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 Adventist Health System (AHS), Florida Hospital’s parent company, has been named a 2017 Most Wired health system based on the results of HealthCare’s Most Wired survey, released by the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Health Forum. This year marks the fifth consecutive year that AHS has received the honor.

“Being named Most Wired is an honor, and we are blessed to have gifted and dedicated IT professionals and organizational leadership that is committed to implementing innovative IT solutions,” said Brent Snyder, Chief Information Officer for Adventist Health System. “We strive to leverage technology and innovation in ways that enhance care delivery and patient experience, and this recognition is a reflection of those intentional efforts”.

HealthCare’s Most Wired survey, conducted between Jan. 15 and March 15, 2017, is published annually by Hospitals & Health Networks. The survey’s nearly 700 participants represent more than 2,000 hospitals in the U.S. It examines how organizations are leveraging IT to improve performance for value-based health care in the areas of infrastructure, business and administrative management; quality and safety; and clinical integration. 

According to the survey, Most Wired hospitals are using smart phones, telehealth and remote monitoring to create more ways for patients to access health care services and capture health information. They are also transforming care delivery with knowledge gained from data and analytics and investing in analytics to support new delivery models and effective decision-making.

“The Most Wired hospitals are using every available technology option to create more ways to reach their patients in order to provide access to care,” said AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack. “They are transforming care delivery, investing in new delivery models in order to improve quality, provide access and control costs.”

About Florida Hospital:

Founded in 1908 by pioneering Seventh-day Adventists who believed in whole-person health — healing the body, mind and spirit — Florida Hospital has grown into one of the largest nonprofit hospitals in the country, caring for more than two million patient visits per year. It is a member of Adventist Health System, which operates 45 hospitals in nine states, making it one of the largest faith-based health care systems in the United States. There are 26 Florida Hospital locations throughout the state. In greater Orlando, Florida Hospital serves both as a community hospital and as a major tertiary referral hospital for the region, much of the Southeast, the Caribbean and Latin America. Florida Hospital provides a range of health services, including many nationally and internationally recognized programs in cardiology, cancer, women’s medicine, neurosciences, diabetes, orthopedics, pediatrics, transplant and advanced surgical programs.

About the American Hospital Association

The AHA is a not-for-profit association of health care provider organizations and individuals that are committed to the improvement of health in their communities. The AHA is the national advocate for its members, which include nearly 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks and other providers of care. Founded in 1898, the AHA provides education for health care leaders and is a source of information on health care issues and trends. For more information, visit

About Health Forum

Health Forum is a strategic business enterprise of the American Hospital Association, creatively partnering to develop and deliver essential information and innovative services to help health care leaders achieve organizational performance excellence and sustainability. For more information, visit


  1. It will be nice to see the new hospital open and at the same time there is a sadness for me to see the old hospital will be just sitting there unused, and the fact that my husband and I are very close in location to the old hospital, if one of us gets ill. I could not believe that the hospital didn’t build a ramp off of the 429 to get to the hospital. My husband is educating me on the best way to go to the new hospital from where we are at, in the event I have to drive him there, or if he has to drive me there too, as the ambulance bill will be very high going way out there, but if totally necessary, we will call for an ambulance.

  2. I really wonder how Trump administration’s failure to provide an adequate healthcare plan that is fair and helps people to cover all types of sickness and diseases, accidents, etc. not just for young and healthy, but older people too, with pre-existing conditions, for all people, in all the states equally, at a reasonable cost, better than Obama Care, he promised…….. So now he just wants to axe Obama Care, as it is referred to……and has no viable better plan, and no timeline for one… will that affect hospitals, that is what I wonder? We know how it will affect the citizens of the US, many will die or suffer. The Trump administration is a failure, plain and simple, and they are the enemies of the American people. Any Congressional Senator who goes along with Trump on these healthcare issues are an ENEMY of the American citizens! Also any Congressional member who goes along with destroying SS, Medicare, Medicaid, and taking food away from children who need it are enemies of the American citizens, and need to be voted OUT OF OFFICE, and they need to be taken off of their finest healthcare as a elected official of Congress, that they get dirt cheap for themselves and their families, and get the same kind of junk healthcare insurance that they sit there and vote in for everyone else. Trump in his cowboy hat as seen on the computer and in the newspapers, looks so much like that pro wrestler that wore the cowboy hat, JR, with his Cadillac car with the bull horns attached to the front hood…..OMG, Trump ain’t no cowboy! Wish Trump would be impeached and the sooner the better, and then the entire Trump clan could move to Russia, the country Trump really loves more than America first…..ASAP, the sooner the better.

  3. Congratulations to Adventist Health System being 2017’s most wired health care. What will happen if Russian operatives hack into the most wired healthcare systems??? They sure were able to hack into our nation’s election and ruined true democracy, and we KNOW why they did it…… to HELP someone out on a limb, figuratively speaking.


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