By Charles Towne 

What I am about to relate happened many years ago in a galaxy far, far away so if you feel the need to chastise or criticize me for laughing please don’t.

My erstwhile and not very bright pal Buster and I had been hunting raccoons and were returning from our excursion when we came upon a barbed wire fence.

Now we all understand that there are different kinds of fences.  There are barbed wire fences, chain link fences, rail fences as well as the generic, don’t fence me in fences.

On the night in question we had set out to catch a raccoon alive, don’t ask me why, but back then we were in the habit of doing hair-brained things without a reason or as one might say, on a whim.

Not that anything has really changed all that much.

One would probably do well to remember that whims can be very dangerous things and should be avoided whenever possible at least if said one has half the sense the good Lord gave a goofy gopher.

Buster was carrying the snarling, hissing, cursing, and very ticked off raccoon when we happened upon “The Fence”.

And by the way, some fences are very highly rated for their entertainment factor.

I noted what kind of fence it was and ducked under it.  Buster, on the other hand, being somewhat diminished in the thinking department and otherwise not being the brightest light bulb in the pack stepped over the fence thus placing a very tender and sensitive portion of his anatomy in contact with said fence.

And here is where the entertainment factor enters the picture.  Please keep in mind that what ensued next was funny to the extreme and wonderful to behold.

By this time I am sure that you have guessed that the fence in question was of the electric variety.

When Buster came in contact with that fence he began to do this very entertaining dance, sort of a jig, back and forth from one foot to the other, up and down all the while making this funny yelping sound like a scalded dog each time he came down on that infernal fence.

Come on, you know it was funny.

Not being too quick in the thinking department it took him awhile but he finally let loose of the raccoon which by this time was about as charged up as the energizer bunny on steroids minus the drum.

Unless I miss my guess, that poor old ‘coon didn’t stop running until it crossed the county line!

By the time Buster was able to extricate himself from the fence, I had to do some fast talking to calm him down because he didn’t think it was very nice of me for laughing the way I did.

You most likely think that I am mean, cruel and sadistic but it really was funny.

Sin is just like that electric fence ‘cause no matter how high you jump when you come back down it’s going to bite you and it doesn’t care where!

Live fully,
Love openly,
And make a difference, today

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Yes indeedy…I am fully aware of the “ole ‘lectric fence” since I have been bitten by one many times during my childhood. You are absolutely correct! It is quite hilarious to watch, unless you are the one getting zapped!
    My grandparents had one around the cow pasture on their farm in KY and my brother and I, along with our cousins, just couldn’t leave it alone. It is amazing at how a big, fat, juicy blade of grass can shoot electricity right up your arm when it is laid across the wire.
    Even though we knew it would “get us”…there was something enticing about that fence! We just had to see how close we could get without getting shocked.
    You are right Chuck!
    Sin is the same way. We know we should steer clear, but it can be very enticing and downright painful when caught in its snare.

  2. CSG, you are so right! It seems that the sweet tickle of that electric charge was almost beyond our ability to resist, especially when it came to convincing someone else to touch it and watching them jerk away with a “YELP” and an expression of surprise. Unlike sin the electric fences kiss was brief and temporary but the allure was there. As you reminded me we would hold a green blade of grass and touch it to the fence and slide it ever nearer and with that proximity the shock would become more intense until you finally had to jerk your hand away. What do you suppose it is about us weird humans that draws and attracts us to that which we know very well will bite us in the end? Chaz

  3. Wonder if Buster is still laughing over this event….?????
    Entertaining and thought provoking as always. Thanks for your insights Charles.

  4. NH, Sad to say but Buster went to that great cow pasture in the sky where cows are allowed to graze free and there are no electric fences and friends don’t laugh when you are in distress. From from what I understand that supercharged raccoon hired himself out to jump start cars when their batteries went dead. Sorry about that. Chaz

  5. Ouch! Sad to say, this sounds like some brilliant act that I would have done back when I wore a younger clothes. Thankfully the good Lord was looking out for me lol. Great column Chuck, God bless.

  6. Don, what is it the bible says, “When I was a child I did childish things but when I became a man I put aside childish things.” Well, at the age of 80 plus years I still find myself doing some childish things. Such is the story of my life. Am I going to change any time soon? Nah, probably not, I am having too much fun! Some of the foolish things I have done were the seeds, the inspiration if you will for for my writing, others, Well, lets just say, once bitten, twice smart. In other words I have learned from some of the dumb things but let’s just say that I have to do something hair brained now and then just to prove that I am still alive! God bless you and your, Chaz

  7. Oh my! This brings back memories for me. I was a pretty good hurdler on the track back in high school, but electric fences are a little higher. I never again went cow – tipping after that night!

    Ironically, we jumped over the fence because we didn’t want to step in the cowsh $@t!

  8. You paint a good visual of poor Buster doing his painful little dance. It is odd how we find things like this to be humorous but they just are! I’m sure Buster forgave you. I never knew you could touch a blade of grass to an electric fence and get shocked. Good thing to know. Thanks for the story.

  9. Kristin, As I look back in my minds eye I can still see him leaping and I can hear him yelping and it is still one of the funniest things I have ever seen! I bet if I could videotape someone trapped on an electric fence like that people would pay to see it. I wonder, who could I get to straddle an electric fence like that? I do feel sorry for the poor raccoon. Thanks my friend, Chaz

  10. I never had any dealings with electric fences. But, my father was from Kansas and he told me a story of a farmer that heard of electric fences and decided to try to build one to for his cows. The only problem was that he did it on his own, without any advice or help. He used his home 110v electricity and lost a couple cows before he decided something was wrong! Sometimes we are slow learners and the results are not pretty! I’m glad we have a God that continues to love us, even when we make mistakes in life!

  11. Oh Don, now that my friend would be a most shocking experience! The thing that makes an electric fen work is it is alternating current, thus non lethal. Household current is direct current and thus it is unrelenting and will kill you. An electric fence will actually knock your hand, (or whatever other portion of your anatomy is in contact with it, as in Buster’s experience,) away. Sin seems to be direct current thus it grabs you and doesn’t want to let you go! Blessings on you pal, Chaz

  12. I heard of this here city slicker what was sort of slow in his thinking apparatus. His country cousin talked him into peeing on an electric fence one time. He only did it once mind you but that once was enough, it almost made his day.

  13. Dear Old Timer, i can just see it and to be very honest with you it is an ugly picture!! I bet that city slicker only did that once though! You take care now ya hear, Chaz


  15. Oh boy Chuck, what memories you bring! I was a city boy but for high school we moved to the “country” which was about 15 minutes from the ” city”. Now we all recall how well behaved high schoo boys are and many of my classmates lived on farms. During that period of my life I learned about cow tipping from my classmates, learned about tossing bales of hay on the wagon and various other pursuits(?) not usually found in the city! But being of that age, it didn’t matter where you were from when a friend issued a “double dare”! The most memorable one involved an electric fence and the urge for relief of ones bladder! Are you TOUGH ENOUGH? You are correct, sins may seem sort of innocent, even enticing but you will pay the price!!! Thank Papa God for allowing us to live through our education!!!

  16. Richard my friend, it seems that for most of my life the devil has been double daring me to do things that invariably paid off in copious amounts of pain and suffering and he usually set me up with the promise, “GO AHEAD YOU STUPID, LAME BRAINED IDIOT, IT WILL BE FUN!” It took me most of a lifetime to finally arrive at the conclusion that he is a liar! He told me that getting drunk is fun, that chewing tobacco and smoking is fun, that trying to outrun the police would be a LOT of fun, etc. etc. etc. but he lied! Boy did he lie! I finally learned. The big thing is that Papa God never lies, and you can always trust Him! Thanks pal, Chaz


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