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Sending critical medical supplies and water

From Florida Hospital News

 Florida Hospital continues to assist in the relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

Early Saturday, a private jet owned by a Florida Hospital supporter set off from Orlando Executive Airport, carrying nearly 400 pounds of medical liquids, including saline and irrigation fluids, and 150 pounds of emergency drinking water.

The supplies are in the process of being delivered to Hospital Buen Samaritano in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The timing of this delivery is critical, as the hospital is in great need.

Meanwhile, a team of Florida Hospital emergency physicians continued their work on the island Saturday. The doctors have been providing critical care and assistance to local physicians, while also assessing the island’s overall health needs.

Additional Florida Hospital physicians are expected to travel to Puerto Rico in upcoming days to further the relief efforts.

The physicians will help develop a long-term response plan to provide medical relief to the island.



  1. Thank you to all the compassionate people who are desperately trying to help Puerto Rico including Florida Hospital. My heart goes out to the mayor of San Juan, when I watch her stand, and beg for help and cry, when the people there are dying from the dire desperation of lack of food, water, medicine, and supplies, there on the island, that is devastated. Meanwhile, President Trump insults the island’s people, indicating that they are not helping themselves, and want everything given to them, as he also downplays the US federal disaster aid slow response time and efforts, saying that relief effort is going just fine, when it is not, and is way too slow, as the people are die, and then tries to turn it political as he blames the Democrats. Pence is no better than Trump, as he too upholds Trump on everything, no matter what. The 3 star general lashed out at Trump however. Trump too busy ranting about football players down on bended knees, rather than TCB, as he should.

  2. Another politician is more concerned about the island people’s future votes, than their current survival. A ridiculous shame……..

  3. I truly can’t stand Trump. He makes me sick. It is unbelievable a person such as he, is holding the nuclear button code, as well, as the power that he been elected to have, over the people of this country, as well as the world!

  4. I am heartsick also when I read the article of the Winter Park nanny who has been murdered. Her purse left on the floor of the home where she worked as a nanny, her car, and herself missing, and now her car has been found, as well as her body, because whoever is responsible, murdered her! A suspect has been named, a photo of him shown, and if he is responsible, which is still alleged, he will be found! I am 100% sure when the US marshalls move in, they will get him! They will find him, there will nowhere for him to hide, as they will find him, and get him off the streets! It won’t be long now, I am sure. I have complete confidence in the US marshalls. Too many dangerous people everywhere around here, but the US marshalls are soooo good at what they do.

  5. If the suspected killer has a substance abuse problem as alleged, if he is as dangerous as they say he is, and if he has some mental issues, also as alleged, plus a long criminal record including prison, how long do you think that $ 300 dollars will last? That was the maximum daily amount of money that he could withdraw from the murdered nanny’s bank account, that he did get, as shown on the bank’s ATM cameras. He murdered that lady for $300! Her life had no value to him what so ever. It would not of mattered, as he would of killed her, for any amount, apparently. I feel so sorry for her, even though she has been taken from this earth, and for her family, who have been left with holes in their hearts forever, and to have to deal with the darkness of grief, to mourn over, and yearn for her, and to her brand new recently born grandbaby, that she never got the opportunity to travel to go and see. Heartbreaking, not to mention the killer could be anywhere still around these parts, and will be wanting more money for his next fix of drugs…….

  6. Good- bye Vincent Van Gogh mural on the wall in Mt. Dora. Gone soon, but not forgotten. We hardly knew ye’. Here is what the mural artist should do now. A collection should be taken up for the artist. He should go get a quality photo of the wall mural he painted, with the home owner’s permission for its use. He should then lease or rent a big billboard on 441 along the main artery of Mt. Dora, and have the photo of his Vincent Van Gogh mural displayed on the billboard, and advertise his mural painting service, and it should also state how the artsy town of Mt. Dora rejected his mural of the art master, after they had approved it. In that way, the artist’s mural could endure in Mt. Dora, as well as advertise his services, and let the public all know how Mt. Dora government operates giving permission, then changing their minds because they didn’t personally like his style of art. A good time to do this would be during the city’s famous art festival. Good luck, paint on.

  7. My husband woke me up this morning with the news of the deadliest mass shooting in US history that has occurred in Las Vegas about midnight last night, that has killed 50+ people, and has wounded and injured 200+ people at a concert across the road from Mandala Bay casino and hotel. Yet another mass killing……this one’s shooter was a 64-year old white man, who lived in a retirement center, who had filed a lawsuit against another casino resort in the past, over some sort of injury or accident that had happened there, and ultimately the lawsuit he had filed against the casino resort was dismissed. A case of an angry white man, if you ask me! Definitively terrorism, which I would call domestic terrorism, not so much a hate crime, probably what the law would not call a hate crime, but it is still very much a hate crime, as I think he had pent up resentment toward the world……….

  8. It has been a long time since I was in Las Vegas, which we went to in 2001, but we went to Mandalay Bay, which was at the very end of the Vegas Strip, the last casino resort before the airport. That was the way it was then, I don’t know what else has been built since then. Like another world out there, compared to our world here in Apopka. Next to the Luxor, if I remember correctly, because I got separated from my husband in the Luxor, and got lost, and like to never found my way back to him, as he had his cell phone turned on, but it was so loud he didn’t hear me calling him and he was playing the slots….LOL

  9. I am hearing the repetitive shooting on the tv of the mass shooting. He certainly could kill off a lot of people with that kind of firepower. I don’t know what this country can do to stop this sort of terrorism. I really don’t. We live in different times than we used to. Things are not looking promising for our future at all. God help us.

  10. You know, this what I am saying may seem trivial, considering the mass shooting that has just occurred, but yesterday while dumping more debris at the Golden Gem site, while we were out there, I kept hearing shooting over and over out there, in the near distance. I don’t know where it was coming from, but just being out in that open field, with shooting going on was concerning. Does anyone know?

  11. Could it have been a turkey shoot? Aren’t turkey shoots held more in November? I mean, if there was no turkey shoot going on, somebody was shooting a lot out near there. I don’t want to get shot, or my husband, or anyone else dumping debris out there either.

  12. A truckload of coconut oil has spilled all over I-4 and the roads down below, from a wreck where a truck overturned. Bet that is a huge mess. Road is closed off westbound, and the road below too, which I believe is Anderson St.

  13. What? A gold golf bowl trophy, for Gods Sake? You could have given away some of those Melania flood heels at least, Donald, what were you thinking?

  14. I swear I sit here and laughed myself half to death at Randy Cooley’s response to the post on Apopka Critic website, I think it was the Critic’s website, about the post about Florida Food For Families will be provided for the Irma hurricane victims here in Florida, that lost their food due to the hurricane, and the program is called Disaster SNAP, and the article goes on to tout the program, and it describes how to apply, and get the goods. Randy’s response to the post, has me in stitches. Made my day. Thank you, Randy. Loved it. Tickled by funny bone totally.


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