Episode 40

From Let’s Talk About It with Rod Love and Greg Jackson

This Monday on LET’S TALK ABOUT IT with Rod Love and Greg Jackson, after a call for action to Let’s Talk Nation to support “Community Empowerment Zones” throughout Orange County, the “Dynamic Duo” will discuss the dramatic community response. Also, Rod and Greg will explore a major issue in Orlando — homelessness — as well as outline the best cities for business and potential economic growth opportunities to address the homeless crisis.

Also, the tragic “Duck Boat” incident in Missouri and how a family will try to cope with the loss of nine family members. As always, an adverse range of topics will be discussed to include upcoming local elections, so LET’S TALK NATION be ready to jump in.

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Let’s Talk About It, with Rod Love and co-host Greg Jackson, is an edgy new radio program that has a distinct “Apopka” tone.

Rod Love

Hosts Rod Love and Greg Jackson are well-known figures in Apopka. Love is a local businessman, was the co-chair of the Apopka Task Force against Violence, and was recently named the Orange County District 2 Commissioner. Jackson is a local attorney that ran for the Florida Legislature in 2016 for District 45, which includes a part of Apopka.

The show airs on WOKB 1680AM on Mondays from 7-8 PM. You may also stream it online here.

Let’s Talk About It describes itself as a show in search of results-oriented solutions. It tackles important subjects such as crime in urban communities, jobs, business growth, relationship with the police, transitioning from a mom and pop proprietorship to mom and pop incorporation and a whole lot of other action initiatives that affect the quality of life of individuals and families are the major focus. Its goal is to develop an understanding of the everyday needs and issues of people and assist in empowering them with the necessary information or motivation towards addressing such needs, all with the support of professionals or experts who will be the show’s guests.

Greg Jackson

  Let’s Talk About It has an interactive style of information sharing that is both entertaining and educational.  It acts as a vehicle for civic and faith-based organizations, small businesses and everyday citizens to be able to work together to foster a progressive development of communities’ interactivity with one another.

To join the conversation tonight, call Let’s Talk About It at 407-894-1680.


  1. That was so tragic about the duck boat incident in Missouri. Honestly, when I first heard about the duck boat, I didn’t know what a duck boat was. I was thinking more about the paddle swan boats at Lake Eola, and then I thought about the yellow duck boats in Japan, that did indeed look like a yellow rubber bath ducky. I had not even heard of these kinds of duck boats. The thing of it is, if I had of been somewhere on vacation, and had a chance to ride a tour of one, I would have been game to go out for a ride, as I would not have realized the danger. Just like the New Port Richey ferry boat that rode out to the casino boat…..that caught fire right after departure. I mean, my husband, my mother, and I rode out on ferry boats all the time, and casino boats, and truly didn’t realize the danger, considering they are inspected regularly. It sure makes a person reconsider after hearing of the horrors of the boat accidents. My heart goes out to the family that lost so many of their loved ones in the duck boat incident. May they RIP.

  2. Looking at the sign above, put up by the Orange County Government…….does anybody really believe that it is a Orange County safe neighborhood???


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