HIghland Manor Taste

Will the Highland Manor be a casualty of progress?  The Developer for the City Center Project now has less than 30 days to present a Development Plan to the City Council.  At last week’s meeting the Developer confirmed that the Highland Manor has no part to play in their initial plans.

Let Your Voice be heard.  Send a message to the City Council and the Developer.

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Use this link to learn more about the City Center Project:  City Council Votes on City Center Contract



  1. Save the manor. Leave it where it is. Move the development to downtown on Central south of 441 and make it a real downtown instead of a fake one.

  2. My grandpa helped moved it from its original location!
    It would be an awesome location for the city to put the Apopka museum and rent out the space for events.

  3. LEAVE IT!!! it IS A APOKA HISTORY even before! it was a drs. house. before it got moved there. yeah zandy that’s true my daddy ( d. frazier ) helped moved it and (Kenny church.). was my bro -inlaw I got pics of when they were moving it .. i say leave it .there

    • My former husband went to Doc Tommy in that home in the original place. I worked as a wedding Cordinator and did many many weddings there two years ago.
      LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!! Saint johns river water management already made a mess of the front of that home for months. We has wedding coordinators had to go around all that mess and’s face our brides on the dream they didn’t have when they booked. That beautiful site.

  4. I remember it as Doc Tommy’s house. Progress should never obliterate the past. We need to designate it as a historical landmark, or whatever. Leave it where it is.

  5. I say leave Apopka alone and leave it the way it is isn’t that the reason people live in
    a small town If you don’t like it the way it is you need to leave and go to Orlando that place was ruined in 1970 when Disney moved in

  6. I like the museum idea and rental for events. It has the feel of the old South and
    would soften the rough edges of progress.

  7. The historical house needs to stay. Lots of money was spent to move it to that particular piece of property. Let the developer work around it!!! This whole vote is ridiculous! And to the few that say “tear it down” what the heck are you thinking???

  8. The manor needs to stay right where it is. Lots of money was spent to move it to that particular location. Do we really need development on that particular congested corner? If so, make the developer work around it. To the few of you who say “tear it down”, what the heck are you thinking??? Have you no admiration for old historical buildings? Pretty soon there will be no morsel of our history left!

  9. Save the Manor! It is THE perfect place for Jacob’s Well Inn and Spa – Christ-centered hospitality. A community gathering place with a cafe, bookstore, sewing & craft rooms, counseling offices.A place for us to go when we need someone to talk to. Events? SURE! Museum? SURE! It’s a big house and needs a BIG MISSION! Let’s do this – Just imagine the possibilities! Let’s talk!!!

    • I agree, there are too many memories for so many that have visited here, married here, dined here and had photo shoots here…..Save the Manor! To even think about tearing it down would be a horrible mistake, this Manor has history for the city of Apopka. Another thought, why would one want a downtown center, to be put on the outside of town…..does that make sense? I like the idea of turning it into a spot where there is a museum, a gathering place as mentioned above and yes, let’s keep the events going and make more wonderful memories. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a place like, Jacob’s Well Inn and Spa opened on this beautiful property. A place to go to relax, meet friends, receive help or just get a listening ear, read a book, have a cup of coffee or tea with a friend, have a nice meal from the wonder kitchen they have(have you seen it?), learn how to sew, the ideas are endless that could be brought here. Come on women, wouldn’t you love a place like this?

  10. Leave it where’s it’s at. Wasn’t it already moved once before a long time ago? I remember my friend’s parents telling us when we were in highschool about how the whole town came out late at night to watch it roll through the town. I also remember taking our girlfriends there late at night and scaring the shit out of them with stories about some lady hanging herself there and how it’s haunted. Great times. It’s beautiful where it’s at and it’s nice to drive by and reminisce the civil war reenactments they used to have there. What are they gonna build there that we don’t already have? More places to eat? More stores to buy needles items at? Come on its a staple right there in our community. A beautiful staple. Why ruin it. There’s plenty of property across the street that can really use the cleanup.

  11. No developer is going to allow this house to be thr focal point of a town center. Its called appearance and as nice as the house is it doesn’t fit wirh what thry want to do. Not to mention the developers has to sell the idea to businesses and a house in the middle of it will not work. Sorry it just wont. Move it next to the museum or dream lake.

  12. About 8years ago the manor had new wood floors put in and my family put the floors in it. My daughter and nephews names are carved in the wood floors.

  13. I can believe that the developers would even think about destroying a piece of Apopka’s history. This is an icon of the Apopka area and there is no way it should be destroyed. I feel that the city should step in and donate an area and then place the Highland Manor on it . Then try to restore it the way Doctor McBride had lived and practiced in it all those years ago. Open it to the public for a reasonable price to take care of it the way they did the house where Marjorie Kenney Rawlins the author lived out side of Ocala, in that little town of Island Grove where I was born.I think it is ashame that so many of the thing from our history is being destroyed and I think this is wrong..

    January 24,2016

  14. I had my 40th surprise party there, was married there… Been going there the past 25 years… It’s a beautiful piece of Apopka History. Keep it there and build across the street…

  15. Move it plain and simple. It’s time to move on from the past thats this city’s problem and why its so behind other towns. Not saying tare it down but move it

  16. I remember when we, at the museum, waited with baited breath every time the City said that the museum was going to occupy Highland Manor when the new center city would be built. Is the museum still in the running for the building? It would be a great place for it. Signage, space to show our history, storage that would finally be available, and to be able to charge admittance. It should be left where it is (already has been moved once) and the builders should work around it.

  17. I’m guessing Richard Anderson is making $$$ from the developer. Maybe he should care more for Apopka and less about his gouging the City again. Leave it there, screw the development and use the taxpayers money to preserve some beauty and less of he commercial blight that Richard and the former Mayor were paid to allow in our “downtown”.


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