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Decision Apopka 2018

On Sunday, December 3rd, Apopka’s municipal elections will be 100 days away. If this were a horse race, we would be at that curve in the track where the stretch run becomes visible.

And 100 days will go fast.

It’s been a long, plodding, mostly quiet campaign cycle thus far that started a year before Election Day. In that period, most of the candidates have organized their campaign staffs, raised money, created a plan, and kept a low profile. Some have been at it for quite awhile, others just recently entered, and one is still waiting for an opponent.

But one thing is for certain… the quiet campaigns of 2017 will transition into a 2018 model will lead to a much higher visibility in the community.

early voting registration
Who will you vote for in the City Commission Seat #1, and Apopka Mayor elections?

Very soon, Apopka can expect to see display advertising, bumper stickers, yard signs, and knocks on their doors from these candidates hoping to occupy seats on the City Council.

The names Kilsheimer, Nelson, Velazquez, Kidd, Knight, Mott, and Smith will be abundantly more visible as the candidates for Apopka Mayor, and City Commission Seats #1 and #2 begin to roll out their messages on how they would lead Apopka.

 The Apopka Voice has promised to keep its readers, and the voters of Apopka informed on this historic election, and this is the first step.

Where do these races stand?

The Apopka Voice Reader Poll is the first of the campaign season. It was published at noon on Friday, December 1st, and closes at noon on Monday, December 4th, at which time we will publish its results.

This is not a scientific poll. The margin of error is unknown, but it should reflect a snapshot of where our readers stand, with approximately 100 days to go before Election Day. So vote for the candidates you think will best lead this community into its promising future, and have a great weekend Apopka.

Editor’s Note: Commissioner Diane Velazquez is up for re-election for Seat #2 in 2018, but at the time of publication does not have an opponent. Therefore the Seat #2 election is not up for polling. 

Editor’s Note: The polling system used by The Apopka Voice will accept only one vote per IP address.


    • Yes – Mayor Juana has a lot of play in the decision making for all politicians from this point forward!!

      And how about updating our ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE. That is where we are really hurting!!!

  1. Wish there was two alternate candidates for Apopka Commission Seat #2, as I would have voted for Greg Jackson’s candidates of choice, the dog, or the cat……….

  2. There is absolutely no excitement in the air, at all, for this election coming up in Apopka. It is boring, to say the least. Why should I expect anything else? A boring town, a boring election…….

  3. Just look at how our government is operating currently in Washington…..votes taken right before 2 am! on 500 pages of legislation, that have been amended, and scratched through, rewritten, crossed out, and penned in, and with only a couple of hours to even read what is there, without time to read it all, or study the 500 pages over, plus a call to postpone the vote until couple days later, and the GOP vote NO to that two day delay to give time to read it all… and then the GOP proceed to vote for the legislation, to cut taxes on the wealthiest of the wealthy, and corporations, and stick it to everybody else…..shameful!!! Just pass anything to GET ‘ER DONE, so Trump can claim a victory…. A win for Trump’s own wallet…….

  4. All that is on the news nationally is Trump getting away with everything, men in power getting away with sexual misconduct and harassment, and locally, in the central Florida area, the only news is the constant shootings incidents, and car jackings that are getting way too common…. time to cut off the news, and listen to more music.

  5. I saw the photo in the Apopka Chief Newspaper of the 33 fire department members who were newly hired, the others promoted and the rest of the others promoted to Lieutenant positions…..can we say TAX INCREASE?

  6. Oh, we know that those poor souls in the fire department weren’t making enough wages….right????? ha ha….Have you all seen some of the personal vehicles they drive???….wow…!!! The mayor had to impress the hospital’s main man, I guess, plus, the biggy is, IT IS ELECTION TIME….!!! And the mayor wants their votes!

  7. The fire department is the silver spoon raised baby of the COA! They get it all, the glory, the money, the praise, everything!!!

  8. Some times I think we have to many fire stations. I love the job AFD does and they are well trained. Maybe it is a little over kill in the city’s part.

  9. People. Let’s not forget Kilsheimer had the breaking vote and voted to spend 5 mil over the next 5 years for red light cameras. Get him out. Nope won’t get my vote.

  10. Reggie, as I was playing around to vote, one of the candidate’s bubble circles automatically got blackened in, and that was not the one I was going to vote for, so I didn’t click the vote bar, but exited the article, and came back in, and did vote then clicking the bubble, and it was okay, as I was the one who clicked the bubble circle, but like I said, the first time I tried, it automatically colored in the bubble of one of the candidates, and I didn’t even touch it myself, I swear!…..weird, weird, strange….. Flori-duh voting is back again to plague us voters….lol! Even with no hanging chads….lol! If this voting poll “runs out of ballots”, like the last real election, Reggie, you gonna have some ‘plaining to do ….ha ha

  11. Not to mention that Aporka, Hungary folks can vote for this city election poll here on the Apopka Voice….or the Russians over in Moscow, or how about these fine folks???….the inmates sitting in the Florida prisons… I know who they will vote for! Ha ha……!!!

  12. We are so fortunate to have the diligent, fast responsive fire department. We speak from experience having had occasion to need them twice. They are the best!

  13. Unbelievable comments here about our fire department. I may be a little bias being I had the pleasure to serve this community for 31 years at the AFD before retiring. First of all the addition of the fire station on the north side of the city is way overdue. With the growth that has already happened north of Ponkan Road it was warranted. Response times are critical with fire and emergency medical services. The temporary fire station that has opened with the new hospital campus in the southwest section of the city is a forward thinking idea by the department administrative staff. The growth is coming and we have to be ready for it instead of playing catch up. The men and woman that make up your ISO Class 1 fire department work very hard and could pay the ultimate sacrifice at any time. The departments competitive wages are what keep good people here, and bring the best candidates from all over the state and other departments here. Why would you want anything different ? As far as the personal vehicles of the departments members being real nice, I am glad they have the ability to earn a wage so they can have nice things. As a city taxpayer I want the absolute best trained, properly staffed and equipped firefighters and police officers protecting me and my family. That takes a commitment from our city leaders, and yes you the taxpayer.

  14. Jeff, I expected comments from you. After all, you are the AFD’s number #1 cheerleader every time I look at the social media regarding the fire department. So you say you are “little biased”???? Please….Look Jeff, I am glad you have retired with the AFD with 31 years service…congratulations for the hard work and dedication. I am not knocking the fire department, and their hard work, experience, skills, and that one day any of them could pay the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. This is the reality. What I am suggesting is that this mass promotion ceremony of the fire department employees looks “very suspect” as to the timing of these mass promotions….right before the city election, as in “trying to gain votes”….if you don’t think so, Jeff, fine, whatever. If I were one of the city employees getting a promotion, it would not matter to me the reason either, I would be jumping for joy too………

  15. By the way Jeff, I am just now seeing your response and that is why I am answering you here on the Apopka Voice. I am not the one who stated that we have too many fire stations….I didn’t say that, not me, but I will tell you exactly what gripes me big time. The fire department employees are treated so special, the silver spoon raised bunch, that get all the praise, glory, pats on the back and constant promotions ( but not this many at once because of the election) and constant wage increases that come with the promotions while other city employees are treated like the “red-headed stepchildren” of the city. Many of them hardly get promoted, and have been in some of the same positions a long time….and they do equally dangerous work and bust their humps out in all kinds of weather, and they don’t get the hoopla that you fire department employees enjoy….You think I am being unfair? Sorry. All you all think of is your inclusive extended Apopka fire family.

  16. For instance, the city construction crew have to climb down into holes, with risk of cave-ins, working down in standing water at times up to their crotches, cold weather, blazing hot sun, working around very dangerous natural gas lines digging near them, that could blow them to kingdom come! Fiber optic lines, underground electrical lines, that could fry them with one wrong move. Heavy construction equipment that could crush them, or touch a power line, and out on the roadways where they could get hit by vehicles, as they repair or install water, sewer, and re-use lines to supply the city’s residents utility needs. Tell me Jeff, when was the last time you saw a banquet, or plaques handed out to those employees at the city for their hard work, or God-forbid, a promotion or raise…plus you fire department guys and police have a much better pension plan than the general employees. Were you aware of that other than just the per hour pay???

  17. It is time for someone to stand up for the general employees who are ignored like they don’t exist! You fire guys get to sit around, and chow down, and sleep at the fire stations, waiting for the calls to come in, and earning BIG BUCKS while there is also other city employees out busting their humps in all kinds of weather, that is equally as dangerous, if not more dangerous, with NO THANK YOU….

  18. I saw the photo of the fire department ceremony of the newly hired, the middle section of the other promotions, and the bottom group who were promoted lieutenants….I see NO DIVERSITY in this group picture….I have listened to the constant talk at the city council meetings of complaints by people who state there is no diversity at the city, and I myself have at times thought, that they were just crying “wolf” constantly….but just look at the photo…..I think it is not just a matter of these people complaining about diversity and crying wolf! Examine the photo! Where is the diversity in this photo?

  19. Another thing, all these trips out of town across the nation, maybe even internationally, to go to these competitions of fire department physical agility tests….lot of money being spend for airfare, hotels, meals, and whatever else….should the taxpayers of this city have to foot the bill for you all’s fun and games??? I don’t think so. You all need to stay here in this city and look out for our residents and their safety!

  20. Not to mention there is an allegation that was brought up at a previous city council meeting, that the monies donated and raised for the “Festival of the Trees” Christmas displays, that is suppose to support the Apopka Historical Museum (that is what it was said the money was to go to) was used for the Apopka Fire Department employees to go to a fire competition out of state….was it NY, not sure, anyway, it is an allegation that was made by someone at the council meeting, and here is what is interesting….THERE WAS NO DENYING THAT ALLEGATION at that meeting….???

  21. Seems like I remember a discussion a good while back of putting a temporary fire station out at NW Recreation Complex, until one could be built, and it was shot down, but I see this temporary fire station, now at the new hospital property, has been okayed and in operation. The only one in the country, so I understand…. Why one place is okay, but the other wasn’t? They said that at a temporary station at the NW, the fire equipment couldn’t be protected enough???

  22. Even the police department employees aren’t as constantly honored at the city (although it is a lot) as you fire department family….just look at the extreme danger the police face! Look at that bank robbery yesterday at Iberia bank at the entrance to Lake Doe subdivision! If it came down to facing a fire scene, or facing rounds of bullets, I would rather take my chances fighting a fire! IMO….sorry.

  23. Barbara McLeod, I am just now seeing your above posting……Barbara, your question you asked me, about have I ever considering getting a job?…… aimed to insult me, is deplorable. I am retired, for your information. Sorry, if that bothers you so much…. How I spend my time, is my business, and none of your business.

  24. Barbara McLeod, funny I see A LOT of your opinions and postings on the various local websites of Apopka, so you must have A LOT OF TIME ON YOUR HANDS!….mainly your postings are playing #1 cheerleader to certain local politicians…hearty ha ha…. LOL!


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