From Apopka Police Chief Michael McKinley

According to the Florida DMV, there are many things that can distract drivers while on the road. However, most commonly distractions are a result of cell phone use, music, or even getting lost in a daydream.

So now, with school back in session from spring break, we want to remind you to focus on the task of driving and pay extra-close attention to what is happening all around you.

This morning members from the Apopka Police and Fire Departments along with AdventHealth Apopka worked alongside our local crossing guards and got a first-hand appreciation for what they truly do for our community and our children.

Here are a few tips from The National Safety Council to avoiding accidents—and fatalities—during school time:

* While driving, don’t block crosswalks at a red light or while making a turn—this could force pedestrians to go around you and into the path of another vehicle

* Yield to pedestrians, even if not at marked crossing sites

* Always stop for buses, school patrol officer, or crossing guard

* When near schools, take extra care to look for children who aren’t used to navigating traffic

* When passing a bicycle, always leave 3 feet minimum between your vehicle and the bicycle

* Use turn signals to let pedestrians, other cars, and bicyclists know which way you intend to turn



  1. Certainly ALL drivers should be following the Rules of the Road and this includes the police! Speaking of the “Rules of the Road”, when was the last time you saw drivers pulled over for driving at night without lights; driving with blue lights on the front of the car; tailgating, obvious violation of the bumper height rule? As long as people know they are going to get away with traffic violations, they will continue to do their stupid driving in Central Florida. No amount of public service stories or announcements will help. Hitting them in the pocket will. Don’t hold your breath. These violations happen right in front of those who are sworn to “Preserve and Protect” and they do absolutely NOTHING!!


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