From the Apopka Police Department

The Apopka Police Department presented commendations Tuesday to three staff members of the McDonald’s restaurant at 233 East Main Street.

On January 4th, a driver passed-out while going through the restaurant’s drive-thru. McDonalds staff called 911 while trying to render assistance to the driver.

Employees Jasmine Sanchez, Michael McLaughlin and Carilee Brown removed a distraught five-year-old girl from the vehicle’s back seat and brought her inside the restaurant, comforting her with food and emotional support while police officers and firefighters/paramedics attended to the passed-out driver.

It is selfless acts like these that continue to strengthen the bond between first responders and members of the Apopka community.


  1. Red light cameras may go dark. Supreme Court takes on the red light camera issue tomorrow. Watch Click tonight at 11:00 pm (channel 6 Orlando) for the news story…….

  2. How about that young girl in Calif. that sold her Girl Scout cookies outside of the medical marijuana shop? She was one smart cookie herself! She had heard that people who use marijuana get hungry, and have the munchies, and she sold 312 boxes (!!!) of cookies, and earned a badge, but some party poopers complained about her selling the cookies in a commercial zoning area, which is not allowed there in that city, and complained to the Girl Scout Troop. The troop said they were sorry, but that if she broke the rules again, violating the ordinance of the city, her badge she earned would be forfeited. LOL

  3. How much is a box of Girl Scout cookies now days anyway? My husband used to buy boxes and boxes of them from his coworker’s daughter…..LOL He liked the peanut butter ones, and I liked the thin mints. Now don’t be silly, and make assumptions, he was helping out the Girl Scouts….LOL

  4. Signs, signs, everywhere is a sign, do this, do that, don’t do that, with the signs……Is it true that some of the very same ones that wrote our sign ordinance, or that was on the sign ordinance revision committee, is the very same ones who are out and about, and putting signs ALL OVER OUR FAIR CITY??????? Inquiring minds want to know….lol

  5. I did get a notice of where to vote in the city elections. It came yesterday in the mail. We are assigned to the NW Complex precinct, and this was from the City Clerk’s Office, not Bill Cowles Office.

  6. The candidates must be sneaking out in the middle of the night by the light of the moon and pushing the signs down into the ground, as I have not seen even one candidate installing a sign anywhere in this town, but they are popping up all over, like mushrooms after a rain, so somebody is putting them out. Aren’t ya’ll slick????

  7. Joe Biden sure has a great smile going on since the Super Bowl doesn’t he??? I really like to see Joe Biden when he laughs and smiles!

  8. I don’t blame Tom Brady for axing his radio interview and getting up and walking out on the interview, after the radio host called Brady’s 5 year old little daughter an annoying little pissant….ha ha ha….but it probably is true….lol

  9. Daddy took exception to his little darlin’ being called an annoying little pissant, good for him! Much unlike what Howard Stern was allowed to get away with calling Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, in front of her daddy, the Donald, right there in Trump’s presence, when he said something vulgar about Ivanka!

  10. Good night everyone, I can’t stay awake to watch the red light camera news at 11:00 tonight on channel 6, as I got up too early this morning, and I am getting really sleepy.

  11. Here’s an idea for McDonald’s to further extend their “kindness”… GET RID OF ALL THE DAMNED SALT ON FRENCH FRIES! Look at one and you’ll see how it is simply COATED with all the salt! There is absolutely NO REASON for this! The salt coating does NOTHING to enhance the taste because there is no taste with the ridiculous coating of salt! In fact, why even bother to serve them? Just sell containers of salt!


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