Decision Apopka 2018

Republicans take an early lead in returns

Election day in Apopka may be March 13th, but hundreds of ballots have already been counted in the race for mayor, and two city commission seats. On February 6th, vote-by-mail ballots were sent to Apopka voters who requested them, and only one week later are already pouring back in to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections (OCSE) office.

According to the OCSE, 307 ballots have been received and approved in the Apopka Municipal Election with 160 (52.12%) being registered Republicans, 109 (35.5%) Democrats, and 38 (12.38%) listed as “other” or no affiliation.

In the 2014 Apopka Mayoral election (runoff), 56% (3,460) voted by mail, while 44% voted the day of the election. Also in the 2014 runoff, Republicans outdistanced Democrats at the polls 49%-33%, with “other” and no affiliation making up 18% of the electorate.

There is still time to request a vote-by-mail ballot:


To verify if you already have a request on file or check the status of your vote by mail ballot please click here.

A request for a vote-by-mail ballot to be delivered via mail must be received no later than 5 p.m. the 6th day (Wednesday) prior to an election.

NOTE: Be sure to provide your current address.  BALLOTS ARE NOT FORWARDABLE and you must vote according to where you live.

  • Online: You may request a vote-by-mail ballot online.
    • To have a ballot mailed to a temporary address you may not use the online form.  Please download form to submit by mail or fax or as an email attachment with the voter’s signature.
  • By Phone: (407) 836-2070 or 407-836-8683
  • By Mail/Fax: You can download the request form in PDF format and mail it into our office. Request form English or Spanish
  • Military and Overseas Voters: may request the ballot online or, download, complete, sign and return the FPCA found at

A signed written request is required when requesting a ballot to be mailed to an address that is different from the address on the registration record. You must include: your name, date of birth, current Orange County residential address, mailing address and the voter’s signature.


  1. Wow, I am really surprised someone didn’t go to the Apopka Post Office and re-route the city’s mail to Russia or somewhere else. This is Flori-duh, at election time, and strange things seem to happen…LOL


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