1. I went to the MLK Parade in Apopka, and I came home with a bag of candy that looked like I had been out trick-or-treating, like I was a kid again! Now, my husband is going to have to eat it. I did get into some of it, I could not resist, but I know, I am not suppose to eat sugary candy with diabetes, so he will have to eat it, not that I wouldn’t love to get into in again! I got wildflower seed packs, first aid kits in Florida Hospital nylon change purse bags, Mardi Gras beads of all colors, and political stuff to read, and hand fans given to me, by kids in the parade. It was a nice parade and everyone seemed so happy! I got more stuff thrown to me in the MLK parade, than in the Apopka Christmas Parade or the Citrus Bowl Parade combined. Leroy Bell, who is running for Seat #2 of the Apopka City Council was there riding in the parade, in what I would describe as a vehicle, that looked like a car, but wasn’t, as it was a 3 wheel motorcycle, that looked like a Batmobile! That was a cool vehicle.

  2. All the dignitaries and candidates for elected office were there in the parade, or at the parade. Way more, than at the Citrus Bowl Parade…..

  3. I didn’t see Alicia K. though, who is running for Seat 2 of the Apopka City Council. I am not saying she wasn’t there, but I didn’t see her.


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