By Rabbi Rick Sherwin

Last Wednesday was PURIM, the Jewish version of Carnival Day
The holiday of spring fever when we the bask in rays
Of light and hope, with songs of escaping the dark past
And moving along the path to light that will last.

Our world today is filled with news hopeless and sad
We cannot protect our children in a world so bad
Weighted down with degradation and assault
So much discussion is focused on who’s at fault.

Purim tells of a narcissistic megalomaniac demon
Who sought to blame and self-vaunt, his name was Haman.
When Mordecai mourned Esther asked, “What can we do?”
The answer was then as it is today, “It is up to you!”

Esther asked for three days of prayer, then took a stand
To the king, she said, “Save my People, this I demand.”
His complacency shattered, he opened his mind and his ear
And began the holy task of pushing away darkness and fear.

We thus learn that our darkness of night can be pierced by light
As long as young Esthers stand and demand for what is right.
The younger generation needs our embrace as they speak out
For sanity and conscience, security and freedom with no doubt.

Today is Purim, with negative news and our hopes cut in half
We remind ourselves we must take a breath and laugh.
The Hamans of the world will ultimately fall and yield to right
Inspiring sanity and conscience leading us to a world of light.


Rabbi Rick Sherwin, a graduate of UCLA, was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Rabbi Rick’s passion is filling spiritual services and interfaith educational programs with creativity, relevance, dialogue, and humor.




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