During the November 1st Apopka City Council meeting, several members of the Apopka Area Concerned Citizens Council (AACCC), and other Apopka residents used the public comments period to express their displeasure over the Apopka Historical Society’s decision to not re-stock the book “The Pennings of Perrine Slim: Stories of Northwest Orange County Florida”.

On Friday, November 3rd, The Apopka Chief published an account of the meeting, which included a description of the public comments, as well as a response by Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer defending the Apopka Historical Society’s actions.

On Sunday Cheryl Kilsheimer, President of the Apopka Historical Society, emailed a statement to The Apopka Voice in response to the allegations and to The Apopka Chief’s article. The statement is endorsed by the vast majority of the Apopka Historical Society Board, and their names are listed at the end of the response.

On Tuesday, The Apopka Chief Managing Editor John Perry sent this response to The Apopka Voice in reference to the statement made by Apopka Historical Society President Cheryl Kilsheimer:

“In an online opinion piece that stated it was written by Cheryl Kilsheimer, wife of Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer, and was reviewed and endorsed by eight members of the Apopka Historical Society Board dated Sunday, November 5, on The Apopka Voice website, The Apopka Chief was criticized for its Friday, November 3, story about the Wednesday, November 1, meeting of the Apopka City Council.

In the story, we printed statements of the criticisms of Mrs. Kilsheimer from people who spoke during the public comment period, and what those people said were her actions while acting in her role as president of the Apopka Historical Society. Also during the meeting, Mayor Kilsheimer defended what was said about Mrs. Kilsheimer and we printed his statements as well.

The Apopka Chief’s story was about what happened at the City Council meeting – nothing more and nothing less. We have been covering City Council meetings in this manner for many years. These meetings are open to the public, and anyone could have attended the meeting and spoken if so desired.

For those who are interested in what was said at the meeting, the audio from that City Council meeting is available online at http://bit.ly/2hLhPmg. The portion concerning this issue is under the Public Comment tab on the left side of the page.”

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of The Apopka Chief, and do not necessarily reflect the position of The Apopka Voice. 


  1. The Apopka Chief needs to acknowledge that the AACCC (Apopka Area Concerned Citizen Council) is a PAC (political action committee). The grievances discovered and then publicly aired by the group tend to mysteriously coincide with city and county election cycles. Makes one think about their timing and their motivation.

    • Who cares about that, the problem was what she did in the nursing home , and as her job is political it was news, it was disgusting that she even went there to do what she did to a senior in an assisted living center, she should have been removed by their security people.

      • I care about that and that is why I commented.
        Don’t like it….move on
        It is disgusting that people like you who have no idea of the details hurl false accusations. If you are so proud of what you say how about using your full name

  2. It’s politics folks. No different than previous election. So deal with it and move on to the next talking point…..

  3. Be bear aware….there is a bear hanging around currently in a tree at Bonnie Glen and Kee Streets in Apopka, according to channel 6 news at 4:00. FWC knows of the bear, so don’t report it, they say be aware of it and leave it alone. I was looking toward Hunt Club or 436, but NO, it is right over near my home area. If you were to go to the Lake Avenue Park that was redone for the kids recently, and walk up a little north of there and cross west into the subdivision it is over in there. South of Summit St. direction. So watch your kiddies, puppy dogs, kittens, pets, and do not leave any food around tonight, for sure, or even in your vehicles, as the bear may decide to tear your car apart for a bag of chips. I think it is snoozing in the tree right now.

  4. Who is going to win the Longwood election tonight? What about that 7 foot tall former WWE wrestler, the one with the intimidating face, and the same name as the well-known Central Florida powerful attorney’s son? When I first heard MM was running, I thought it was the attorney’s son who was trying to get into politics. Just think, that ex- wrestler could stand side- to- side with the John Land statue, and be the same height! Commissioner Becker, I think he has you beat, as far as the height.

  5. They just reported the bear is still in the tree napping. There is no place for them to go around here in this town. Too much traffic, too many homes….and the Expressway Authority has been burning the piled- up tree debris from the land clearing of the highway building, and it is smoking the bears out into the subdivisions.

  6. Drove by earlier in the subdivision off Summit St. and Lake Av. and the news van and satellite was up where the bear was in the tree here in Apopka. Went to some stores for a little while, and came back by and the people that were gathered out there were gone, and so was the news van. It was quiet and dark then, so maybe the bear moved on somewhere else.

  7. The Apopka chief has turned very biased over the last several years. I always felt the newspaper should report the news,not make the news. Either Mr. or Mrs. Ricketson used a hateful mean emoji face to one of my comments on an earlier post. I feel that this is very unprofessional as it did not mention the Apopka chief in my statement or context. It’s very clear that the Apopka chief is part of the “ Old guard “ which is led by Larry Moe and Curly otherwise known as the 3Rs! This city voted the old guard out at the last election because people are tired of the dirty under the table, behind the door deals. Apopka has grown bigger and better under Mayor Joe Kilsheimer and will continue to.

    • Joe is digging a hole that we might never get out of if he isn’t stopped, name one thing he has done but antagonize people that want to live here and have enjoyed living here for the last 30-40 years and longer I am a Veteran and am disgusted .

      • James, please enlighten us as to what hole he has dug. How about some facts. I’m not being sarcastic here. Please tell us what you mean.

  8. Dennis, why do you always persist with your phrase, “Apopka Proper”…I would like to know? Are you referring to citizens who live in the City of Apopka corporate boundaries ( the city limit) as opposed to those who live in the unincorporated sections of Orange County, Florida? If so, why don’t you state city limits, or in the county, instead of the snooty sounding phrase you use and prefer, which is “Apopka Proper”…???

    • “Apopka proper” means exclusion of South Apopka. That’s obvious. Many people don’t even want to think of South Apopka. Their exclusion is based only on racism but they aren’t going to come out and say THAT. I know of at least one guy who was singing the praises of Apopka and telling everyone in public how he was so supportive of Apopka. In the next breath, he said he never includes South Apopka as part of the overall picture. I suspect that same, sorry mentality is extant in the “country club set” in Apopka as well. In summation, “Apopka proper” means everywhere but South Apopka because those people “down there” are far from being up to our level of class”. That’s a fact!

  9. Obviously Dennis you have “pull” in this city administration, otherwise you would not have been able to get your 22 stop signs with your last name at the top of them, all around Lake Avenue, and around town…..hahahaha……so now Dennis, what do you want? Maybe you would prefer that when the new “Welcome to Apopka” sign goes up, if it ever does, would you Dennis, prefer, “Welcome to Apopka Proper”…???? Come on Dennis, speak with ’em up there at city hall again, and I am certain, without a doubt, that you can get your welcome sign up, that you like the phrase of so much….LOL

  10. So Dennis, do you think that someone has to be from “Apopka Proper” to go visit and check out the Apopka Historical Museum?…..just wondering.

  11. Anybody ever had any Marco Pizza? I haven’t, but will try it when it gets opened. I was wondering if anybody has already tried it and if it is good pizza.

  12. I think I will make myself some breakfast pizza one morning, when I am in the mood, and it will be chipped creamed beef pizza. How does that sound?……LOL hahahaha I like that creamy stuff, plus deep dish pizza, so combine them, and it would be a winner in my book.

  13. It sure is hard to believe that Senator Rand Paul’s own neighbor of 17 years, who is a doctor also, would attack Paul as he mowed his grass. They said it would be considered a trivial matter, by most people, but they don’t say what it was over or why? All they did say, was that it was not over politics. I don’t get it, and wonder why they won’t say.

  14. I listened to the first 45 minutes of the Nov 1st City Council Meeting and The Apopka Chief did report in their Nov 3rd Edition exactly what was said at the meeting regarding the Museum. Like they said, there were no opinions stated, just the facts. The good news is, that next April, Mayor Joe will have a lot of time to pursue his “passion” with Certified Second Chance while off the Apopka taxpayers payroll.


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