By Charles Towne 

Did you ever ask yourself, what might be?

If I ask myself the following questions each day and answer them honestly will it inspire me and help me to reach my God-given potential?   I recognize these questions are personal therefore the answers are personal as well and are simply to cause us to think and perhaps to grow.

#!  Am I content with the direction my life is taking me today?

#2 Am I content with my character growth… today?

#3  Am I growing, or am I just standing still, marking time… or marching in place and going nowhere?

#4  If I remain where I am today, am I going to be fulfilled tomorrow?

#5  What needs to happen in my life to give me a definite sense of fulfillment in the future?

#6   What are the defining issues in my life today that determine whether I am going to possess a sense of genuine well being and accomplishment of a life well lived tomorrow?

#7   Am I a dreamer, an imaginer?

#8   Do I think outside of the box?

#9  Do I visualize my dreams as being in the realm of reality, of possibility?

#10  Am I really living, or am I just existing?

#11   Do I really care for others, or am I self-absorbed?

#12   Do others know that I really care?

#13  Do I love my life?
(If I answered no to that one perhaps I need an attitude adjustment.)

#14  Am I striving to improve myself daily?

#15  Do I associate with people that inspire me to be better than I am?

#16  Is the world a better place because of my having been here?

#17  Am I a good listener?

#18  Do I always strive to do the right thing?

#!9  Do I always strive to do the right thing, today?

#20 Am I enjoying my life?

#21 Am I content with my spiritual condition?

#22  And the last question, which should be the first is, do I have a living, breathing, vibrant, relationship with Papa God, TODAY?

Dear Father, please help me to serve rather than be served.  Help me to build up rather than tear down.  Help me to be a peacemaker instead of a dissenter.  Thank you for first loving me Papa God, In Jesus’ most blessed name I ask this, Amen

Live simply,
Love generously,
Trust God, and make a difference, today


Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Dear friend, As I read over this post I have to ask myself a couple more questions and the first is this: Is the world a better place because of my having been here? I realize more than ever before my shortcoming, my inadequacies. I see the warts and blemishes in my character therefore I know that my friends and family see them. I have to ask myself: Do i spread love, peace, harmony and Joy, or am I always ready to take offense? Do I find myself needy? Or do I reach out to help others in their need? As these questions popped into my mind I am sure you will have similar thoughts, so please share your thoughts and let us pray that each of us will be a blessing to every soul we meet. Chaz

  2. Great piece and full of things I find myself wondering all of the time. A great check list to use to make sure that I’m living my life in a way that helps others, pleasing the Lord in the process. Well written Chuck and God bless.


  3. Well written as always Chuck! I find myself asking these same questions throughout the day and have learned that the questions serve as a mental checklist that helps me stay in touch with the Lord. God bless Chuck and my prayers are with you and yours as always.


  4. Don, Rising above the mundane, the commonplace, the “so what’s” of this life are the real challenge. Storms we can do little about and we usually have time to prepare for them, but the nagging, piddling, unobtrusive, little sneaky things that creep into our lives like ants in a sugar bowl, those are the real danger. I will never forget the time years ago while getting ready for a series of nature talks I was presenting in Michigan that a diamondback rattlesnake got loose in our car and I didn’t realize it until I discovered the empty snake bag. Yeah, I know, I’m nuts. The only thing that’s worse than finding a snake bag in your car is finding an EMPTY snake bag in your car. You know, I never did find that snake! How many creepy crawlies are hiding in your life? Dear Lord, open our eyes that we may see. Chaz


  6. Charles, this is a wonderful list of questions. Maybe looking at and asking ourselves these questions on a regular basis WILL help us reach our potential. They certainly resonate with me as really important, kind of like a reality check for waking up and living consciously. I have printed them out for myself. Thanks for the inspiration to not settle for sleep walking through life.

  7. Kristin, excellent observation! So many folks seem to exist in almost a zombie-like state not only separated from others but themselves as well. I believe the only way we can ever truly realize true happiness and fulfillment is in service to others. Thanks so much for the positive comment. Chaz

  8. Good questions, Chuck….many of those I am dealing with right now! Since my wife passed away in March I am working hard to change from the home I am in now and go to a special apartment my daughters have ready for me in Kansas. The only thing that keeps me on an even keel is my morning devotion time! Without God, I would never make the change, and get to Kansas! Thanks for posting the questions, they have helped me to keep going.

    Also, without help like you have given, I would never have been able to go through the decades of “stuff” and reach Kansas! Thanks for being such a Great Help in this troubling time!

  9. Donald, Isn’t Papa God wonderful? He is our constant in all things! He knows each of us from our very beginning. Yeah, He is our strength, our light, our hope, our all my dear friend. Don, you are an inspiration to many people, a living example to and for each of the people you come into contact with. Bless you my dear friend and brother, Chaz

  10. Another amazing, thought provoking,article! I read it and reread it and there seems to be little if anything to add! I am reminded, years ago Issac Asimov, the famous science fiction author, wrote several mystery stories about a group of learned gentlemen calling themselves ” the black widows ” who would meet and solve crimes/puzzles brought them by strangers they agreed to meet. The only qualification as to whether or not they “took the case” was the way the applicant answered the question, ” how do you justify your existence? ” It seems to me your questions are all slanted toward helping to answer that question! God bless you Chaz!!!

  11. Awesome, Chuck….an article to really consider!
    There are 2 more things that I like to ask myself….
    1. Have I done an “act of kindness”
    today? Have I “paid it forward”?
    Have I helped someone else in
    any way today?

    2. Have I lived today with an
    attitude of gratitude? I know
    God “knows” our hearts, but I’m
    sure He must be pleased when
    we actually say thank you to
    Him each and everyday.
    Sometimes we can’t do alot, but
    everyone can do something.
    Babysteps are better than
    standing still.

  12. Richard, WOW! I wonder how we would answer your question if Papa God were to ask it of us? Thank you so much for your thought provoking comment. Blessings on you my friend, Chaz

  13. Dear CSG. Yours is the type of comment that provokes thought. Gratitude is a very important part of love—the type of love that the Father is yearning to receive from His children. I believe we show our love for Him by the way we treat each other, I’m guessing it definitely could be called, “paying it forward” don’t you? Thanks so very much. Chaz

  14. The present is the only time in life that we can effect. We can’t change the past or move magically to the future. What we are doing in the moment is what matters – live in the NOW with a commitment to “build up rather than tear down, to be a peacemaker instead of a dissenter.”


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