Floridians that are traveling should avoid the area if possible

Traffic Alert

From the Florida Highway Patrol

The Santa Fe River under I-75 has rapidly risen 15 feet within the past 36 hours due to the heavy rainfall over North Florida from Hurricane Irma.

Additional bridges that may be impacted include:

U.S. 27, U.S. 41, S.R. 47 and possibly U.S. 121. Additional maps and detour information will be forthcoming.

FDOT and DHSMV have staff monitoring the bridges that may be impacted by the flooding 24/7.

If the river rises to an unsafe level, the bridge will be impassable both northbound and southbound and would be closed immediately. Floridians that are traveling should avoid the area if possible.

If required to be in the area, the Florida Department of Transportation is actively working with WAZE, Google Maps, the Georgia Department of Transportation and other transportation industry partners to communicate the potential reroutes to the public. Floridians should consult www.FL511.com for up-to-date information on road closures and travel routes.


  1. On Maine Street coming from the Apopka High School parking lot right past Red Cedar St. on the west side of Maine heading south there is an entire roof sitting on the ground among peoples’ houses. I can’t figure out where the house or building is that it belongs on, but it is sitting there all intact. That took some force to lift that thing up and put it back down. The mystery is where is the building that it came from?

  2. We got some gas this morning without much hassle. We are still hanging by a thread, the tall palm tree hanging over our street light power lines over our driveway, that is the only thing keeping the uprooted tree from falling on down. If it did, at least we could chainsaw it, but not while entangled in the power lines. My cat is having fun running up and down the tree now, at least, using it to sharpen his claws. No Duke Energy truck has came around and I have reported it twice.

  3. Trump is coming to Florida tomorrow to see the damage…….who cares, I don’t. Probably just trying to sell his golf hats anyway…….this whole hurricane thing has been depressing, if you ask me, and we are a lot better off than most here in Florida. The people flooded out, I feel sorry for, that is terrible. No power, no cell phone service, no food, no water, no jobs, their vehicles flooded out and ruined, OMG, South Florida people, and some others, are having it so bad. Extremely depressing, how do they cope? I, for one, get depressed very easily. I watch the teenagers and young kids having fun playing in the flood waters, and laughing, and not a care in the world. I used to be like that myself. I only wish I could be that way now, but I can’t. Just like the lines waiting before the hurricane to get generators, the younger people were hob-nobbing and socializing, and having a blast……not the same for me anymore. I admire that they are positive, and that way, just wish I was like that still, but I am not.

  4. Just think how it was earlier in the year, dry as a bone, no rain, and a severe drought. Now there has been heavy rainfall and flooding, so you know what that means: sinkholes! It always happens after a drought then when the rains fall heavily.


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