Decision Apopka 2018

192,124 Orange County voters cast their ballots in early voting, by mail-in ballots, and in person today in the 2018 Florida primary elections. Almost 25% of the electorate voted in the primary, compared to 18.14% in the 2016 primary, and 14% in the 2014 primary.

Here are the results in the elections most key to Apopka voters:

Orange County Commission District 2: Moore and Rumpf headed to runoff

Apopka resident and current Orange County School Board member Christine Moore will face  Patricia Rumpf in the Orange County Commission District 2 election by finishing second and moving into the November general election runoff. Rumpf received a plurality of the votes 9,698 (30.09%), but not a majority, while Moore received 9,181 votes (28.48%). Apopka resident and former District 2 County Commissioner Fred Brummer received 7,599 votes (23.57%), followed by Apopka resident Mark Byrd with 5,757 votes (17.86%).

“We are so pleased that the voters responded yes to my proven record of getting the job done,” said Moore. “The people of District 2 deserve a county commissioner who represents all people.”

Orange County Public School Board District 7: Byrd and Schwalbach running off in November

Apopka resident Melissa Byrd won the Orange County School Board member primary with 12,360 votes (45.34%), but could not avoid a runoff. She will take on Eric Schwalbach who received 6,259 votes (22.96%), followed by Chan-Denise Budho with 6,140 votes (22.52%), and Jeffery Lynn Richardson with 2,501 votes (9.17%).

“I am thrilled with tonight’s results and I am humbled that more than 12000 people entrusted me with their vote for school board,” said Byrd. “I’m confident in November we will cross the finish line strong.”

Demings prevails in Orange County Mayoral election

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings was able to avoid a runoff election by claiming 112,786 votes (61.72%) and defeating his two opponents Pete Clarke and Rod Panepinto to be elected as the next mayor of Orange County. Clarke received 40,040 votes (21.91%), followed by Panepinto with 29,902 (16.36%). Editor’s Note: This is with 244 of 247 precincts reporting.

Jacobs wins School Board Chair race

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs also avoided a runoff by receiving 93,969 votes (52.26%) to defeat her three opponents in the Orange County Public School Board Chairman race. School Board member Nancy Robbinson finished second with 46,285 votes (25.74%), followed by Apopka resident Matthew Fitzpatrick with 29,983 votes (16.68%), and Robert Allen Prater with 9,569 (5.32%). Editor’s Note: This is with 244 of 247 precincts reporting.

Demings wins reelection against fellow Democrat

Congresswoman Val Demings defeated Orlando businessman Wade Darius with 72,372 votes (75.05%), to Darius’ 24,055 (24.95%) in the Democratic Primary for US Congressional District 10 election. Because there is no Republican opponent, Demings effectively won a second term to the seat and will return to Washington. Editor’s Note: This is with 142 of 144 precincts reporting.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated with more details in upcoming articles in The Apopka Voice.


  1. I don’t know what you all think about what I am going to say, but when I saw Rob Panepinto’s campaign signs, with the word ROB, with the orange symbol, all I could think of, was that he was going to rob us in Orange County, if elected….lol I apologize for my thinking….but I believe he should have just used his last name only across on his campaign signs.


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