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 From APD News

The City of Apopka contracted with the company Creative Pyrotechnics for a Fourth of July fireworks show at the Apopka Amphitheater. On the evening of July 4th at the hour of the scheduled fireworks show, the vendor unilaterally canceled, failing to fulfill the city’s contract, and immediately began breaking down the launch tubes and unfired fireworks ordnance. The crew informed city employees they were leaving and they would return on the next day, July 5th, to retrieve their rental vehicle and launch tubes that they were leaving overnight on the city’s property. 

Apopka police officers, in an abundance of caution, conducted security sweeps of the designated launch area and found the fireworks crew had left unexpended ordnances in launch tubes, some of which had fallen over and were considered a danger. Apopka detectives were sent to investigate the possibility of the vendor violating regulations regarding the storage of display fireworks. 

Detectives contacted the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) for direction and assistance. ATF agents responded and are reviewing the regulations regarding abandoned and/or improperly stored fireworks and the requirement for vendors to comply with Federal explosives laws, 18 U.S.C. Chapter 40. The code requires all persons to store explosive materials in a manner in conformity with regulations. ATF is currently conducting an on-going investigation. 

The Apopka Police Department is a full-service, accredited police agency with more than 150 employees including 108 sworn officers and staff. The APD supports the Crimeline program to aid in investigations and to foster safe and anonymous tips that lead to criminal arrests. You can help with these local cases – if you have relevant information, please call (800) 423-TIPS, go to, or e-mail Apopka bulletins can be found at the APD website (; click on “Crimeline”. 




  1. A news story about the firework company is on Channel 6 news right now, as I type. The owner of the fireworks company takes full responsibility, and has apologized. He states that 6 out of the 10 shows he had scheduled for the 4th of July went off with no problems. The reporter lady from the news station, is out there live reporting, and the news station is “trying to get to the bottom of why the shows didn’t go off as planned”.

  2. If this firework company does another show here in Apopka, to make up for the cancelled one, that was on the 4th, and if it takes place on Labor Day, we will probably go, as I don’t think our neighborhood will be firing off fireworks for Labor Day, but I could be wrong…. and I could leave my dog at home, and we could GET IN FREE….lol

  3. WOW nobody ever looks at the last 10 years of awesome fireworks that the city’s had wonderful shows never talked about the company or even mention the name this company has gone 110% more than they paid for everybody deserves a second chance this world is going to shit

  4. Reggie, regarding the above posting at 6:22 pm, July 6, 2018…..I DID NOT POST THAT MESSAGE! Someone is an imposter here on this website, because I didn’t post that, that is not my thoughts, and I don’t post filthy words on here, on this site, or anywhere else. Reggie, this imposter needs exposed for who they really are, as you have their e-mail address and name….please remove this imposter’s posting, as it is not my posting. Signed, the REAL Mama Mia that posts here regularly. Thanks so much. Peace, love, and you creep, you know who you are, and karmas going to get you!


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