Steps into Apopka Mayor Nelson’s vacated District 2 Seat

Tallahassee –  Florida Governor Rick Scott announced on Friday afternoon the appointment of Rod Love to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners to fill the District 2 seat vacated by former Commissioner Bryan Nelson who resigned when he became Mayor of Apopka on Tuesday.

Rod Love

Love, 52 of Apopka, is the president and chief executive officer of Community Synergy Group, Inc., and the host of the radio show Let’s Talk About It with Rod Love and Greg Jackson. The show airs on WOKB 1680 AM on Mondays between 7-8 PM. He is a longtime community advocate in Apopka and co-chaired the Apopka Community Task Force on Violence in 2016.

“I am honored by the appointment by Governor Rick Scott to serve the people of Orange County in District 2,” Love said. “I also want to thank my predecessor (Apopka) Mayor Bryan Nelson for his service and look forward to working with other elected
officials to address the multitude of issues confronting our communities. Governor Scott ended our conversation by saying, ‘congratulations and let’s get to work.’  I am ready, and welcome all prayers… we can do this together.  I look forward to serving the people.”

Nelson was pleased with Scott’s choice to replace him on the County Commission.

“The Governor has made a great pick to fulfill my term,” said Nelson. “Rod knows the issues and won’t miss a beat.”

Love’s appointment is for a term that began on April 26th and ends November 13th, 2018, when the winner of the Orange County Commission District 2 election will take over.

There are currently five candidates running for the District 2 seat including three Apopka residents – former District 2 Commissioner Fred Brummer, businessman Mark Byrd, and Orange County Public School Board District 7 member Christine Moore.



  1. Congratulations Rod! I was wondering who was going to fill Bryan Nelson’s shoes at the Orange County Commission, considering that the election is still a good ways off. I didn’t know how that was to be, or who would decide, as to who would be appointed, but my husband told me that he saw it in the Orlando Sentinel today, I think, that Governor Scott would be the one to decide who fills the vacancy, but that the article did not state who was going to be appointed……wow, isn’t that great! Rod, I will include you with the newly sworn-in Apopka officials, and you be sure and google this music video about dreams coming true, like I sent to the other new Apopka officials…..OFFICIAL: Iz Kamakawiwo’ole, Somewhere Over the Rainbow…..okay, that is really a great twist of fate, Rod, again congratulations, the gov couldn’t have picked a better guy, and I will be listening to your radio show Monday night, with you and Greg, like I normally do…..only thing is, I couldn’t get the show last Monday, and that was by clicking the button that Reggie links it to the show, from the Apopka Voice. I never saw the live “scale button” that links it right into the live show, all I saw was a lot of ads of music and that sort of thing, after the “here” link button on the Apopka Voice article, but I never could get the live button, so Reggie, why did it not link it to the show, live, as the other normal Monday night shows?

    • Governor Scott specifically wanted someone who was not interested in continuing after this term. It creates a more level playing field when all candidates have to be elected, and you don’t have one who was appointed and is running to keep the seat. I assume that’s why he wanted that. That is also something that Mayor Jacobs thinks is important in appointments like this one.

      My comments are not meant to reflect in any way on Rod Love and whether he would be a good commissioner after this term. I don’t know him, and have never heard of him. I hope he does a good job for the remainder of the year. I just wanted to point out that he is not likely to continue after this short term as he was picked specifically because he committed not to. (This is in the Sentinel article.)

      • Orlando Resident…..I have looked through my Orlando Sentinel newspapers I keep stacked up on top of my dog’s crate. I can’t find the article, that you and I referred to, about Governor Scott appointing an Orange Co. Commissioner vacancy. I did not read that article, as I had some other things to do, but my husband had glanced at the article, and did see that the Governor was the one to appoint the position. I believe you, if you stated that the person was picked specifically because he committed not to (re-run) so you said, and that, that was in the article in the Sentinel……but, the person, that will fill that position, certainly has to right to re-run, and people can change their minds all the time, as we have certainly witnessed that a lot in the political world…

        • I haven’t even gotten my today’s Orlando Sentinel to see the article about Rod Love getting appointed by the Governor in today’s paper, as I am certain the article will be in today’s paper…..I am having some serious home delivery issues with my Orlando Sentinel newspaper. I like the hard copy version, instead of online, as my doggy needs paper for his crate…lol If I don’t get my newspaper today, I will go by the library, to see the article though….I don’t blame my newspaper delivery person much, as they have to fight all the thousands of cars, of the AHS student traffic heading to school in my neighborhood if they are running late delivering…..

          • Orlando Resident, Rod Love is a very passionate, dedicated person who has some strong ties to Tallahassee, in the state politics, and who has some very strong political connections…..and I mean this in a very positive way, not a negative way. He is very well-known, here in our Apopka area. He is a regular at the Apopka City Council meetings, is very vocal in his support against crime in our area, and for other improvements of our area. I am certain he will be totally dedicated to the betterment of all the areas, he will represent as an Orange County Commissioner for District 2. He works hard at bringing the community together, and reaching out to all citizens. He is not a person who just reaches out to the big-wigs, but spends a lot of time and effort building up, and uniting the average citizens too. And although he will not be sheriff and over the crime, he helped head- up and organized an Apopka Task Force on Crime here because of his concerns of what is happening with violence in and around Apopka. Thanks for your comments Orlando Resident!

          • Today’s not a regular school day here in the hood….lol, but my husband called the Sentinel, and they said production was an issue today, and expect a two hour delay in delivery today….we’ll see……….oh, my husband just came in with the paper…okay, good, I will look for the article about Rod.

          • Okay, here is what the article states regarding whether Rod will re-run for Orange County Commissioner, page B3, Orlando Sentinel today’s newspaper, Sat. April 28th, 2018…..As for whether he (Rod Love) would run in November for a full term, he said he “did not anticipate any announcement from me regarding jumping into this race. I don’t want to play political games and leave it open-ended….I’m looking at this as being a public servant for the short window available to me”…..okay, enough said, and you all can weigh it for yourselves…..LOL

        • This is something that drives me crazy about the online Sentinel (and all newspapers online). I looked at the article today and you are correct, it has Rod Love’s quote that he wouldn’t run. Yesterday, the article said the Rick Scott was seeking someone who didn’t want to run.
          They get the article up as fast as they can, then make changes as more information comes in. The Sentinel never points out when they change it, which drives me crazy (other newspaper acknowledge that they update it).
          Who knows, tomorrow it may say something different.
          Anyway, it seems like he’s not going to run. Maybe if he likes the job, he will run in 2022.

          • This talk about “leveling the playing field” regarding all the candidates who are running for the District 2 Orange County Commissioner Seat and Rod’s appointment, and regarding what Mrs. Jacobs, the Orange County Mayor, has to say about the subject…..please, this is politics, and who in the heck believes that theory of “leveling the playing field”? If Rod wants the job again, to continue on, after his appointment by the Governor, he can and will run for re-election ……the Governor may have been looking for someone to fill the job, and not planning on re-running for election, but the Governor cannot stop Rod, if that is what he chooses, it is his right to re-run, if he enjoys his time on the commission, and meaning no disrespect to the Governor either. If it were me, I wouldn’t sit it out at the end of the term, and try it again in 2020, no way, I would go for it, with my foot already in the door, and open a re-election campaign account ASAP……just saying, as by 2020, someone else would have the upper hand, and when you’re a candidate, or an incumbent, you’re in it to win it!!! If that is what Rod wants, that is……Rod is probably thinking to himself, let me get sworn-in first, and get to work, before we sit here speculating back and forth about my re-election. Sorry Rod, you’re the talk of the towns now….lol

          • You are correct that nothing one can prevent him from running again other than his own integrity. He made a commitment to do something and you are already encouraging him to renege on that commitment.

            When you say, “If it were me, I wouldn’t sit it out at the end of the term…” Are you saying that you would commit to the governor that you wouldn’t run in 2018, then a few weeks later (qualifying ends June 22), you would sign up to run in 2018? I understand politics, but to make a personal commitment to someone (not “the voters”, but to a specific person), then turn around and renege on that for selfish reasons is pretty low and indicates a glaring lack of integrity. It sounds like you are acknowledging that you are someone that would do that and encouraging Rod to do the same.
            I had never even heard of Rod before he was appointed and have never met him, but if he is the type of person that would do that, then he is apparently not as great as you say he is. I hope you are speaking only for yourself and not for him.

  2. Maybe as a county commissioner, you can help get a grip on some of these random acts of violence, going on not only here in this city, but in the county too of Apopka, like that man stabbed in the stomach by his own elderly neighbor, allegedly, for no reason what-so-ever, by his own neighbor, allegedly, after saying hello to him, and asking how his day was going, while walking his dog, right in his own neighborhood! A lot of senseless random violence that doesn’t make any sense at all!

    • Crime in the unincorporated county is the responsibility of the Sherriff Demings. As I’m sure you know, he is running for mayor. If you aren’t happy with the crime rate (which I don’t blame you, it’s out of hand), keep that in mind when you are voting for mayor. Hopefully, our new sheriff will get it under control.

      I hope I don’t seem adversarial. I don’t mean too. I agree with you that crime is crazy and something needs to be done. I hope that Rod Love is a good commissioner for the remainder of the year. It sounds like he will be. I can tell you are a fan. 🙂

  3. Rod, just one more thought……you could do like Trump did, and go ahead and open your Orange County District 2 Commissioner campaign donation account for re-election, the day you are to be sworn-in (isn’t that what Trump did?)……!!!

  4. Oh dear me….here we go again! Okay, Orlando Resident, I am speaking for myself, and not for Rod Love, Okay? Got it? Don’t get your feathers ruffled. I do not know exactly what was said between Governor Rick Scott and Rod Love, concerning their private conversation, or about any conditions imposed about running or not running, at the end of Rod’s term of appointment as District 2 Orange County Commissioner to fill in for Bryan Nelson’s vacated seat. You wrote about the newspapers getting info different from day to day on this subject….how do I know what was said between those two men? Remember Judge Judy? She says don’t tell me what they (whoever) said….that is here say! LOL……

    • This isn’t hearsay. You said in your comments that if it were you, you would file for re-election (which isn’t re-election. He has never been elected.) regardless of his promise to the governor. That is very concerning. That’s not hearsay — you said it in your earlier post. That’s my concern – that you think that is OK to do.

      I don’t care whether or not the governor should or shouldn’t appoint someone based on this particular condition. The reported fact is that he did appoint him based on that condition. You are correct that we were not privy to their privy conversations. So we can only go with what is reported. It should be noted though that is consistent with when Rick Scott appoint Lui Damiani to the BCC, so there is no reason to doubt it.

      My concern is not whether or not this was a fair deal or a condition the governor made. My concern is that when someone accepts an appointment based on a certain condition, then his supporters are encouraging him to renege on that condition less than a week after that appointment because “it’s politics.” Further, his supporters see nothing wrong with that because “he has a right to run.” I hope for the sake of our county, that he has better ethics than his supporters do.

      BTW, here is another source that says Scott was seeking someone who did not want to continue after this term
      I couldn’t find the original announcement from Rick Scott’s office, but Scott Powers is a pretty solid reporter.

  5. Guess I will have to make myself clearer and state IMO! IMO, if the governor did impose a condition of not running at the end of Rod’s appointed term…..IMO, that would be unfair and un-American, in fact, IMO! Kind of similar to oh, you can be a bridesmaid, so to speak, but not a bride, IMO! I repeat, it is his right, as an American citizen, to run for public office, and it, IMO, is not Governor Rick Scott’s right to impose a condition such as him not running, after his appointed term is up! IMO…..I think you, Orlando Resident, are being unfair, by taking things I say, and applying them to judge Rod’s integrity. You are the one who is being very unfair, in that regard, as I have no privy information, as to what Rod intends to do after his appointed term ends. You keep repeating that you don’t know him and never heard of him. Then don’t judge him! You say I am encouraging him, yes I am, and don’t think you are pinning my balloon, as I just don’t care, and your tactics won’t work on me. By the way, Orlando Resident, do you live in District 2?????

    • I do not live in District 2. I live in District 5. Presumably you are aware that the commissioners vote on things that affect the entire county, so yes, I have an interest in all the races. Obviously, I can’t vote in all the districts, but I donate to the candidates I like in all the districts. When I want to persuade the BCC about a topic, I visit all of the commissioners not just my own. So yes, the commissioners affect everyone, and I want all of the districts to have good, honorable commissioners. That makes the county better for everyone.

      I don’t know if Rick Scott should pose such a condition. But if you agree to the condition (which Rick Love did) then I think you have an obligation to abide by it. And I think it’s concerning that you think he does not need to abide by it. Whether he should follow through with his promises is a very different conversation then whether he should’ve made those promises in the first place. I’m only concerned with whether he should follow through with them.

      I’m not sure what you mean by pinning your balloon and my tactics don’t work on you. My goal here is just to have a civil conversation about politics. So I’m not sure what you mean or what you think my intentions are or my tactics, please expand.

  6. Also while we are discussing this commission seat, that will be filled once again, the next election, IMO, I would have thought that the PBACF would have waited to see who all the candidates will be, after the qualifying period, before they gave their endorsement and backing to one of them, or at least after the governor’s appointment….IMO…..want to hash it out about my comments here too? LOL

    • It’s off topic, but I agree with you. If I were in charge of any endorsements (which I’m not), I would what until after qualifying to endorse. It happens all the time where someone will jump in at the last minute. Sometimes, it’s a candidate who wouldn’t have gotten the endorsement anyway, but other times it’s a solid candidate who is aligned with the values of PBA (or whatever group is giving the endorsement). So yes, if I were making endorsements I would generally wait until after qualifying.

      What I think is even worse is that some groups (not sure if PBA is one of them) are already making endorsements for races like District 3, Sheriff, and some other races that are, as of this moment, in 2020. We all sort of know that the incumbent is going to drop out and there will be a special election in 2018, but what if the incumbent decides not to drop out? Then you have endorsed for an election that is two years away.

  7. I am going to fix me a chicken pot pie and something to drink, wish it was a whisky sour, instead of diet cola, after this back and forth discussion……..

  8. You know, Orlando Resident, again, I repeat, I do not know if Rod has even considered running, after the appointed term is over, maybe that was just my excitement about his appointment. Yes, after watching Rod continuously at the Apopka City Council meetings in action, I again, state, that I believe he is a very honorable person, and takes this appointment by the governor seriously, as to do a great job trying his best, to look after the best interests of the Orange county residents. I regret that my enthusiasm of his appointment and support, has caused him to be judged, in your eyes somehow, here on the Apopka Voice. That was not my intent when posting and discussing his appointment. However, I stand right by what I said in my postings, and do not waiver on one single thing I said, especially the part where I stated, if it was me! I would run for election, at the end of the appointment, not re-election, as you are correct, on that …… if you want to label me “dogcatcher”, unethical, or whatever, go for it, I repeat, I don’t care. Hmmm….I read your link to that political piece, and what is stated there, when Rod’s appointed term ends, Dec., it states, is even different than what was stated somewhere else I read, just can’t remember where….

  9. Soooooo, Orlando Resident, do you know any of the other candidates, or heard of them, running for District 2, since you are interested in this particular race? Are you leaning toward one of them, in particular? Just curious.

    • Well, I’ve heard of Fred Brummer. Not a fan of his. If it gets down to a run-off, I’m for whoever is up against him. I’ve heard of Christine Moore and Patricia Rumph (isn’t she a perennial candidate?), but I really don’t know much about them. So if I were voting today, I couldn’t tell you who I’d vote for. I suspect it will be a fun campaign to watch, especially between Brummer and Moore. They were on the same team for a while, now they are opponents. I’m hoping that the chambers or leagues or some groups will have debates. I know they will have mayoral debates, but I hope they do the commissioners as well.

      For whatever it’s worth, I’m for Susan Makowski in 4 and Victoria Siplin in 6. I’m assuming 3 will be on the ballot as well, I really like Bobby Lance. For mayor, I’m still undecided. If the election were today, I’d go with Pete Clarke. But I also want to learn more about Panepinto. I’m not a fan of Demings. He’s a nice guy, but if he runs the county, the way he runs the sheriffs department, we’re in trouble.

      What about you?

      • I am dishearted that Theresa Jacobs has termed out. I didn’t used to care for her very much, but grew to respect her over time. I don’t know anything about Pete Clarke, other than he was a commissioner, I believe, the other guy, Panepinto, I never heard of him, until his announcement. I think Jerry Demings gets a bad rap, mostly by the Republicans mainly, but then I don’t know the inner workings of his department, so there could be some reasons, he gets so much criticism, oh and support too. I think no matter who is sheriff, where ever, the sheriff position creates enemies, just saying…….yes crime is bad, but it is everywhere, not just in Orange County. It is sad this is the way the world is getting. Val Demings ran for Orange County Mayor, earlier then dropped out, making so folks mad, but it worked out for her, in the long run. Then Bill Sublette did the same, and dropped out of the Mayor’s race. Wishy washy people.

        • I agree about Teresa Jacobs. I like her and think she’s a great mayor. I’m a democrat, but I don’t think Jerry is the guy. He needs to retire. I agree that crime is up everywhere, but it’s really bad in unincorporated Orange. No sheriff can eliminate it completely. I have a few friends in law enforcement (not OCSO, but locally) and they say that the deputies hate working for him. That’s hearsay, so I don’t know how widespread that opinion is.

          I do know if there is a problem in a neighborhood, he is complicit. Like let’s say you had a string of burglaries in your neighborhood. It’s not normally a bad neighborhood, but there were a few burglaries. I’m assuming if that happened, Apopka police would keep a close watch on it, send extra patrol, etc until it resolved. I know Orlando would do that. Orange County doesn’t do that. At least that was my experience with some commercial property.

          After we voted for non-partisan elections (2016?), several constitutional officers filed a lawsuit against the county. I think it was Demings, Randolph, and Singh. The judge said that they couldn’t file it as constitutional officers, they had to do it as individual citizens (which means it comes from their pocket rather than the taxpayers’ pocket). At that point, Demings dropped out. So it’s important enough to waste tax money on it, but not his own money.

          With Pete Clarke, I feel like he genuinely wants what is best for the county. I don’t think he’s in it for the glory or power or whatever. I know he is a huge advocate for children’s things, like good foster care programs, mental health for kids, school stuff (to the extent the county deals with schools).

          I’ve heard good things about Panepinto, but like you, I’d never heard of him until he got in the race. I have heard good things though, so that’s why I want to learn a little bit more.

          • I will have to read up on all the candidates before the election. As far as the non-partisan races, it is laughable that they always manage to put out what party they are registered to, even if indirectly. I will have to do some homework about the Florida Governor candidates also. I understand the voters will get a chance to vote on whether we want to allow off- shore oil drilling, or ban it on the ballot, then I read where they screwed that up, by adding other stuff onto that same ballot question….about vaping, ( e-cigs) and a question about banned them indoors, along with the off-shore oil drilling question…..shouldn’t be allowed to lump questions together such as that on the ballots!!!

          • I’m pretty sure Theresa Jacobs will get my vote for the Orange County School Board Chairman position. We were out and about today, and out on Jason Dwelley Parkway, near the NWRC, after turning off of Kelly Park Road in Apopka, and heading south, there was a big sign on the right, that stated, that there was going to be a new Orange County Public School, out there coming, of your choice, is what I think it stated? I hadn’t heard of anything about that one…….

          • I agree that non-partisan is somewhat laughable. I mean, everyone knows what party everyone is registered to. But it does actually affect the structure of the elections. The first time Scott Randolph won Tax Collector, he wasn’t even on the ballot. Earl K. Wood won the election, but since he was dead the local Democratic party got to pick who replaced him. That’s crazy. State Attorney was screwy last time too. Only Dems got to vote in the primary. If either of those races had been non-partisan, it would have just been a straight vote and the top person wins.

            Am I a gadfly? It depends how you define gadfly. 😉 I’m not someone who attends every BCC meeting just to stir up trouble. I know there are people that do that with every elected body, and they drive everyone crazy. But I do follow what they do. A few times a year, there is something that I care about enough to attend, speak at the meeting, send emails to the commissioners, etc. I’m also on some county advisory boards, so I pay attention to the BCC as it relates to those boards. I love political campaigns, so I pay attention to the races a lot.

            For school board, I’ll probably go with Jacobs, but I’m not 100% sure yet. I’m also considering Nancy Robbinson. Honestly, either of them would do a fine job as chair. I’m just not 100% sure who I’ll vote for yet, but I’m definitely leaning toward Jacobs. I think she has been a great mayor.

      • I know Christine Moore pretty well, and talk to her sometimes at events. I thought she would probably run for the Orange County School Board Chairman, but instead ran for the Orange County Commission Seat. Daddy Brummer won’t get my vote, too manipulative of the board for my tastes, lol….then there is Ms. Rumph, I think she worked at Orange County, in the jail system in some capacity, I have met her, she seems okay to me, I would have to know more, but would consider her, and there is Anton Bibbs from Apopka, but I don’t know him, and also Mark Byrd, who I was in school with, but don’t remember his face, just his name, and he is a nurseryman. Those are the ones so far in the race for District 2. Yes, I would love to see a debate!

        • This morning on tv, I didn’t see it, but my husband said that Pete Clarke, and Jerry Demings were interviewed on tv, but Panepinto wasn’t interviewed, why, I don’t know. My husband said that the two others were interviewed separately (Clarke, and Demings)

  10. The Orange County Commission is not my forte anyway, I am much more familiar with, and interested in the happenings of the Apopka City Council. Thought you would like to know that little fact, Orlando Resident, about myself, so don’t worry about a future run for Orange County Commission by some dreadful person whose postings, greatly concerns you…..LOL Geesh……Also, are you referring to Bethune Cookman College when you state BCC? I’m not aware of that appointment, but can look it up, when I’m in the mood, not that it matters to me, as that is a different scenario altogether. Have a good evening Orlando Resident!

  11. I think I am going to call it a night, and me and Joey Bo Bo Buttafucco (my little boy dog) are going to turn in to bed…. Good night everyone!

  12. Yes, can’t get any better ( in a way) for a politician to win the election when he is dead. I remember that, when Earl K. Wood won on the ballots when he was deceased. He was a fine gentleman, his age was catching up with him, but was a pillar of the community. He had to take a lot of time off to care for his sick wife, if I remember correctly, but he still enlisted enough help to get the job done. Scott Randolph, fell out of grace here in this area (Apopka) when he shut down the doors of our local tag office that had moved,, not that long ago into a newer strip mall in the same center as Staples and Home Depot here in Apopka. Mayor John Land, who was the mayor at that time even tried to work out something with Randolph to keep the Apopka tag office open, and by sharing some of the costs with the city funds, but Randolph shut it down anyway! Since that time, our citizens have had to drive to Rosemont, near where the old Ri-Mar Drive In used to be, near Rinker Cement, or elsewhere to TCB. Since that time he** has been raised about the inconvenience and we have a mobile “Flo-Mobile” that sets up twice a month in the Apopka City Hall parking lot, but they are not full service, like our previous tag office…….

  13. That State Attorney’s race was the worst! All that big outside money poured into tv ads that were BS to influence the vote… are aware how that went! SMH So you are a part-time gadfly, I take it?…..LOL Yes, aren’t those regularly attending pesty gadflies the worst?!?……ha ha ….Somewhere stuck in limbo between admiration and contempt for what they witness at the local government, as it unfolds…

  14. Orlando Resident, you are on an advisory board there……, well good. Were you appointed randomly, by one of the commissioners, or did you put in an application asking to be considered? Regardless, you were appointed….I am aware of many of the advisory boards there, but not all of them. We don’t have near the number of advisory boards in Apopka that Orange County has, but that is understandable. I can relate to your interest in the political scene.


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