parking ordinance

After seven committee meetings the proposed parking ordinance is taking the next step; review by the City of Apopka.

The final draft of the proposed parking ordinance is on the agenda for tomorrow’s Development Review Committee (DRC), meeting.  The DRC meets at 9:00 AM in City Hall.

The currently proposed parking ordinance has something for everyone. On-street parking will be legal in Apopka for the first time in four years and individual HOAs will have the power to ban on-street parking in their neighborhood.

The Parking Ordinance Advisory Committee began a series of bi-weekly meetings back in July.  At that meeting and all subsequent meetings Chief Mike McKinley established the following basic criteria:

  1. Public safety is paramount.  Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services vehicles must be able to travel freely on the streets of Apopka.
  2. Other government services cannot be hampered.  This would include garbage and recycling vehicles as well as mail delivery.

The current draft of the proposed parking ordinance is posted on the City’s website.   Use this link to download the draft ordinance. The proposed ordinance is 18 pages long, but the part that will be of interest to most is found int he first 4 pages.

The rules in the proposed ordinance parallel those establish by the Florida Statues.  Use this link to look at those regulations.

Under the proposed ordinance on-street parking would be allowed, but would be regulated.  Some of those regulations would be:

  1. An unobstructed width of 12 feet must be left for the free passage of other vehicles.
  2. All parking must be with 12 inches of the edge of the pavement.
  3. No parking on a curve if it obstructs the regular flow of traffic or disrupts the sight picture along the roadway.
  4. No parking within 15 feet of a mailbox, except at night or days when mail is not delivered.  You will be allowed to park in front of your own mailbox.
  5. No parking that interferes with refuse removal.
  6. No parking in any cul-de-sac.
  7. No parking in or within 30 feet of an intersection.
  8. No parking within 12 feet of a driveway or across from a driveway.
  9. No parking in opposition of the lane of travel (left wheels to curb is prohibited).
  10. No parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.

By far the most interesting provision will be found in paragraph 7 of Section 78-39 on page 4.

Parking can be totally prohibited in a neighborhood if the majority of the members of the HOA so vote and if the HOA pays to have No-Parking signs installed.

If the DRC signs-off on the proposed ordinance it will go to the City Council.



  1. What???? That is so long…….curbstoning???? What is that? Never heard of it….. I got a headache from just reading part of the draft. Geesh………ever heard of keep it simple???? Five days is not enough time to pay a fine, when most people live week to week, and get paid once a week (every seven days) others every two weeks, and a large majority of senior citizens who get paid once a month….geesh, give the citizens a break, and if nothing else, give them more than 5 days to pay a fine at least!

  2. Why not at least 30 days to pay the fines??????????? The city is not going to shut down and close the doors, because the citizens did not come and pay their fines in 5 days. ?????????????


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