Apopka Fire Department responds to the Apopka police station in response to a lightning strike and power outage

From the Apopka Police Department

On Tuesday evening around 8:30 p.m. a severe storm rolled through downtown Apopka resulting in a lightning strike near the police department parking lot. The resulting strike knocked out the power to the building and damaged multiple electrical transformers. The building’s generator activated and provided power to the building’s components. The Apopka Fire Department responded due to a haze in the building, but no damage or fire was located. 

APD Parking Lot

Lightning strike last night at the Apopka Police Department…

Posted by The Apopka Voice on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

There were no injuries to the officers or public and no emergency services were interrupted. The city’s emergency 911 center is located at a remote site and was unaffected. 

The attached video taken from one of the department’s surveillance cameras shows a police canine officer next to his vehicle at the time of the strike. He retreated to his vehicle and was unharmed. 

The Apopka Police Department is a full-service, accredited police agency with more than 150 employees including 108 sworn officers and staff. The City of Apopka is a growing area ideally located 13 miles northwest of Orlando with major roadway access to many parts of Central Florida. The hometown community has more than 50,000 residents across 33 square miles and includes a diverse mix of business development. The Apopka Police Department supports the Crimeline program to aid in investigations and to foster safe and anonymous tips that lead to criminal arrests. You can help with these local cases – if you have relevant information, please call (800) 423-TIPS, go to www.crimeline.org, or e-mail APDTIPS@Apopka.net. Apopka bulletins can be found at the APD website (www.apopkapolice.com); click on “Crimeline”. 


  1. I viewed the video on Channel 2, WESH News Orlando, and OMG, that was close call for that police canine handler officer out in the police parking lot! I was at home watching tv and it was a tremendous boom when it hit, and sounded like something exploding! My dog, Joey, freaked out, and I thought he was going to have a heart attack with his bad heart, and my husband then unplugged our tv and said that was close. Actually we are about two and a quarter miles away from the police department but it was loud!

  2. If the intense powerful lightning strikes don’t give your heart cause to stop in fear, how about the 3 dozen homes destroyed in the Florida panhandle community of East Point by a “controlled burn” meant to help stop homes from getting burnt up in none- controlled burns, such as by lightning for example… this fire was set on June 18th, and was still burning several days later. Only 480 acres were intended to be burnt, but the controlled burn got out of hand, and burnt 800 plus acres…..the state is blaming the burn contractors they hired. Overdoing the controlled burns, is what the state is doing, and they won’t admit it, or that it is really destroying homes of wildlife and now people too.

  3. All “controlled burns” in the state of Florida are now on pause until further notice, because of the East Point, Florida controlled burn set that got out of hand, and destroying people’s homes and lives…..it is ashamed it took this accident to get them to halt the program, and study the program more thoroughly. My own visit to one of our state representatives concerning the over- burning of our state lands fell on deaf ears. The department of agriculture of the state of Florida, oversees the controlled burn program, in our state, and is responsible, according to the story on CBS I watched (national news) and just look at who is head of the agriculture department in this state….enough said! He won’t get my vote for governor of this state, for sure!

  4. Nor will any candidate who is running for election, that brags that he or she is closely aligned with Trump, or that Trump wants them to win…..they won’t get my vote either, for what it is worth.

  5. And…..another candidate for the Florida Senate won’t get my vote either, because of his signing away the Florida beach access, and letting private homeowners deny access to the beach front lands. He also, has a big home here in Florida on the beachfront, so I heard….hmmm, I wonder why he signed this law, that takes effect today July 1st, 2018? My voter list of possible candidates to consider is getting shorter and shorter.


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