help to pay his fat paycheck, and I will also state this with certainty: if Bill Sublette’s name is on any ballot handed to me to vote on for anything in the future, he won’t get my vote, for his bragging about his non-involvement concerning school issues in this town, as well as other surrounding towns.

  13. Excuse me if I come off as an angry person, but I just came from the grocery store and bought a big pack of meat, and charged it, and used the chip reader, and it said to remove my card, and it beeped, and then when I removed my card, it said that I removed it too fast. I think I was charged twice. The manager said no, but then said to hang onto the receipt. This after I stood there for the longest waiting on a woman in front of me, using her EBT card who got a big pack of pork chops for $ 13 47 and asked for a bag. The cashier then rung it up, and the bag was 3 cents, and she then told him to cancel, as she didn’t want the bag. Her pork chops came off her EBT card balance, and she actually had the guy void the transaction, because she didn’t want to pay the three cents for the bag! Plus she had beautiful professional nails, and pedicure. I am an angry bird, today. So sorry. Venting makes me feel better about things that are out of my control.

  14. Well Proud Apopkan I am just seeing your postings. I feel better now and do you know why? It is because you made the same mistake posting that I have in the past. Do you know what it is? I myself, had spelled lightning, as in thunder and lightning, the same way as you did, which you spelled lightening, in your above postings. I correct mine now, but I find it funny, that you did it too. LOL. Therefore, I know you are not a teacher. At least, I hope you are not a teacher! LOL…..

  15. Proud Apopkan, it takes so little effort to post two speed limit signs in front of Apopka High, one on one side, and one on the other coming from the opposite direction. Why is that a big deal for our elected leaders?

    • ,mama Mia you would think so but it took just short of an act of Congress to get certain signs in front of different schools and it was nothing MD Moore or Mayor Land at the time could do. It took concerned citizens, parents and several unpleasant incidents mature it happen… Basically find out who you need to talk to to get your issues resolved

  16. Proud Apopkan, and for all that Christine did, according to your accounts of Christine’s wonder, all she got was her image painted on a mural hanging on the walls of Apopka Elementary School, of a side view of just her hair on her head. I suppose that will go down in the great history books of this fabulous city. Are you the artist, by the way?

    • Mamma Mia give me a break and get over yourself. I am so sorry that nothing in this wonderful City of Apopka and the OCPS District 7 or the OCPS School Board is to your likings. Have you considered moving out of Apopka and Orange County to a city and county that would be more up to your standards instead of spewing so much negativity towards my hometown, the city I love so much that I made a conscious choice to raise my children… You can make a choice to continue the narrow minded thought process that brings nothing positive to the table but at least you cleared things up in your earlier post that you are just a ranting bitter person. In sharing how bitter you are gives readers a much better understanding of where you are coming from. I know it did for me. Apopka is a great place to live, it always has been. Regardless of your views about Ms Moore she is part of Apopka’s history, present and future. The more time y’all spend spewing ugliness about others the more relevant y’all make them . I’m sure when your not off on bitter tangents you are a wonderful person. Please don’t assume that by a misspelling of a word you know anything about me especially that we are anything alike because we are not. If for no other reason than you will never ever hear or read any comment from me meant to tear another person down or slander another person’s name. There is not enough bitterness or unhappiness my life that I find actions like that acceptable under any circumstances. I love Apopka and it’s residents way too much to intentionally cause friction by spewing ugliness due to bitterness, from not getting my way or because my feelings are hurt. Life is too short to spend so much time griping and complaining. It makes me sad to see so much of ugliness coming out because their political agenda hasn’t won favor maybe it’s always been this way and social media and the internet just shine light on such things. Regardless it breaks my heart to watch such a loving and helpful community be torn apart over such pettiness. Imagine if all of the energy spent on this negativity was put to a positive use how bright Apopka and it’s residents would shine.

  17. Bill Sublette states up above…”..the history of the new schools”…..that is what he said. Again, the new schools have NO history. It is the old schools that have the history that were there before they were demolished for the new schools. Good grief. Take a hike……..

  18. Well Proud Apopkan, if DOT is responsible for the signage that I am talking about that is needed, then why did Christine or the mayor not tell me that? I don’t believe it, that DOT is responsible for that, I think that is main highways, like the state roads, and interstates, not inner city roads. Remember the city put up all those 22 stops signs all around in town, or had the DOT to do it, possibly. The thing of it is, they could contact DOT, if you are correct about it, but they couldn’t care less. The cops are sent to the milk and cookies with the kids events instead of over near the high school area, to patrol during the chaos of the wild driving idiotic school kids heading to and from school, like bats out of you know where.

  19. Proud Apopkan, there are plenty of things I love about Apopka. I love the crosswalk over 441, the fern sculpture, I love the beautiful Spanish moss that hangs from the mature oaks, I love the bar-b-q restaurants in this city, the bears, the sand cranes, the wild turkeys, the hummingbirds that frequent my yard and flowers, the peacocks that hang around Burger King, I like the springs, I like the palms that were planted down 441 heading into and out of the city……..there are many things I like, like the dog park. Your goody goody rosy painting of this place and long winded reviews of some of the elected leaders makes me want to play a violin. Yes, I complain, I rant, I love that too! Ranting bitter stuff? Yes…..but it is for a good reason. How about you get over yourself? I am sorry I don’t share your Mary Poppins view of the world here in Apopka. Oh I would love to move somewhere, anywhere, to get away from what this place is becoming. It is being ruined, and I am not the one responsible, and certainly not the only one that sees it happening. I would love to go to where people are real, truly nice and friendly, and care about each other. This town is not like. There are so many opportunists here, who have personal agendas based on what is in it for them. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. I don’t care what you think or believe, it is that way here. You will discover that one day, believe me, even if you don’t think so now.

    • Trust me I know this town the good, the bad, the evil, the pretty, the ugly… Chances are I have been here longer than you have and have much more knowledge about the workings of Apopka and the history of Apopka than you. I have also lived other places and there is not one city void of unpleasantness how the citizens react towards unpleasantnesses is the key. I’m glad that the readers have an understanding of where you come from so they can make a choice to take your comments with a grain of salt. Thank you for showing your true colors I believe it will be very helpful for those trading you’re comments to know they are nothing less than rantings from an unhappy bitter person.. Oh your wrong again I don’t have 3 little girls involved in the Jazz and Asset Festival I just happen to appreciate the forum provided to listen to the talented youth in District 7 and an excited to know that several of these talented youth will go on to pursue successful professional music and art careers like many before them from this wonderful town of Apopka have previously done. Watching Apopka grow and change is birth exhilarating and frightening . At the end of the day it doesn’t matter to you what I say because you will just continue to show your ugly bitter hatefulness. I can’t argue logic with the illogical and will not feed into your ugly hateful negativity.

  20. So now according to your posting, it is the Jazz and Asset Festival.????……Oh my, please stop, you are tickling my innards! I am not bitter and nasty today, I am tickled pink, today. Maybe you are MD Moore, the doctor, since you are clearly attempting to diagnose my state of mind. What do you think doc? I will be away from the computer a while as I must make a meatloaf and some mashed potatoes, go pick up my medicines, but if you want to tell me all about the good, the bad, the evil, the ugly, the pretty, and everything you know about this town, that you assume I don’t know, I will read what you have to share, when I get back, ok, Proud Apopkan?

  21. I finally got around to opening my sample ballot, and I see Isadora Dean’s name is on the top for Orange County School Board Member, District 7. They way that it should be! Go Isadora!

  22. Unfortunately, I don’t know hardly anything about the judges. Orley Burey stands out because I remember his signs from the last time he ran for election. I noticed one sign in Mt. Dora, that said to vote for Judge Judy. That caught my eye, and I noticed the candidate’s first name was Judy, and so she put on the sign, Vote for Judge Judy.

  23. Early voting Aug. 15th to Aug. 28th, 10 am to 7 pm. Regular Election Day, Aug. 30th, 7am-7pm……….I always go on Regular Election Day in person. Holding out for the last minute news stories of the trashing of the candidates, by their opposition! LOL!

  24. I see the school buses running around today. I am getting ready for the “big storm” of school traffic. If you are a new school crossing guard, here is a tip. Don’t stand too close on the street corners, as the school bus drivers will run over you, by cutting the corners. Or as I like to call it ” creating their own personal turn lanes”….

  25. Tenita why are you so bitter and ugly that you feel the need to attack and try to tear down people? Does it really help you sleep at night or are you just that miserable that you feel the need to be so hateful in order to feel better about yourself? It makes me sad for you. I will be keeping you in prayers. I enjoy a great debate as much as the next guy but it is impossible to try to argue logic with you in such a miserable and illogical state. I am praying you are able to find some peace in your life.

  26. Proud Apopkan, I see you are back, like an annoying sweat bee. I carry on when I see injustice. Call it what you want. I am not tearing down people, I am stating FACTS. Christine in her first term, on the school board, supported a tax increase, and she has worked, while an elected official, as a campaign manager for several Apopka City Council candidates, to try to get them elected while collecting big money that she sees as chunk change (political consulting fees) all while being an active school board elected member. I elect people to represent my interests, as a citizen, and not to run around representing candidates who in turn follow Christine’s lead in increasing our property taxes! What part of that do you not comprehend? This is facts, Proud Apopkan.

  27. Proud Apopkan, I have no problem what so ever sleeping at night, but I believe others may be tossing and turning. Pray all you want for me, if that is what you want, but I don’t need your prayers, as I pray myself, so don’t feel sad for me. I am in good hands, and don’t need intervention from holier than thou imposters.

  28. Proud Apopkan, if it is impossible for you to debate me, in my so-called miserable and illogical state, why do you keep posting messages to me? I would think you would give it up if it is so impossible for you.

  29. We have driven around to see some of the other schools that I had not seen since they were rebuilt. Phillis Wheatey, I guess that is how it is spelled now, as I know it was spelled differently awhile back, it looks nice. I kept looking for the front of the school, and finally saw it. Also I wanted to see Zellwood School. I really like the looks of the Zellwood School. I don’t have kids, or grandkids, but if I did, I would want to send them to the Zellwood School, as it is secluded pretty much, at the end of the street, and doesn’t have that crazy traffic running right by it. I remember the lake back in there behind the school, as we used to fish and go out in the boat there years and years ago.. It was a clear and very pretty lake.


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