Decision Apopka 2018

Alice Nolan, the challenger for the Seat #2 City Commission, rode the momentum of her narrow victory in the March 13th general election to again edge incumbent Commissioner Diane Velazquez in the runoff election today and claim Seat #2 on the City Council.

Commissioner-Elect Alice Nolan

Nolan received 1,702 votes (58.95%) in the runoff, compared to Velazquez with 1,185 (41.05%). It was less than half the votes cast in the general election on a rainy day that saw only 1,000 voters come out to cast their ballots, which combined with 1,889 early voting and mail-in ballots accounted for the smallest turnout (2,889 voters) for an Apopka municipal election since 2012.

Velazquez, who defeated then-incumbent Commissioner Marilyn Ustler-McQueen in the 2014 Seat #2 election, served one term on the City Council. This was the sixth straight loss for Apopka incumbents in elections dating back to 2014.

Apopka City Commissioner Diane Velazquez

Nolan, the 29-year-old sixth-generation Apopka resident that joined the Seat #2 City Commission race during the last week of qualifying, will join a City Council which is now made up entirely of first-term members.

This is a breaking story. Check back tomorrow with The Apopka Voice for more details on the 2018 Apopka City Commission Seat #2 runoff.


  1. Awesome Alice! Congratulations! You did all the hard work, and put up with all the crud, and it has paid off for you! I am so happy for you and your hubby! Best wishes, and we will see you at the swearing- in ceremony, Commissioner- Elect Alice Nolan!

  2. I also want to acknowledge Commissioner Diane Velazquez’s efforts in her campaign, as she ran an honorable campaign, and although I am sure she is let down right now, she did put in a lot of her time representing Apopka, and I thank her for that. While I didn’t agree with her on many of her voting decisions, on certain issues, I think she is a nice, kind person and I respect her, but the winds of change have blown through our city, and the people have spoken.

  3. Again, I ask who will be the next Vice- Mayor, after the swearing-in ceremony takes place??? How will that be??? Will it be Commissioner Bankson, or will it be Commissioner Becker, since those two were elected at the same time??? What do the rules say about that situation???

  4. Congratulations Commissioner-Elect Alice Nolan!! Apopka spoke! Please thank your dancing man who stood at different locations in Apopka holding your sign and put a smile on our faces!!

  5. Very disappointing results. Dianne Velasquez was a New York City detective, and an extremely qualified and successful woman. She has proven herself to be True to all citizens in Apopka! We will certainly be watching Miss Nolan with her six generations… To watch how she performs and how knowledgeable she becomes in her new position.


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