Hurricane Season 2018

From the Apopka Fire Department and the Orange County¬†Sheriff’s Office

An Apopka Fire Department ambulance and crew along with other units from Ocoee and the Orange and Seminole County Fire Departments are part of the first strike team requested by the state to respond to the Florida Panhandle to assist with emergency operations related to Hurricane Michael. Crews left on Tuesday evening and were deployed from strategic locations to assist those in need.

“This is a prime example of the need for the statewide mutual aid agreement that was approved at the last city council meeting,” said AFD Chief Chuck Carnesale. “It allows for the state to call upon the participating agencies for assistance in times of natural disasters such as these. The Apopka Fire Department has sent two personnel and an ambulance along with several central Florida agencies to the panhandle.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office also answered the call to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.


In response to a request from the Florida Sheriffs Association Mutual Aid disaster agreement, Sheriff Jerry L. Demings approved the deployment of 46 OCSO personnel assist with the devastation from Hurricane Michael.

The 46 deputies will be assigned to Panama City. Included in the deployment team will be 20 members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT), a chain-saw team, Marine Unit members with airboats and other vessels, and two members of the Fleet team to assist with any mechanical repairs.

The OCSO personnel will be 100% self-sufficient with food, RVs and supplies, as to not take away from the efforts to help those affected by the historic hurricane.

The first team of personnel left this morning. The remaining personnel will join them later today.


  1. I had been wondering if any of ours was going to help. Those people sure need help there! When I viewed the pictures from the area, it was much worse than I imagined. I pray they get the much needed relief and help they need. As I stated before, that hurricane came without very much warning, and hardly anyone expected it to be that powerful and devastating. The area does look like it was bombed!


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