Hauls away more than 80,000 cubic yards of debris

From the City of Apopka

A fleet of more than a dozen trucks working in Apopka has completed the first pass of curbside storm debris cleanup from Hurricane Irma. The first pass, which wrapped up Monday, has resulted in the hauling away of more than 80,000 cubic yards of broken trees, limbs and other debris.

Completing the “first pass” means that contractors have picked up much — but not all — of the debris. A second pass will begin immediately throughout the City to collect from locations not included in the first pass. This will include “mixed piles” of debris and other materials as well as debris placed in locations where contractors could not make a swift and efficient pickup.

Contractor CrowderGulf has nine large trucks and two trailers working in Apopka. Four bucket trucks are cutting down hanging branches and damaged trees above public roads and right-of-way areas. In many cases, the “hangers” are placed on curbs to await pickup from storm-debris haulers. The city also is operating claw trucks to assist with pickups.

It is important for residents to place any remaining storm debris in the right of way, between the curb and the sidewalk. Avoid placing debris in the street, near mailboxes, fire hydrants, or on top of water mains or electric transformers or underneath power lines or cable wires. Do not mix tree and plant debris with other waste materials – separate those items into different piles.

Contractor crews will use the second pass to help with construction debris like privacy fence piles. They will cut up fallen and leaning trees near or above city roads or rights of way.

City trucks started Monday’s collection route of bulky items – bagged waste, furniture, etc. – along Plymouth-Sorrento Road, Lester Road and into the Errol Estates community. Large amounts of bulky waste are slowing collections, but the city expects to return to a normal schedule soon.

Crews also are working Saturday and Sunday to expedite cleanup.

Keep in mind:
• Please make every effort to keep the street clear of parked cars when debris crews are in your area.
• Please help to keep storm drains clear. Residents can help aid the debris collection by sweeping up loose leaves and debris after each pass.
• Please keep bagged leaves & debris, construction debris, fencing, furniture, appliances or anything else separated from hurricane tree debris piles. This will help with the disposal process.

Collected storm debris is transported to a large field at the edge of the Northwest Recreation Complex off of Appy Lane. This area is for contracted vehicles only.

Photo from the City of Apopka Facebook page.


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