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Apopka police have 18-year-old Apopka man in custody

From the Apopka Police Department Public Information Office

Shots rang out at the Apopka Dunkin Donuts on Main Street this morning during an attempted armed robbery according to the Apopka Police Department.

Robby G. Whittaker, 18 of Apopka, was arrested and charged with Attempted Homicide, Robbery with a Deadly Weapon, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Carrying a Concealed Firearm, and Use of a Firearm during a Felony.

Robby Whitaker

Today at 5:04 a.m., The Apopka Police Department responded to 212 East Main Street, Dunkin Donuts, for an Armed Robbery, shots fired call. Upon arrival, an employee stated as she arrived to work she was approached by a male holding a handgun. He told her not to say anything, at which time she began screaming, and the male opened fire on her, firing three shots, narrowly missing. The male then fled the area on foot southeast towards the next door Waffle House. The employee was able to retreat into the Dunkin Donuts while another employee called 911.

Upon arrival, APD officers observed two males running away from the area, and began to pursue them. A perimeter was quickly established and Orange County Canine, as well as a CHASE helicopter, arrived to assist. The perimeter and Canine track yielded negative results.

Approximately five minutes after the perimeter was broken down, an APD officer located a male matching the description of the suspect on the Apopka Bike Trail, just south of 8th Street (approximately three blocks south of the scene). The suspect identified himself as Robby Whittaker Jr. and was in possession of a concealed firearm. After a positive identification by the employee at Dunkin Donuts, Whittaker was arrested.

Whittaker has been transported to the Orange County Jail.


  1. OMG my heart goes out to this poor lady employee as she must of been terrorized! It is getting to be like the wild wild west. I am thankful she was not hurt or killed, as well as no one else. Long ago we used to have a donut shop in town called Granny’s Donuts that was open all night long, right across in there south of Liggetts in that strip mall where there is a beauty salon now and a discount beverage store on the other end today. We also had a donut shop at Piedmont Plaza near where Hobby Lobby is today, but they were not open all night. Apopka Police did a great job apprehending this guy and hopefully they will find out the whereabouts of the other guy that got away.

  2. What a joke…..they are now going to be “reforming” the juvenile justice system in Florida. Or in other words,” going marshmallow soft” on them. Saw this on Click Orlando at 4:30 pm today. It is called, get this…”.Project No No”……a guy connected with the justice story on tv said quote ” just because something is illegal doesn’t make it a crime”…….can you believe that? They don’t want their juvenile sweeties records to tarnish them for the rest of their lives…..????? This is the problem now, they get away with everything and think it is a big joke. What is wrong with these decision makers in Tallahassee? It must be some of those with that “alternate thinking” that is plaguing our nation. I can just picture this little 2 year old toddler wanting a candy bar and Mommy saying” No No.”…..only thing is, these are much older, slicker, dangerous “thugs” who will shoot you and terrorize you in a NY minute, and laugh about it! The decision makers are going in the wrong direction on this reform. Things are bad enough now!


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