Troopers saturating Orange County as they look for impaired drivers

From the Florida Highway Patrol

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) will join thousands of other law enforcement and highway safety agencies across the nation in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign that runs through New Year’s Day. FHP will concentrate its enforcement on impaired driving throughout Florida in an effort to save lives this holiday season.

“Impaired driving continues to be a priority for law enforcement in the state,” said FHP Director, Colonel Gene S. Spaulding. “In an effort to get drunk and drugged drivers off Florida roads, FHP troopers will aggressively enforce impaired driving laws to ensure motorists and their families arrive at their destination safely.”

Tips to help ensure motorists Arrive Alive this holiday season:

  • Drive sober, and only sober. Legal age adults should celebrate responsibly and plan ahead by finding a safe way home every time – designate a driver or call a ride service.
  • Observe and obey all speed limits. Speed limits may change through different types of roadways, so be sure to adjust speed accordingly. In Florida, the limit will never be over 70 mph.
  • Buckle up. A seat belt is a vehicle’s most important safety feature. Florida law requires that all drivers, all front seat passengers and all passengers under the age of 18 wear seat belts or the appropriate child restraints. Seat belts save lives, so buckle up every trip, every time.
  • Focus on driving. Texting, talking on the phone, eating, adjusting the stereo – are all examples of things that can take attention off the road. Motorists should always have their hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and mind on driving.

All uniformed FHP personnel, including those normally assigned to administrative duties, will be patrolling interstates and other major state roads. FHP Auxiliary troopers will also volunteer to augment the FHP during the holiday period. The FHP’s increased presence throughout Florida will deter traffic violations and enhance services to motorists who break down or who need other assistance while traveling. Motorists should call *FHP (*347) if they see an impaired or aggressive driver, or to request roadside assistance.


  1. Yes, get those dangerous drunk drivers off of the roads! I hope they each and everyone get stopped and arrested! I hope they get pulled, get the up- close sniff test, get a bright flashlight shined in their eyeballs, I hope they have to get out of their vehicle, and stand on one leg, and do the “flamingo”, I hope they have to walk a straight line, I hope they have to touch their nose, I hope they get put in handcuffs, I hope their vehicles get towed away and impounded, I hope they get body searched at the jail, I hope they get thrown in the drunk tank with the other drunks, I hope it is freezing in there too, and I hope they get charged and convicted, because they are a danger and menace to everyone out driving, and can kill someone innocent with their blatant disregard for the law!!!

  2. I hope they have to attend an alcohol evaluation session, I hope they have to attend AA classes, I hope they have to pay a big fine $$$$$, I hope they get a lifelong criminal record, I hope their lawyer sticks it to them to represent them, I hope the judge throws the book at them, I hope they spent some time in jail, I hope they have to do some long serious hours working community service. I hope they have to appear before a jury of their peers as they stare at them!

  3. I hope they have a major hangover, I hope they puke, I hope their head feels like it going to split open the next morning after their arrest. I hope they are embarrassed. I hope their family, and employers will be mad at them! I hope their auto insurance rates will up! I hope they will get points on their tag. I hope their driver’s license will be suspended. I hope they will lose their driver’s license!

  4. I hope I will see their arrest report and name printed in the newspapers and online for their drunken arrest of DWI or DUI!…….

  5. And if I see you drunks out swerving all over the roads, and pokey driving 5 miles and hour and stopping out in the middle of the intersections at stop signs, I am going to report your As, be it the Apopka city cops, the Orange Co. cops, the FHP, the state troopers, the FWC, the FBI even!!! I promise to do my part to save someone’s life, if I can!

  6. Celebrate at home with your drinking, or go to gatherings, and bars, and take a designated driver who is not drinking, call a taxi, Uber, Lyft, a non-drinking non-drugging friend, or call one of the services during the holidays that will give you a free safe ride home!! Don’t get out there and drunk drive! It is NOT WORTH IT FOR A LITTLE BUZZ FUN…..and if you do what you want to do and drunk drive anyway, and blatantly disregard my advice to you….You will be sorry, and you think about what I have told you, when you are sitting in the jail, the hospital, or a much worse place!!

  7. You could also get months or even years of probation time, where you will be monitored, with no alcohol drinking, and possibly other stipulations, such as no firearm possession, or anything the court system wants to tack on. You will have to pay the probation officers while you are on probation. You could have to give random urine samples at the alcohol treatment centers, and if their instructors determine that they don’t think you give a damn, or aren’t taking things seriously, they can tack on additional weeks of treatment for you to attend the classes, at your cost to have to pay, at their sole discretion. Also, when arrested, you will more than likely have to hire a bail bonds company to get you out of jail, and that will cost you too…. You could damage someone’s property while out drinking and driving, and be liable for the costs to their property damage. You could wreck your vehicle, or someone else’s and seriously hurt yourself or someone else. Your insurance policy limits may not even cover all of the costs of everything including the medical costs. It is really something to seriously consider before you light heartedly head out just to have fun and celebrate the holidays……beware, beware, make fun of what I am telling you, if you want, but I don’t care at all.

  8. Here is the one thing I want everyone to know. I keep hearing about not everyone is a drunk, and some people just want to go into a micro-brewery, a bar, or other establishment, or even at your own home, and drink maybe just one beer….one single beer, and socialize. If you leave the premises of these alcohol establishments, where more than likely the local cops are watching, and they, at their discretion, might decide you are legally drunk, and pull you over, and arrest you because they smell the alcohol on your breath, and no matter what you tell them in your defense, they can arrest you, and take you to jail, and give you a breath test for alcohol, and if it is not the legal limit, IT DOESN’T MATTER because they don’t let you go right from the jail, they don’t automatically drop the charges…NO, you will still have to jump through all the hoops, of the above, because they still consider you driving while impaired, is what they call it, just because the breath test shows alcohol in your body, and they made their determination of your guilt, even though you are not at the legally drunk state limit…It is NOT a fair system, at all, so you will know……and you will be the one who loses out big time, not them, they help make money for state, at your expense!

  9. Personally I think there should be required classes taught at the high schools about the dangers of drinking and driving, or just the dangers of drinking. Maybe there is, I don’t know, it has been so darn long since I was in high school, I know we didn’t have those kind of classes in high school…. before these teen kids have this sort of thing happen to them, with the problems that follow.

  10. Yeah, I am going to head out still in my fleece pajamas, and fight all the high school kids driving to high school in the jammed up traffic jam and work traffic, heading to work on Rock Springs Road, or 441, to head to the nearest Publix or Winn-Dixie, just because I JUST HAVE TO HAVE THAT BOTTLE OF RUM, WINE, OR BOURBON for one of my Mary Berry cake recipes at 7am in the early morning……right! Our Apopka City Council’s A-Team members at work!!! Some of those council members are SO concerned we might need to buy the booze for our recipes at 7am!!!

  11. I am seeing that Commissioner Becker has sent the mayor a very important letter…..hmmm, wonder how that will go? Come and see the show!

  12. That one dog in the Christmas parade was a whooper! Big as a pony! Could of rode on a saddle on that dog’s back, he was so big! I bet he eats a 12 pound bag of Dog Chow a day, maybe more….loved how he was all decked out for Christmas.


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