By Charles Towne

What qualifies one to be divinely healed?

One gent wrote that God cannot heal us as long as there is sin in our lives.  That sounds sort of out of kilter to me due to the fact that we are all sinners, me, you, and, sister Sue.  Yeah, we are all sinners, and yet we hear of healings.  If man can only be healed when he is without sin, that indicates that there must be is a sinless state that man can aspire to in this life, Right?

Now you and I know that we are sinners, don’t we? Go ahead, admit it, it’s alright, we know the truth.  So now that it is established that we are sinners, is there anything that we can do to render us deserving of healing?

Due to breathing the fine dust in my woodworking shop for nearly thirty years I was eventually diagnosed with COPD. With COPD, or emphysema as it is commonly called, the lungs lose their flexibility and over time one finds it increasingly difficult to breathe.  I eventually had to sleep sitting in a chair due to the fact that if I laid down in bed I started to suffocate.

I felt like an old, a very old, Marlboro man.  Activities that I enjoyed and found commonplace (yeah, that too) were rendered impossible. I visited the emergency room of our local hospital so many times I was on first name terms with the doctors and nurses.  Previously I had several doctors inform me that there was nothing they could do for me, that eventually, this damnable disease would kill me, “so get used to the fact!”

The last time I went into the hospital I was there for six days and when I went home I was sicker than when I was admitted.  I felt like I was dying.  I cried out to our God, and He, in His mercy, heard me.

Today I am breathing, and sleeping better than I have in years.  Am I in a sinless state?  No.  Do I deserve healing?  No.  Do I believe He has healed me? Oh yes, a thousand times yes!  Simply put, It does not depend on our worthiness, but His great, boundless, infinite love.

Oh God, how I love you.  You take man where you find him, and there you perform what only you can perform, a miracle of transformation and grace.  Thank you oh merciful God, thank you for what you have done, and what you are about to do in each of our lives.  I believe that is what it boils down to is us being willing to be available to and for His purpose.

Are we Sinners?  Yes.

I don’t believe there is such a thing on this earth as a sinless man, and I don’t care if he does call himself the grand poobah of Podunk!  The essential thing is That we love God because He first loved us, and if we love Him we are going to endeavor to live our lives in such a way that we will please Him.  Perhaps it is simplistic but that is the only requirement for healing to my way of thinking.

Live fully,
Love openly,
Trust God, and make a difference, today.

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Well said Brother Charles. When Jesus performed healing miracles, while on the earth, He didn’t ask anyone about their status related to salvation, He did ask them to believe for their healing and to have faith in Him. The healings were and are for the glory of God and a powerful witness to the creator

  2. Mark, it is all a matter of love isn’t it? Allow me to use my relationship with my wife as an example. I love Nancy so very much and it thrills me to praise her and tell others about her. The praising and sharing is its own reward. When I share and praise God it is the same thing, sort of like sharing the smell of a gardenia or the sight of a rainbow, there is a delight and a joy therein that is unsurpassed. Each of the blessed things I have mentioned contains healing power. Love, for God, for my wife; the scent of the gardenia and the visual impact of the rainbow; these things do something for us that is miraculous and can only be fully enjoyed because of His love. As we praise Him we are healed and as we are healed we praise Him! What a blessed friend He is. Chaz

  3. Dear NH, The transformational power of God and His merciful love caresses our souls and heals. As he has blessed the world with your gift of lovely, sweet music as you caress the harp’s strings so He desires to bless all with His healing love. Chaz

  4. Having lived the life of a survivor as you have you have a wonder filled testimony to share with the world Donny, Keep on keeping on and many Blessings on you and yours pal, Chaz

  5. We are the Creator’s offspring, part of the Divine family. The only way we separate ourselves from Divine Love is by rejecting it. Even then, the Creator offers open arms to the prodigal.
    We are part of the Cosmos, part of the Divine Plan.
    The Creator, Love Magnified, understands the challenges of being human.

  6. Dear Judith, you are so very right on! We are because He is. We have heard it said that we have been bought with a price, and what a price it was. He became man so we could have the honor of kinship with divinity! Yes, children in the Divine family, I like that don’t you? Blessings on you dear lady, Chaz

  7. So glad you lived to share and teach your story of God’s healing miracle in your life. He does answer. And he suprises us.

    I kind of thought sin/error was the cause of our needing to be healed in the first place.

    Thanks for the article.

  8. Short Answer to Opening Statement, NOTHING! God causes the Rain to Fall on the Just & the Unjust. As the song say s Why me Lord? What have ever Done?

  9. I think you are right, that this is all about God’s love for us and not about worthiness. And us loving Him in return and endeavoring to please him. Well said!

  10. Kristin Girl, you said it! And not only am I living but I am living with gusto! You are so very right, if we let Him He will surprise us every day! Isn”t that a joy? Blessings on you dear friend, Chaz

  11. Dear Nicole, I believe that all good things come from Him and His boundless love. To my way of thinking that is an ongoing miracle. May He always watch over you and keep you safe in His love is my prayer, Chaz

  12. EJ, You are so right, NOTHING can stop Him from loving us with His boundless, beautiful, comforting, magnificent, comforting love and all He ask is that we love Him in return. Blessings my friend, Chaz

  13. What a miracle that the Father’s goal and ultimate purpose in creating us to begin with was so that we could be His friends. What a wonder!

  14. I am reminded of my son’s comments of God’s blessing especially when he wasn’t necessarily following God very well and that made him love God all the more and want to please Him even more. I can relate also!

    What a miracle God has done for you, unka Chuck. Do you know how it happened? Was it immediate or did it happen over a period of time? Would be very encouraging, I think, to hear the story if you wish to share.

  15. Dear Linda, hitting on it just briefly, I, like Paul, have to admit that I am chief of sinners, saved by grace. I fell so many times, still fall, but He is so gentle and so kind, I desire more then anything to please Him. My life is a story of failed beginnings, of false starts and hiccups, but He is constant, never failing, always there, and now, all I want is to please Him. Any victories are His victories. God bless you dear one, Chaz


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