Five suspects arrested after burglarizing Hunt Club area businesses

From the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

Demarcus Payne

Seminole County deputies arrested five suspects who burglarized multiple businesses and charged them with burglary and resisting arrest. The investigation began August 8 at approximately 1:40 a.m. when a deputy on proactive patrol noticed a suspicious vehicle near the intersection of South Hunt Club Boulevard and East SR 436 in unincorporated Apopka.  The deputy then witnessed several suspects exit the vehicle and break the front doors of two neighboring businesses.

Demarcus Payne, 18, of Apopka, Rashad A. Johnson, 19, of Orlando and three juveniles from Orlando were arrested.

The suspects are also being investigated in connection with the attempted burglary of a Verizon store in Apopka.

The deputy confronted the suspects who tried to flee in a stolen vehicle. In an attempt to avoid arrest, the driver drove backwards at a high rate of speed until the vehicle crashed into a fence. One suspect was immediately taken into custody.  Four other suspects continued to flee on foot. A canine tracked them to a backyard shed in a residential area just south of the scene. The suspects were located hiding in the shed and taken into custody without incident.

Possible connection to attempted burglary at Apopka Verizon store

The vehicle used in the crime was reported stolen out of Orlando.  The driver, Demarcus Payne, was additionally charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle. All five suspects remain incarcerated on a no bond status. The investigation into the suspects’ possible ties to other commercial burglaries is continuing, including an attempted burglary of a Verizon store in Apopka.

Video captured by our Alert helicopter of the apprehension can be viewed here.



  1. I turned on the tv early yesterday, I think it was yesterday, and heard about Apopka Main St. Walgreen’s armed robbery in the middle of the night, and thought oh no, there you go, this will be another justification reason for not allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the corporate boundaries of the City of Apopka. Tell me it is not fear-mongering……..I listened to the audio of the Apopka Planning Commission discussions and their votes, however it is the Apopka City Council who will decide what goes. I wish they would stop asking us voters to vote on issues on the ballots because they don’t pay our votes any attention as to what the citizens want, and circumvent around our majority wishes. Local government always finds a way around what voters approved. That one guy in Sunday’s Orlando Sentinel, who was a Seminole County Commissioner basically says it will be political suicide to any elected official who vote down and ban the medical marijuana dispensaries…….interesting. I still say there is fear in the back of the elected leaders heads, as to what Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, the Attorney General, will do as far a crackdowns on cities that let the dispensaries operate……I believe he might, along with the Trump administration, even withhold federal money and grants to the cities if they did allow them……just my thoughts, and yes there is fear factoring in on this issue!

  2. I heard the medical marijuana still can be obtained, as it can be delivered to a person’s home. Well then let’s celebrate!……wonderful news to the homeless people, I’m sure….LOL

  3. Let’s see, deliver my medical marijuana package to the outskirts of the Walmart parking lot in Apopka, the corner woods behind Hunt Club Apopka, or under the 451 bridge overpass at the railroad tracks, oh yeah, look for my cardboard sign I will be holding, and you will know me when you see my sign “Anything you can give will help, God Bless”…….

  4. I just KNEW the judgments were coming when I saw the first dispensary in Orlando open for business the first day and a reporter went there and had a guy’s photo in the Orlando Sentinel….the very first customer of the dispensary in the newspaper. He was happy, smiling, and had on his Grateful Dead tie-dyed t-shirt on and his dispensary brand tote bag he obtained and I thought, oh no, the judgers are thinking, “look at the old hippies” “medical marijuana, my butt”…… but when you read the article, the man had some very serious medical issues, cancer and numerous multiple surgeries, and had been though so much, and so much pain! So easy to be judgmental and judge a book by its cover……..I’m sure if it was yourself in his shoes you would be happy too to find something to give you some pain relief!

  5. Apopka Critic website has been posting about the bomb shelter at Nelson’s Insurance Office and there are discussions about where other bomb shelters are in Apopka. One lady, Ms. P. O. said there was one behind Burger King in Apopka. Well, there was one there, but it is no longer there, as the city had it demolished years ago. I know because my husband was working on the city crew that demolished it. He was working on the construction crew at that time, long before he retired, and they were sent to use the track ho with the claws and other heavy equipment and bring it down and hauled the debris to the dump. It was located behind the Burger King drive- thru where the vegetation, trees, and air potato vines grow up in that lot where the peacocks hang out.

  6. Also the discussion on Apopka Critic about the time capsule contents inside the Confederate Memorial that was removed from Lake Eola Park and sent to a cemetery to be set up there…….I think that rusted box and the contents should be returned to the United Daughters of the Confederacy. That is my opinion, and not to the local historical museum! It is their property, I don’t care what Dyer says! The memorial statue belongs to them! He should return their belongings that they own and want back!

  7. The old Confederate bills that were in the time capsule looked like tens to me, but I am not sure. The old W. T. Champney home that was moved but used to sit right across from Apopka City Hall there where Walgreens and Wendys are now had some very old genuine Confederate bills displayed there. My husband and me used to go in on the closed in porch, I guess it was called a Florida room, and Mr. Champneys had an vintage wicker set there on the east side of the home there, and a coffee table covered with a sheet of glass and the old Confederate money was under the glass. Those were some sizable denominations of real Confederate money laying there in plain view right under the glass. His plant nursery office was in a different building at the back of the home and his secretary worked in there, and many times I would go with my husband to pick up his paycheck and she would have this huge cat sitting on her desk, with all these stacks of paperwork, and if you touched that desk, that big cat would smack your hand with its paw! LOL…..but Mr. Champney had the cat de-clawed so it couldn’t hurt anyone. He and his secretary both loved cats. His secretary was named Marge and she always dressed in black, always, and her husband, I can’t remember his named, always dressed in white. White tennis shorts, white polo shirts, and a white tennis hat, as he played a lot of tennis and was a very religious man, and I would run into him at the local thrift stores as he was always combing the thrifts for religious type books…….LOL A little Apopka history……….

  8. I am seeing a $ 50 denomination bill of the Confederate money that was in the time capsule of the Confederate Memorial that was removed from Lake Eola Park. There must of been several bills, because I am certain I saw a $ 10 bill. I am at a slight disadvantage when going to different websites and reading articles because I don’t have a Facebook account, of course that is my choice, but sometimes I click on comments on Facebook, and get to read them, and other times I click on people’s comments and they aren’t shown to me, oh well, actually I am just thankful that when I get awake and get up in the morning we are still here and haven’t been nuked, at least not YET.

  9. The traffic seemed horrific yesterday, more so than normal out toward Rock Springs Road, Welch, and Vick. It is awful everyday of course, but seemed worse yesterday. I sure hate to see the school traffic chaos when school starts….OMG, and things are only going to get worse and worse with more and more developments coming in. We can’t hardly leave our house and go for a little errand and back home without seeing ambulances, fire trucks, and cops racing to yet another car crash! Then when school starts up, we can’t even get in and out of our street to get home due to all the backed up school traffic!

  10. Where are the fox squirrels? I used to see big, fat, happy long-tailed fox squirrels playing all along Jason Dwelley at the Northwest Recreation Complex and now every time I ride out there along Jason Dwelley I NEVER see any them…..Why is that, and what happened to them?????? I used to see gopher turtles crawling along there too, and all along Poncan Road, and Vick. I still see a few of the gopher turtles crawling, but no fox squirrels. Anybody know what is going on with the fox squirrels?


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