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By Don Lindsey

This weekend, I’ve been lucky enough to accompany my wife and daughter for a visit to my mother-in-laws in Fort Pierce.  Not only is she a wonderful mother-in-law and one of the sweetest people you could meet, but she also lives in a condo by the beach, which just adds to her wonderfulness.

Waking up beach-side is always nice, but this morning, I was treated to a spectacular show of force from the high winds.  The ocean seemed to be one giant white cap, and the palm trees were whipping back and forth as the winds peppered the area.  After staring at the scene for a few minutes, I kept looking at the palm trees.  I thought about their durability and was impressed with how resilient they are and thought back to Hurricane Irma.  The winds this morning are strong, but they’re nothing compared to the force that these trees would have faced a few months back, and yet through all of that, they are still standing.

After spending some more time looking at the majestic scene playing outside, I realized that this mentality could apply to people as well.  I can say that I have several “palm tree” like folks that are always there no matter the situation.  These people may bend from time to time, but they do not break and have proven to be an essential part of my life.  I hope that I’ve been that way as well for those that I run across and for my family.  If I can be that way for those in tough situations, then I’d say that I’m doing well with my life.

The ultimate example of bending but not breaking would be our relationships with God.  Time after time, our Lord shows that His love will endure any and all storms.  I believe that God puts into our lives folks who help us feel secure and puts other people in our lives so that we can do the same for them.  For me, it’s my family and close friends.  For some, it may be co-workers or other people that they run into.  Either way, I think that God nudges us and others towards each other so that we may be of service in a similar fashion that Jesus was.   I think my biggest obstacle is that I am not open-minded enough sometimes to recognize those helpful moments.  That is something that I plan to correct immediately.

When I first started coming down to visit my wife and kids, I would get excited about seeing palm trees.  I’ve always been a fan because for me they represent being with my family rather than 1000 miles away in Ohio.  Now, not only do I still love looking at them, I now have a greater respect for the trees and the way they show us how to be strong.  It’s amazing how God speaks to us through nature.  It may be a rainbow, a clear sky or as the case was this morning, a wind storm, but no matter what it is we can find direction and wisdom.  All we have to do is look for it.  God bless.

Don Lindsey is a follower of Christ, son, husband, father, and a survivor.  Originally from Dayton Ohio, and resident of Apopka for six years, Don sees his life as a dedication to his wife, parents, children, and community.


  1. Don, a lot could be said about the winds of life! We can break… or we can bend. The challenges, losses and difficulties in life are there to strengthen us. Chaz

  2. Donnie, remember Barbara Walter’s interviews, and her famous question to her guest was, “What kind of tree would you be, if you could be any tree?,” or something sort of like that phrase. lol

  3. Indeed it does often boil down to that simple choice. Leaning into your relationship with God helps draw a considerable amount of strength I have found and makes it easier to fight off the higher winds of life. God bless Chuck!


  4. I have been looking at trees for a long time. The Norfolk Island Pine trees seemed to survive the cold fairly well considering that they don’t like it under 35 degrees. Orlando area is the most northern area that you would want to plant one. Anywhere north of Orlando area, the Norfolk Island Pine might get killed off, from the cold, but it might not, as I have seen them around and they are very tough, and resilient.

  5. The Norfolk Island Pines withstood the high winds of the hurricanes, very well too. They are from the islands, in origin, and tolerate humidity and salt well. If Barbara Walters had of asked me that question, I guess I would say I would be a Norfolk Island Pine. They are celebrated at Christmas, as little Christmas trees, decorated, and then planted out in the yards, and grow to be strong and mighty and endure. LOL

  6. I hope I am not boring you Donnie with this tree talk. I know you meant the subject to be more about hope and strength of people. I am looking at the trees around since the hurricanes and the cold, and I noticed that the pony tail palms have done great and do not look very damaged. I have one of them. My fishtail palm, my cardboard palm, my areca palm, my bird of paradise, and so many of my other plants look terrible, and brown from the cold. It is disheartening to me.

  7. When one of my young cousins visited us a long time ago, and we went for a walk down the sidewalks around near our house, she looked down and asked me,” What is that?” I said, “What?” And she showed me what she was talking about and she had said, ” those black things laying there.” I told her laughing, that it was ears, from an ear tree, and I held them up both over my own ears, and told her that they hear everything, and you better be quiet, because they hear everything anyone says…..she just rolled her eyes at me.

  8. May God Bless you and your loved ones Donnie. I especially enjoyed your article this week, thanks for the writings and your thoughts.


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